Monday, October 30, 2006

Maria's Bday prezzie

Well, it won't be her birthday until the 6th, but I thought I'd help Maria celebrate a bit early this year. Maria's been working really hard for the last two months. I mean REALLY hard. On top of her full time job, she's also taking on the brunt of the work as her mom's primary caregiver during her illness.
Let's just say, that Maria really needs a break. Already this summer, I had planned to make something special for her special day. Something with pearls. I love giving my friends pearls. They're so special and precious. Just like good friends.

I called Maria first thing yesterday morning. I wanted to make sure she was coming to class today. And to see if she'd be into a little kwafee outing later on. I wanted to give her her prezzies later in the day, but I couldn't resist. When class started, there was only Maria, Barbara and myself in the room, and so I came up to the both of them and showed them my newest creations:

A strung necklace with Clear 4mm Swarovski bicones, tiny natural button pearls, large natural rice pearls, and a silver heart-shaped lobster clasp. Within the same bag, another small white organza bag containing 'Duster' earrings, using the same bead materials, plus, solid silver earwires, and some heart chain. Both Barb and Maria were ooing and aahing over them, when I leaned over to Maria and whispered: "These are for your birthday"
Oh her reaction was priceless: She turned to me and said "REALLY??????!!!???", and put them on right away! I love when people do that. They'll like something so much, they just HAVE to wear it right away. LOL! She even wanted to wear them for class, but I though not! LOL! We had a good class, my girls are getting to be good "Bellay Dansahs" ;)

We later got together for a little girl time. We went to the Fairview mall, stopped in at Chapters, bought a few little trinketty things (I just couldn't resist purchasing some beautiful light pink nesting hat boxes. They'll be perfect to decorate Mimi's room!), then off to Future Shop, where Maria redeemed some kind of 'points', and got herself a brand new Canon Elph digital camera. We walked around the mall for a bit, checked out some purses (like we need any!), some boots (I DEFFINITELY need some!), and I even tried on this kick ass blazer, but didn't get it... Oh well.
Back to Chapters for some deserts, coffee and a chai for moi. We sit, we chat, we drink, eat, and are merry. Well, probably not nearly as merry as we'd like to be. Or even NEED to be, LOL!!! But we had a great Sunday afternoon together. Yay for us!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Another Slideshow

I like playing around with these. They're fun!

Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been trying to get back on track at work, and trying to get some rest too. I'm finally getting over this monstrous cold. The kiddo's back in shape, and back in school. Dad's got some issues with his spine that pretty much render him incapacitated, so he's been home for a few days now. Work's been busy, what with both facilities hosting a "Members' appreciation night" in the same week. Um, I've actually been 'juggled' this week, LOL!

I'm determined to finish photographing my pieces this weekend. I need to finish updating my website. I'm setting it up with a shopping cart. I want it to generate sales. (Will they come if I build it? I can only hope)


Friday, October 20, 2006

Hey, check this out. I got a photobucket account today, trying to see if it would make things easier for me to, say, upload a digital catalogue... We'll see. Anyhoo, they've got these cool little doodads called "Widgets", and I got a couple. Thought they'd enhance the look of my blog or something... Anyway, here's the one I chose for the hoop earrings.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lentil Twist Bracelets

Well, I told you I'd share some pics when these were done, and here they are. The only name I've come up for them so far is "Lentil Twist"... Catchy? I'm not sure, but we'll see... So first of all, here are a few shots of them finished:

And here is a small collection of a few more... I only managed to photograph 12 today (as well as the accompanying earrings) - I've got 9 more in the box. You know, being a one-woman band is a whole lotta work! I mean, not only am I designing my own jewellery lines, but I have to produce them. Then, I have to photograph them in their best 'light', then upload them to the site, which I'm also designing/operating on my own, and then get them out in this world... I'm also in the midst of creating a digital catalogue in the hopes that this will facilitate a wholesale client's order(s).

Based on my pricing formula, the asking price for these lovelies will be $57.50.
I think that's fair, considering the quality of the materials involved. All the beads are glass, and I use a Sterling silver "S" clasp.

The Hoops!
(are $12.50/pair)

I have a few of these in my personal collection. Um, well, I have 5... WITH matching earrings of course... ;) All you girls who make your own stuff out there, I know you hear me. I know you know just how hard it is to 'let go' of your babies. How sometimes, you just have to hold on to a few, for 'safekeeping' ;) LOL!

Peace Out!


Thursday, October 12, 2006

"RE" Naming a Line...

Alright. I've revised my line name for the fuzzy pieces. I kinda like "Hirsutus", but like one friend said, whenever she hears the word hirsute, she instantly visualizes hairy backs and shoulders... LMAO!!!!!!!!!

