Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spring knit cuff

FINALLY! Blogger's letting me post some photos.
I'm still putting the finishing touches on the tutorial, all the photos are done, I just needed to get the knitting terminology proofed, since I'm a beader, not a knitter. o_O

Thought I'd put in this shot of the materials. Now, the olive dish might throw you off, but, I'll share a little tip with you: Since I don't own a bead spinner (which facilitates stringing large amounts of beads in practically no time flat!), I use my olive dish to hold my beads, and I just dig at them with a super long needle and VoilĂ ! A super duper easy stringer! ;) The porcelain surface makes it easier for the needle to just slip in through the beads, without causing any of the friction or snags that a beading mat might offer.

See? I AM smarter than the average BEAR! ;)


Clasp closeup
I dug these Jade beads out of my stash, they just happened to match the thread perfectly!


White one done with size 8/0 Matgama drops

Red one, finished with three small magnetic clasps.

I wanted to finish every piece differently, to show the readers that you're not limited to one style of clasp. Being a "Think Outside The Box" type of gal, I'm not fond of limitations myself... ;)

You know, I really used to like the idea of a black background for my pieces, but now that I see how stark it is, I think I'll stick to gray, it somehow seems to soften the look of the pieces, doesn't it?

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I quite recognize that I've been missing in action lately. I suppose life has something to do with it. I'm back to work at the gym, my sore body a testament to my hard workouts.

Creatively speaking, not much is happening these days. Really, my usual fount of ideas has run dry, or so it seems. I haven't had much inspiration to bead, let alone the desire to create something new and unique. All I've been plugging away at is more crocheted ropes, and I'm nearing a point where something's gotta give... You know?

Well, I think something is giving way actually. I was contacted last winter to submit a project to a [needlecraft related] Canadian magazine, and after all the health and money issues my family had been dealt, I had completely forgotten about it. Then, a week ago, I got an email from the editor, and was jolted back to bead reality. (Oh yeah, I'm a beadworker! LOL!) This had the added effect of lighting a proverbial fire under my butt, and got me going. So, I've been working on the project all week, creating extra pieces with the technique in question. My own design of course, it is a bead-knitted bracelet, and I'm really hoping it will be well received. I wish I could upload a photo of the project here for you, but Blogger's being a nitwit, and won't let me. o_O

Oh, and since it seems to be the only technique I've been using for the last year, I've also been graciously asked to teach bead crochet during our next Bead Society meeting, LOL! I'm trying to work up a tutorial for that too. In the meantime, I'm going to take a stroll over to YOUR blogs, and see what you've all been up to. Something that is long overdue, since I haven't been visiting anyone for a while. Man, I don't know where this funk came from, but I sure hope it'll be on it's way elsewhere soon, 'cause I'm not sure how much more of it I can handle.