Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Getting acquainted with the light box

As I mentioned before, I've been bugging Darling Hubby for a light box, in order to give a more professional look to the photography of my pieces. I played around with it a little bit, taking photos of what I've got at hand at the moment. So far so good, but I think I'll have to remember not to use it when it's too dark out, as the overhead incandescent light bulbs seemed to interfere with the look of the full-spectrum lights illuminating the sides. I still had to tweak the photos in photoshop some, but not nearly as much as I used to.

Also, I found that one or two shots per setup were pretty average, where I used to photograph a setup, like, close to 10 times before, due to unwanted shadows, and glaring reflections.

My collection of Lentil Twists, so far. More to come... ;)

I like to stack these four at a time on my wrist

I just Love the pure color of these pearls.

Monday, May 21, 2007

More Crocheted Drop Dusters

Remember how I mentioned last week that I had to keep my hands busy to keep from going stir crazy when the hubby was in surgery? Well, here's what I made during that time.

Of course, I've got some duplicates now, since folks have asked me for the same pair over and over. Funny, that's always how it seems to happen. If I make a plethora of items, in a myriad of colors, I'll inevitably get at least 4 people ask me to make the same ones... Actually, it doesn't matter if I do have a large choice of colors, I still get the "Oooh, I love these! But could you make them in (insert color of choice here)". LOL!

The worse for me has been when folks ask for custom pieces, love the design on paper, and even though I offer my personal artistic opinion at times and advise tweaking some of the details, they'll insist on their idea, only to be very disappointed at the end result. (Which inevitably will make me feel like my work isn't good enough...) The second worse is when someone orders a custom piece, then the person just up and disappears! (as in leaves town, not goes missing or something like that... That's NOT nice!!! - especially if it was made to a person's specific size requirements, or the piece is personalized with the client's name)

Lesson learned: Now, when asked for custom orders, I ask for a 50% deposit. And a 'do over' will double the cost. See, if the person is too, um, un-bright to listen to my expert opinion on jewelry design, then I really don't think that I should be the one penalized for all the hard work I invest.
K, I'm hooked (pun intended!), I've got to make a few more pairs of these, since at least a dozen are going to be making their way to Wisconsin, and another dozen will probably be in permanent residence in my jewelry box. ;)

Sunday, May 20, 2007


lol! Mooney. Well, the large discs remind me of the moon when it is full. Made with Brazilian Agathe discs, rich Carnelian donuts, and bronze iridescent Charlottes. Not used to stringing per se, and so not my usual style, but I do think it came out alright. I've got to get used to using the crimping pliers without breaking any of the precious little beads surrounding the crimps. Perhaps it's my tension, since I'm used to keeping everything tight when I'm beadweaving.

The stones are heavy, and when they touch, produce a delicate clicking sound, and I like that. ;) I like the feel of the cool stones on my skin. It sure was a lot of fun to make.

I think it's time I started looking into some henna for my hair. Not sure if I like this much gray showing at the tender age of 35... Well, 34 and 3/4... ;p

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Positive thoughts please

Hubby is going for surgery at 6:30.

Nothing too major. He had a small incident on Sunday, and tore his left medial meniscus, and is going in for an endoscopic procedure. He's actually comfortable with getting the procedure, which we were informed wouldn't last much longer than 20-30 minutes. But the anesthesiology, that's a different story. THAT'S what's got him so worried. He wanted an epidural, but due to all the issues he's been dealing with with his spine, well, the anesthesiologist didn't feel comfortable going that route.

He should be up and about later tonight. In the meantime, I'll be teaching my first class in a week tonight, and then run to school with the little one for a viewing of collective artwork by the kids. Phew! We're back in the swing of things, aren't we? My poor heart is beating a mile a minute. I wish I could be there with him, but this was an emergency scheduling, and we weren't really prepared for it. Besides, I'm sure the orthopaedic surgeon will do a fabulous job without my getting in the way. We only found out at noon today, and I've been so nervous, all I could do was keep my hands busy so my mind wouldn't run all over with crazy thoughts. (got 5 pairs of earrings out of it. LOL!)

Now, if only I could get a handle on these dang allergies. Started a new med today, Nasonex. Sure hope it'll help, 'cause I do NOT look forward to feeling like a 4-ton dump truck is using my forehead as a parking space for the next 6 months...

Ta-ta dahlings!

Much love!


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jewels wishes she was beading

But Jewels has a nasty, nasty sinus cold, and it's giving her a headache like you wouldn't believe! Lucky me, the kiddo's got it too, and the hubby just left for Cali this morning for a seminar of some sort. He didn't want to go, but it's for work.

So, classes are canceled, and I'm just sitting here, hacking and sneezing away. In the meantime, I'd like to show you this new style of earring I've designed.

They're great to use up all those little leftover thread ends I always have kicking around. (U know, that 'ole "Don't throw anything out" gene I inherited from my darling Grand-mère...) I just love how the tiny drops catch the light.

So what do you think? Do you approve? I'm quite proud of them, seeing as I came up with their design all by my little self! ;)

Oh, and last night, just before our bead society meeting, I made myself a lovely summery necklace.
Loving the huge Turquoise chunks!