Wednesday, May 14, 2008


What else?

I finally got to playing with those gorgeous peacock pearls I got last June for our 10th anniversary. This was one of those times where I just couldn't bring myself to cutting into the strands, for fear of not creating something good enough to showcase them.

I decided to keep it simple with these, and just hand-knotted three graduated strands, finished with a sterling silver security box clasp. You know what else I love? Nobody else will have a piece like it! It's mine! All mine!

Hi! Hi!
These pearls are naturally this color. Meaning they're not died. They cost a pretty penny, but worth every one if you ask me!

This second piece also involves pearls, natch! However, I'm not sure about the type of clasp I'd like to use on it. The cream colored silk ribbon is temporary. However, I do sort of like the look of it.
I made something similar in design to this a few years back, using liquid silver bugles and seed beads. I had to play around with the bead counts to make each subsequent row sit flatly. Initially, I didn't like the body once it was done. I found it looked bare, like something was missing.

That something was some surface embellishments, with, what else? More pearls!

Weighty. I love how it just sits on the collar bone. Now this collar would look awesome on a bride.