Friday, July 28, 2006

Knit Purses

Hee! Hee! Okay, so I've been slacking off... I took a nap this afternoon, due to a hormonally induced migraine... Yay for me..... But I'm back now, and after wrestling with Blogger for about, oh, 8 'draft' posts, I finally was able to upload these pics.

Except for the beige one, I had these little purse bodies lying around for a few months, just waiting to be finished. See, picking the beads and the thread seem to be the easiest part of these bags for me... The embellishments and strap? Now that's a different story.... So I finished all of these this week. Yes, I've been a busy little bee...

This is a larger bag, as far as 'amulets' are concerned

I call this one "Le Mini", just big enough to hold, say, a dime.... LOL!

Green Hearts

What can I say, I'm in love with these green Charlottes. I don't know if it's the color or the oily finish of them, or a combination of both, but I can't get enough of them! They remind me of Jade. Not jade Aventurine, but the real stuff, the dark green Jade you find in Tibet. I've yet to find a true Jade bead I can afford, but I've found some reasonnably priced Brazilian Agathe stones that came really close.

A cascade of green hearts. Why not?

First Triple-Strand Necklace

This one had been 'in the works' for a few weeks. After ordering those box clasps, my head filled with ideas on how to use them. Yes, I did purchase them in the hopes of selling them, but I might just use them all. Yes!!!! LOL!
This neclace started as a custom ordered bracelet for my friend Deb. I knew I'd like the look of the beads in a crochet rope, so I made sure to string enough beads to make a lariat. But the lariat got lost somewhere... I got to the longest length here, and the wheels started turning, and I thought: Hmmmm..... I wonder what this would look like i
n multiple strands?.... Hmmmm. Well, wonder no more my beady friends, here it is. I call it "Something New, Something Blue..."

It took me a while to choose the right end beads to the ropes. I wanted something understated, but that would still stand out. I found these light blue disks in my stash, and when I put them next to the clasp, I noticed they brought out some of the blue undertones within the shell. I tried some crystals in light pink, and in amber color, but this just jumped up at me. So there.... It feels absolutely luxurious on, the strands drape softly, and it has a certain 'weightiness' (did I make that up?) to it... I'm going to have a seriously hard time letting go of this one... Oh who am I kidding... I have a hard time letting go of ANY of my pieces...

A closeup of the clasp

LOL! It's dawning on me that some of you might believe I've forgone sleep (I could never do that, I dream up too many of my designs, literally). Well, I'm just one of those artists who can't let go once the seed of a thought errupts, and I have to see the project come to fruition, and as soon as possible. How many of you have told your loved ones "Just one more row...", hmmm? ;)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I really should eat lunch, but as soon as I'm done eating, I'm finishing another crocheted lariat that I started a few weeks back, and of course, I'll have to photo it, and post it, LOL!!!! (Wow, 3 in one day! I might be addicted!)


New Triple-Strand Bracelet

So since I'd been waiting for my new finishings for over 2 months, I've been busy producing. Pays to prepare, I always say... I've been spending the last few days putting the finished products together. Here's the newest bracelet done with a blister pearl box clasp .

I love it! I suppose I could add this piece to the bridal collection. I can imagine a beautiful bride, beachside in a gauzy, flowing dress, and this lovely cuff adorning her wrist. Hmmm. Needs earrings... LOL!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


They're here! They're here!!!! Look at all my pretties! Oh, I was really miffed at waiting for them for so long (TWO WHOLE MONTHS PEOPLE!!!) but they finally made it!
In this order, I got pressed glass beads, pearls, silk bags, and clasps. I search the world for different beads that my discerning custommers will not find anywhere else (locally). I want to be that one local Shoppe where custommers go "Oh, you want that? Then you need to go to 'Le Beadoir'..." or "You say you can't find those? Have you checked 'Le Beadoir'?"... LOL!

Seriously though, that's what I want! The beads bellow, I've seen similar ones locally, but not quite the same. These ones have a sharper edge to them, whereas the other ones are rounded.

Haven't seen these anywhere else, and I wanted to check them out. I've already got a crazy idea for them, which of course I cannot wait to share with you! I ordered them in 6-7 different colors, but it seems that only 4 make it. For sure I ordered them in black, but 'lo and behold, black did not make it.... Oh wells, thems are the 'breaks'....

