Monday, January 22, 2007

How to finish

I really want to get this belt finished, but I'm still sans Stiff Stuff, so, the medallions have had to go on the back burner. But, I did take the liberty of pinning the belt onto my exercise pants to see how it would look, and I'm pleased as punch!

The piece that I had previously planned to use as a headdress, is now the front panel of the belt. And there is just about enough space on each hip for a 3" medallion. How hot is that?

And I haven't really had a chance to spend any time beading, but I did finish the length of thread I'd started on the elephant. So far so good.

Oh, and I think I might bring my Nefertare collars back out. I wore one to class yesterday, and it received so many compliments, that I thought it might be smart to make a few different ones. Violet, our Yoga teacher, did mention (more than once) that she'd like to see one done in Amethyst. I'll have to hunt through my stash here... I think one would look awesome in pearls too.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

See? I've, been, busy...

Yeah, that's the ticket! LoL!

I am happy to report that Jodie finally received her package. I was getting passed the point of concern, and onto Piffed! (as my friend says, LoL!) But the pretties have finally reached their destination. Yay!

Meanwhile, I've been cleaning. Cleaning, cleaning, and, oh, yeah, cleaning... Funny thing when you start cleaning, you find stuff... Stuff you even forgot you HAD! (How SAD!). Well, I had plum forgotten about this next project here. Last March, I believe, the ladies of our bead society had a trading card swap. Didn't matter how you embellished it, what you did with it, all that mattered was that you had fun. Well, my heart was full of good intentions, and I really wanted to participate, but, I didn't... I got caught up in in, didn't want to put so much effort into it, and then just pass it on... I couldn't let go of it, and it wasn't even started! LoL! It seemed in the past that I had a really hard time letting go of my pieces. Unless they were custom ordered, or made for my family (my friends are included in my family!), it really was difficult to let go... Sheesh, my poor, poor little Mimi! How am I EVER going to be able to let go of HER, if I can't let go of a piece of beadwork! LoL!

Well, as I 'mature', it's becoming easier, and easier. I LOVE to give my pieces now. Actually, what I love most, is the receiver's reaction. I would even venture to say that I've got a few collectors now, not counting myself, OR my mom!!! ('cause she's got loads of goods!). My friend Camille started her "Le Beadoir" collection about two years ago, her first pieces, if I remember correctly, were two pairs of chandelier earrings, I think she's got about 8 pairs of earrings now, 2 bracelets, one lariat, and two necklaces. Her sister Manon has a nice little collection as well, 3-4 sets of earrings, 2 necklaces, 3 bracelets (One red that I MUST fix! NOW!). The latest addition to my collectors has definitely got to be Maria, who, in a very short year, amassed herself a good 15 pieces so far, LoL!

So, here it is. It's an embroidery piece, nothing too fancy, I'm merely following the pattern on the upholstery (I had to look that up!) fabric. I'm thinking of making him white. What do you think? A white elephant?
Closeup of his little headdress. The black beads are size 15's, the smaller greens & the smaller gold ones are 11's, the big gold one is a size 8, and the largest green bead is a size 6. It's the 15's that are killing me! LoL!

This is my beading tray, what a mess! Hey, at least I'm not stuck having it on the dining room table. All I did was line the bottom of an old, and I mean OLD, cookie tray with vellux. Ta da! Clear the table in one swift move! Well, not too swift, wouldn't want to send my beads flying across the room!

I wanted to show you this. Any crafter, artist, anyone who has to keep track of teeny, tiny pieces, should get one of these. This is a replica of a Gerstner cabinet, and I want one!

This one belongs to my friend Kirsten, and it is the most awesomest tool cabinet I've ever seen! I want TWO! I think Kirsten needs FIVE! Perfect for the little OCD in moi!

In the meantime, I'll settle for my present system, in my second hand dressers and my Craftsmen organizers. They're no Gerstners, but they sure do the trick.

