Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We've got a Winner!

Spring Blossoms

The contest was so much fun, but it's finally come to an end! I didn't have as much response on Blogger as I would have hoped, but it was quite the hit on Facebook :)

Here is the combined list of suggested names:

Linda Jones: "Fanbangles"
Carolyn Dussault: "Ring of Fire"
Katharine T. von Stackelberg: "Pleiades"
Gisela Kingsbury: "Ringling Circus"
Eric Strauss: "Dangle Bangle" or "Earth, Water,..."
Carolyn Shannon: "Dancing Duo" for the earrings
Maria Mauro: "Kashmir" or "Bangle-Desh" (LOL!), "Infinity", "Beau Jangles" (LOVES it!)
Nancy Dale: "Connections"
Melissa Sedore-Bélanger: "Angel Dangles"
Patricia Tassery-Stefani: "Ushuaïa"
Crystal Stanislawek: "Within", & "In The Loop"
Joyce Bazzaz: "Seven Brides", "Port d'Attache"
Vikki Ecker-Thibeault: "Circles of Eternity"
Suzanne Gabriel: "Winter's Harvest", "Les Rêves d'Hiver", ou "Les Oeuvres d'Hiver"
Dawn Karkach: "Colours of Spirit"
Jituska Triesz: "Eternal Nocturnal", "Caviar Dreams", or "Hoop-la" (awesome!), "Transcendent Iridescence"
Johanne Blondin: "Peacock-Boo"
Shelly Zulak-Labay: "Soulful Nature" or "Soulful Natural"
Nicole Ciali: "The Majestic", "Harmony"
John Lindquist: "star spangled bangle", "angled bangles", "jangley bangles", "beady Bangle" or "blue mornings dawn"
Tracy Murida Gardiner: "Iceland Charms"
Stéphane Richer: "Wicked Beads" (But I can't go with this, 'cause that's too close my friend Linda's business name)
Julie Grand: "Coral Reef", "Ocean Floor"
Selena Blancato: "Fruits of the Vine", "Little Charmers"
Louise Mayer: "Trinity"
Jennifer Pasquill: "Tasselicious" (seconded by Valerie Brown)

Sarah: "The Jingle Jangle Bangle, and Jingle Jangle Earrings" (totally CUTE!)
Carlene: "Dancing Circles" (Adored that one!)
Backyard Beads: Echoed "Dangle Bangle" (which was the original name I'd given them, so I put it back in the hat! :D )
Phos: "Keys to the Heart" (See Phos? I KNEW you were a big softy!)
Gnatt: "Beckon" (now that's cool!)
Andrew: "Freya" series (Andrew, you and I think along similar lines, I too am familiar with the Norse Goddess of Love and Fertility, I think I know her, actually... LOL!)
Lori: "Crashing Waves" (They sort of sound like crashing waves!)


After putting all of my favorites in a hat, I worked in the elimination process, until there were two left. It was a tossup, literally, a coin toss was the only way I could get through!

It was Heads for "Hoop-Là" [my little twist on it ;) ], and Tails "Tassellicious".
Drum roll please!

HEADS! For Hoop-Là!
Jituska wins the prize!

Thank you so much for playing everyone. I had a blast hosting this contest, and hope that you'll play in any future events, 'cause I'm positive I'll be having many, many more of these! :)



Monday, January 19, 2009

Contest: Name that line!

This new design has got me stumped, or perhaps I'm just in a minor naming slump. ;)

I can't seem to be able to come up with anything I find suitable to name this line! Not only do I have brand new bangles, but I've gone ahead and designed some cute little earrings to match! Help!
Can anybody help me?

As you can see, the design is suitable to many colors (okay, so I've only got three pictured so far, but trust me, the deep red one is To. Die. For.!)

For some reason, my camera does not like to photograph this deep blue at its truest. It's actually closer to a deep cobalt, so yummy!

Hm, now about a prize... Let's me see here.

Oh! I got it!

To the winner go the spoils: The person who comes up with the perfect name for this line will receive one of these lovely bangles, in their color choice! (which shall be shipped anywhere in the World!)

Who wouldn't like a custom piece? :D

So, who's gonna play? And don't be shy, tell your friends to come play too!

Oh, and PS: Boys, you should definitely play, even if you won't wear the bangle, perhaps a lovely lady in your life would like it? Hm?

Contest closes January 26th, 8:00 pm, E.S.T.

Good luck!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Twisty Scarf: And Exersice in Insanity.