Mmmm. Pearls! You must know by now that me and pearls are TIGHT! Something stirs deep within me when I see them. Something that makes me want to hold them, feel them, fondle them..... I don't know if it's their irridescence, their luster, or their 'Perfect Imperfection' that gets me, but I have never met a pearl I did not like.... One of these days, dear readers, Jewels WILL own a big, fat Tahitian Black Pearl... And she'll be mine... ALL MINE!!!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!... K. on to the post..... LOL!!! See these pearls? Mmmmm, they look so delicious to me. So delicious in fact, that when I was describing them to my mom on MSN/webcam last night, my daughter chimed in "Well eat them then!!!! Put them in your mouth and eat them! Just chew them all up!!!" ... Funny little bird, isn't she? LOL! The top 4 strands are called 'Buttons', they're so tiny (3mm), and will make wonderful accents in my new Bridal collection pieces. In the center, see those? Those are 'Coins'. Coins are'a expensive'a people. The cheapest place I could get them was from Fire Mountain Gems, but at $21.59 USD/ a strand, I couldn't afford them. But here I can.... LOL! Plus, mine are 13 mm, as opposed to 10mm... AND, mine are natural, NOT dyed... TYVM!!!! And the bottom 4? Those are called 'Potato' pearls. Oooh, wait until you see the earrings I make with those!!!!!

The clasps. Oh, the clasps... The ones above are called 'box' clasps, and these ones are adorned with 'bliter pearls' Have I ever explained a blister pearl to you? It's what happens when the pearl isn't quite finished forming (blister), and therefore cannot be perfectly separated from the shell, but instead of discarding the whole oyster, the culturist shapes the whole shell to keep the blister in. Sometimes, the pearl can be removed from the shell, but a bit of the shell will remain attached to it, creating an oddly misshapen pearl. (I like those... Oh, alright, I know I already told you I've never met a pearl I didn't like, but I DO....). The other ones could be categorised as a 'slide' clasp. They're silver tubes that slide into one another. And do you know how much FMG is asking for those ones? Come on, guess.... Give up? Go check it out here!
Isn't that crazy????? (Let me just say that I got them for WAYYYY less than that! even at the best price break... In fact, this whole order cost me about the same thing it would have if I'd purchased these 20 clasps from FMG - including exchange and delivery charges..) Yes, I purchased 20 of them, and yes, I know that's a lot... But you know what? I bet I could use them ALL!!!! But I won't. I'll sell a few... Just a few... ;)

I've been wanti
ng to invest in some different bags for my pieces, something that would make it easier for a person to present them as a gift. And besides the presentation, I thought it would be a nice way to presevre/store a piece. These silk drawstring bags are so precious! I really like them. The're not as big as I had expected, but they'll be perfect for smaller pieces. Mmmm. imagine receiving such a precious parcel, untie the knot, pull the drawstrings open, and what shall you find right there, sitting at the bottom of the bag? How about a strand of delicious PEARLS!!!! I say that'd be worth the wait... LOL!

So, what'd you think? You likey???? K. I guess I should get to work then. I'm going to have to post some pics of the lovelies I'll be making with my new stash! See you next year!!!! LMBOOOOO!!!!!


Saturday, July 15, 2006

John Bead, Here I come!

There was a huge summer sale at John Bead today. After inviting Kirsten last week, she finally accepted to come with last night, which left me in a crunch to find a sitter for Mimi, as children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the warehouse; it's an insurance thing, and I can't blame them. People, this is a HUUUUUUUUUGE warehouse, where they house millions of beads. Man, as a beader, you haven't lived until you've gone shopping for beads with a shopping cart. Yeah, you read that right: A SHOPPING CART!!!!
This is where you buy your seed beads by the 1/2 kilo (or more if you want to...), and you cry when you calculate how much money you've spent at your L.B.S. (local bead store), and how much you could have bought here. Granted, you need a business number, and a mandatory $1000 minimum purchase/year, but just one more visit like today, and I'm set! ;)

Here's what I got:
1/2 Kilo each in size 6/0: White/Crystal mixture, Silver-lined Dark Amethyst, Silver lined Amber mix, A/B Amber mix, and A/B green mix.

1/2 Kilo each in size 11/0: Transparent Amethyst mix, Silver-lined Red/Orange mix, Gold-lined transparent Olive Green.