Good thing that part of the floor is level, the organizers sit perfectly flat atop each other. You could even anchor them to the wall if need be. Now, I only store larger beads, and my threads and some tools in these. I've heard WAY too many horror stories about how some people had just dropped loose seed beads in the drawers, and how they've spilled, or worse, gotten all mixed up. I suppose I wouldn't mind if all the beads were in vials, or little zippies...
And even the frosted drawers are see-through enough for me to find just what I need, without having to go on a "Raiders of the Lost Ark" type mission... LoL!

Well, that's it for now. Today, I'm going to attempt to add a bit more embroidery to the Elephant. Funny, I must be getting better at this embroidery thing, 'cause it didn't seem to take me quite as long as before...

Monday, January 15, 2007


After playing with some size 8/0s on silver thread for a bag, I thought I'd experiment with making my own belt. You know, for that belly dance thing I keep going on and on and on about? ;)

The idea for the belt didn't come until after I'd made a crocheted bracelet and necklace set. I had just enough thread left on the first spool for a head piece. Then, since that was my one and only spool of silver thread, I had to beg my friend Kirsten for a spool, as once those three pieces were done, I just needed to try and complete the set, and I knew I wouldn't have access to purchasing some of my own for at least two weeks - Kirsten's one of those hording crafters, she's got a full stock of EVERYTHING, but she just keeps buying more... I can't see one single human being using even HALF of what she's horded over the years... LoL! - and let's face it, two weeks is just too long to wait to finish something you really WANT! *G*

I took these next few pics a few days ago, so the belt piece is just a tad longer now, but since Blogger wouldn't allow me to post pics, you're getting them now instead... LoL!

See that mess? LoL! I wish I had a bead spinner. I've been meaning to send my dad a few pics of some, making sure to point out exactly what I like (and DON'T like) from each one, and let him design one for me. I like to use his bowls when I work, they're just the right size, and since they're heavy, they're not as easy to tip over when I'm just sitting it on the couch cussions.
I just like the way the closeup of the knitting looks, all those peeks and valleys. The thread has a 'wiry' quality to it, which allows it to retain the shape of the stitch.

The 'set' so far. Of course, you realize that the whole belt piece will be receiving a healthy dose of fringe action, right? Yeah, that's it, I'll forgo the coins' jingle for the nice, water-like movement of beaded fringes...

Okay, now, I'd really like to get back to finishing this project... If I could only find my darned knitting needle... I can't seem to remember where I last put it... Yup! That's my crochet hook in there too... I need it in case I drop a stitch. Much easier than doing the frog stitch!

Oh, and P.S.: How on earth could I forget? I took some pics of Jodie's beads to share with you, and here's the best one:

I haven't got my spacers yet, I'm waiting on them so as I can make myself a pair of kick-butt earrings with them. (I still wear the bead on the chain, to FABULOUS comments)

Peace out!


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So Sorry!!! Still alive!

Blogger's being a right bitch to me. I haven't been able to post ANYTHING for DAYS!!! I've been to your blogs, the pages won't even load up, and in the rare event that they DO, I can't COMMENT!!! WTF!!!

So, everyone's fine, no piccies to share, well, I have some, but I can't upload them (Yup... good 'ole Blogger....)

Hope to see you all soon!

P.S.: I received a wonderful gift from my newfound blog buddy, Jodie Marshall. She sent me some of her absolutely gorgeous handmade lampwork beads, (try as I might, I can't upload my own pics right now, but you can see them on Jodie's blog.) They are fabulous, delicious, and unexpected. I never thought that when I admired them on Jodie's blog, that she would readilly offer them to me. And to top it all off, she even slipped a beautiful, delicate little silver-dotted blue heart in there with them! (LoL! Jodie, I hope you won't mind that I used your own piccies! LoL!)

When I first saw the beads, I had many, MANY ideas on how I could frame them with my own beadwork. But now, the more I look at them, the more I just want to let them stand by themselves. This morning, I'm wearing one of the larger beads on a thin silver snake chain, and I'm going to make earrings with the other two. These beads won't be needing any additional embellishements, they're perfect as is! Wow! My very first Jodie Marshall Beads!

... They won't be my last... ;) Prepare yourself, Miz Marshall, as this French Girl in Niagara will be hording MANY of your beads! I can't thank you enough for your gracious generosity. It's a beautiful gift that I will NEVER forget!

Thank you Jodie.