Well, I wouldn't want anybody to have those visuals whenever they hear the name of any of my collections. ;)
So... I came up with something better! Well, at least I think it is. Actually, I'm having a difficult time chosing between two names.

Choice #1 for the new line is:

the "Mink Collection", and I can assure you, that no minks will be hurt in the process of their fabrication.

Choice #2 is:

the "Vixen Collection". Again, no vixen shall be harmed in the process.

So, I was wondering, which one would YOU pick? I need your help! I like them both.



Monday, October 09, 2006

Naming a Line

K, let me clarify that title: Naming a line, not as in a string, or a thread, or anything like that, but naming a line, or 'collection' of pieces of 'great similarities, yet different nonetheless'.

I never thought I'd go this route with my work, preferring to produce "One-off" pieces, rather than mass producing lines. But it was swiftly brought to my attention that most buyers would much rather buy from a line of creations, from which they can pick and chose ... I mean, I can honestly say that I've never tried to duplicate any of my pieces. I still don't. I'll make many variations on a color scheme, using some of the same beads (as in my "Lentil" bracelets, for example), but I've never made the same piece twice. There are just so many possibilities. And besides, that would be terribly unrewarding for me... I'm on a constant quest for creativity, and producing the same thing over and over again would drive me up the wall!

So, back to this naming lines business. It can be daunting. You want the name to seem meaningful to others as well as yourself. I've been hunting the darkest deepest reecesses of my brain to locate a name for the lentil bracelets. I seem to always come back to the same words: Twist, Spiral, Helix, and other words along that nature; because the lentils seem to spiral along... but I can't seem to find just the 'right' word...

As well, I was looking at naming these new fuzzy pieces, and I just thought that anything with the words Fuzzy, or Wuzzy, would be too juvenile. I want something more 'mature' and classy sounding. Funny thing happenned this morning. I was just finishing two new ones, attaching the clasps and such, when all of a sudden, the word 'Hirsute' kept popping into my mind. Now, I'm a smart girl, but for some reason, I just couldn't remember what hirsute means... So I looked it up, and 'Lo & Behold!
Hirsute: noun. Hairy, or Shaggy
Hah! Now if that just didn't drop into my lap! I'm going to call this the "Hirsutus Collection", LMAO!!! Huh? Huh? What'dya think? Suitable? Now it's back to the 'ole drawing board for the lentil pieces...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Well, whadd'ya think? Have you ever seen anything like it? I love it! It almost feels like a fuzzy scarf, but just a bit "weightier". It took me all of 1 1/2 hour to make this piece today (stringing time included!)

It was fun to make, and it'll be fun to wear! I LURVE it! ;)


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Czechbeads Order

I thought I'd actually post something about beads for a change, rather than bore you with my incessant fatigue, LOL!

So, as I'd mentionned before, I place several orders with some wholesalers, and I thought you'd like to see the Czechbeads order. Look at that teeny box, you wouldn't believe it, but it weighed almost 10 pounds! They sure know how to pack them too. I was not dissappointed with the quality of the materials at all, and will be placing many more orders to this company again. Quick service as well, I'd ordered them on the Saturday afternoon, and they arrived on Tuesday; they're in Washington (west coast) and I'm in St. Catharines, Ontario. I'm impressed!


So, from Czechbeads, I ordered 6 mm Lentils (a flat, top-drilled disk) in: Garnet, Siam Ruby, Turtoiseshell, Montana Blue, Aquamarine, Crystal, Olivine, Smoky Topaz, Amethyst, "Apollo" (Gold), and Silver coated purple. I also got a mass of daggers in Tanzanite (a lovely shade of blue).
I've already got 16 bracelets done, and I've got 4 more already strung up, and ready to crochet!

"Amethyst", "Apollo", and "Montana Blue"

I got some 'Donuts" too: In Black (Iris), and Crystal (Iris) Oooh, wait until you see the pieces I'm making with them! Like nothing you've ever seen! (It'll involve KNITTING!!!) LOL!

I got some small (5 mm across) "spacer" flowers as well, some folks like to use them as spacers or 'beadcaps', I prefer to use them as actual flower embellishments. I got them in Silver, and Crystal.

"Front View"

These ones are much larger, at 16 mm across. I had found some in Toronto, but only in a light 'amber' color. So when I saw that Czechbeads carried them, I thought I'd order some, just to see if they were the same. And they ARE! Of course, I've got plans for each and every single bead in this stash. I'm starting to think that the 'stocking' stage is done, and now comes the 'production' stage... Of course, if I keep sharing them with my friends, I might have to stock up again, sonner rather than later. ;)

Oh, wait, I need to stock up on stringing materials now, don't I? I mean, I need to connect these beads with something!

The extent of the damage: 5 large flowers were harmed in the delivery process. As I said, I'm impressed!

Next up, a write up on Bamyan!