1/2 Kilo of those gorgeous size 8/0 Oily finished green Charlottes (they look just like a deep colored Jade)

1/2 Kilo each of 4 mm cubes in Opaque Black, Crystal Clear, and Silver-lined Crystal (wait 'til you see what I make with THOSE!!!)

100 g. packs each of:
15 mm hearts in Dk Green, Amethyst, and White.

300 g. of gorgeous Copper Accented crystal Lantern beads.

For a grand total of 6.6 kilos ( or approximately 14.5 pounds) of BEADS!!!

Now, I realize to my non-beady readers, this might not sound like much. But the beaders out there will get it... Yeah, I'm a hoarder. My name is Jewels, and I am a Beadaholic! Yes. I purchase my beads in bulk portions. Why, you ask? BECAUSE I CAN!!!!! Mouah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!! LOL!

I've already decided that the next trip will be entirely for size 13/0 Charlottes. I've been really getting into the cabochon work and embroidery lately, and I'm going to need to increase that bead stash... ;)

You know, one thing really surprised me today. I really wanted to find those size 8/0 green Charlottes mentionned above, but the place is so dissorganized, that I had to ask for assistance. Clerk # 1 didn't even KNOW what a Charlotte was... #2 showed me 2-cuts instead (Totally different from a Charlotte B.T.W.!!!!), and #3 took me down 3 full warehouse aisles before we stumbled upon the right 'kind' of bead... He showed me some light Aqua ones, I said "Yup! That's what I'm looking for, but in green..." You know what he said? He said this: "Well, if you're looking for this style/size of bead, the first 3 numbers are '666'..." and he walked off.... Oh dear! I'm so sorry I interrupted your COFFEE BREAK!!!!! I dunno. I'm such a helpful person by nature, and when I encounter this kind of behaviour, it irks me. I mean, yeah, it's a warehouse, but if your employees are going to be asses, then why not hand-select a few helpful ones for when you have a "HUGE SUMMER SALE! MOST STOCK 60% OFF! SHOWROOM SALE ONLY!!!!" Well, if the sale applies solely to custommers who will actually take the time out of their busy lives to drive all the way there ( Our total travel time was 4 hours. We met some folks who'd driven all the way in from Montreal. That's at least a 9 hour drive - each way!!!), and who'll spend large sums of Dineiro in your store, I'd think that you'd want to offer stellar service... Heck, I don't care if you just walk in off the street: I will be helpful, polite, and personnable when you come to my shop!
That said, I'm off to play with my new beads. Yay! Of course, my present skill level being limitted by this broken finger business (Doctor informed me yesterday that I'd need to start exercising it next week, so it doesn't heal all wonky like... But I'm to "take it easy and keep it immobilized for another week"...), I probably won't be able to go all out crazy, but I can certainly very carefully, very slowly, get through a few simple projects... ;)

Peace! Me!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Multiple-Strand Bracelet

Well, even with my gimpy finger (see here for a good laugh...), I managed to make something yesterday. I just had to. I'm tired of just sitting here, and not being able to play with my beads... It totally sucks!
So, I gingerly held the crochet hook in my right hand, and made sure to maneuvre it with my big 'ole index sticking up in the air, and controlled it with my middle finger. It felt really awkward, but I did it!

I used one of the clasps I got from China on my last shipment. It wasn't exactly what I had expected, but I think it worked well. Diane and I have been waiting since May 21 for the last one... Seems they had sent it, but there was a slight descrepancy in the shipping addy, so they had to send it back to China!!!! So, after finding out the shipment had been 're' received from the manufacturer TWO WHOLE WEEKS AGO, Dee got a bit miffed and sent them a letter stating something along the lines of taking our business elsewhere, and could you please send us our money back... Seems they miraculously tracked down our shipment, and are sending it back ASAP... Should be here in a week or so.

I like this company, I like their wares, and the prices are right. It's just a bummer when things like this happen, you know? This shipment was already paid for, and I've started saving up for the next one: I'm gonna get more pearls BABY!!!

Oh well, Peace out!

New Logo Up!

I've been working on this for a while, and with the collaboration of my, er, step-father, this is what it looks like:

If you click on the logo, it will take you to my website, which has been undergoing some extensive renovations in the last few weeks. Le Beadoir is officially bilingual!