I started making this scarf on a whim last year, after purchasing my first instructional crochet book. I, of course, had just been on a yarn shopping excursion, and had oodles to choose from, so, after learning how to create ruffles, I was hit by one of those 'what if' moments... And did I EVER have my work cut out for me!

Not being one to take things, shall we say, lightly, I decided to start said scarf with a 220 single stitch chain. Each of these had 4 treble (or triple) crochets hooked into them (say it with me now, that makes for 880 stitches!).

I returned with one treble in each of these 880 stitches, and crocheted 2 treble crochets in each stitch on the fourth row (I'm losing count, what is that now? Oh yeah: 1760 treble crochet stitches.) :D
(insert insane laugh here...)

Alright, you ready? Not being daunted by the task at this point, I thought that the gorgeous Fuchsia Lacette yarn (very, very, very thin yarn...) would make the PERFECT accent for the edge of the scarf, and really pull out the hot pink in the beige/pink/brown yarn I'd chosen for the body. Now, because the Lacette is so thin, I had to make 5 (FIVE!) treble crochet stitches in EACH of the last 1760 stitches
You ready?
Here is my gorgeous Twisty Scarf.
Total stitches: 8800
Total hours: (hm, let me see here... I couldn't work on it much more than 2-3 hours at a time every day, and was working on it since, what? April? Let's say I was working on it 2 days a week... I'm gonna round it out to) 120 hours!
Total yarn: Two large balls of bouclé, two small balls of Lacette

Yes, I'm officially insane!

But OMG! Look at the gorgeous scarf I made myself! And it's One Of A Kind!

Alright, alright, I'm still insane.... ;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Busy Bee Bangles

No, no! That's not what I'm naming them, although... ;)

So, yes, I've been a busy little bee. As of last night, I had completed 16 new bangles, with 6 more bodies waiting to be joined. As of tonight, add another 7 to that! :D

Yes, I am pleased as punch, and think my recent productivity will lead to fruitfulness. Well, I hope, anyway...

I've been making these with 6/0's, but the gunmetal ones are 8/0's, and I really like the look of them as well.

Tools of the trade.
My trusty 1.25 hook and my teeny bonsai scissors. (they're tiny, and sharp, and I LOVE them!)
This is an original bead soup, using remnants from projects past (my favorite soups, really. Just like my chicken soup: everything but the sink!) :)

I might endeavor to make a few more plain bangles with some other remnant bead soups that are kicking around, and once those are done, I believe I'll get back to those 'Dangle Bangles' I was talking about in my previous post. I know I really should be spending some time with the light box, photographing these last pieces, but when the productivity bug bites, I like to just go with the flow, you know? Besides, the natural lighting's gonna be off for a few days, we've had some really cold snaps lately, and as of today, the skies were way to gray. What? That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! ;)

Friday, January 02, 2009

A few new pices

This necklace I actually completed back in November, for my BFF's birthday. I'd always wanted to try my hand at a Peyote toggle, and this was the result. I was pretty impressed with it, forgoing the usual Peyote ring to go with it, I decided to design the clasp around these cool vintage wooden rings I salvaged from a necklace I bought at a flee market about 20 years ago... ahem. Yes, well, I have been beading for a while... Did I tell you my mom used to eat beads? I beaded in the womb, yes I did! ;)

The ends were embellished with 10mm Peacock pearls, and some wooden rondelles.
I just love the organic feel of this necklace, everything just fell into place naturally, and it looks so good on!
(well, yes, I'm bragging a little bit, but I'm really proud of it!)

So for Yule, I decided to gift M with a matching bracelet, so she'd have a nice set. Of course, the pieces can certainly be worn together, or by themselves. I still had some of the beads pre-strung on the string, but wasn't sure how I was going to finish this particular piece. I like the look of bracelets sans clasps, personally. So, my connundrum was how to design a bangle that would incorporate the same elements that were in the necklace... (that little Jeopardy tune played in my head for quite some time before I came up with it!) o_O
And here it is! The Dangle Bangle! (Hey! If you've got a better name for it, be my guest! That's the best I could do...)
I dug into my wooden ring stash again, and slid it onto the body of the bangle before joining the ends. My biggest challenge these days is doing the invisible join on my ropes. It's tricky, but oh so worth it!
Then I made a little bead ring to attach to the wooden ring, and beaded a pretty little tassel using the same pearls. I didn't have the necklace right in front of me, so I forgot about the rondelles, but, honestly, I like the tassel just the way it is.
Slides on perfectly, no obstruction whatsoever.


I'm happy to report that M LOVED it!
As a matter of fact, she told me so again today! :)
And she's quite pleased that her next present will be the matching earrings! LOL!