Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Week At Nana Jo's

 This top photo right here would describe exactly how Mimi feels whenever we visit Nana. Regardless of the non computer usage, or that we just spend all our entire days just the four of us, Nana, Mimi, Didi, and I. She loves her Nana like there's no tomorrow. We took near daily walks to the river during our visit, and taught Mimi how to skip rocks. Boy oh boy was that fun! (and FREE!)


 Our first morning started with an amazing breakfast spread, Al Fresco no less. Mom and her Darling have invested a lot of time turning their backyard into their own private Oasis, I'll have to do another post just for that!

An accidental tradition has begun: Sitting on giant chairs with my girls! Of course, Mimi has a sourpuss here, due to the fact that I kindly asked her to get off the arm rests. Go figure, I was just trying to keep her safe ;)

We made our way to my Aunt Guylaine's place, who recently started herself a mini farm. Mini, with mini and large versions of animals. A mini donkey named Fiona, a pigmy goat named Elvis, and a plethora of fowl that have since been added to. Ducks, geese, pheasants, chickens, peacocks... La Cage aux Folles! Ha! Ha!
Here I am kindly asking Elvis to please respect Didi's personal space. Dang thing thinks it's a dog!

Mimi and Guylaine walking Fiona. Yup, walking. On a leash. There's something you don't type every day, walking a donkey on a leash.

Didi meeting a chick. What you don't see is how a split second later she tried to grab it out of Nana's hands by the neck. *no chicks were harmed on this day.*

Stroller through the woods? Not so easy. Especially in the mud, surrounded by a horde of tiny flying vampires.

Wild blackberry bush? Oh you guys just keep walking, I'll catch up!

Mmmm! Roadside snack!

NOT a roadside snack!
But it was adorable how fascinated Mimi was with this little creature.
She certainly was amused by my aunt's retelling of how I used to collect them as a tot and stuff them in my pockets, left there for my darling Nana to find on laundry day.
RIP little Toadies :(

This little dragonfly landed on my blue pants. And look! It matches my nails!

Learning to skip stones

I look at this photo and marvel at how big she's gotten. No longer my baby girl, she's really coming into her own. BIG personality this one!

And then there my tiny egg. What a little cutie.

Oh look! We found another giant chair! ;)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Painting a picture, with pictures

This summer marked the first time since 2009 that I visited Home. I packed the girls up, and we headed to Gatineau, Qu├ębec. We split our visit by spending the first week with Mom, and the second week with Dad. I've got way too many photographs to sort through and edit before I share them, but this is a set that jumped out at me this morning. I'd like to paint you a picture, a magical one. This was one early morning where I got to watch the sunrise over the mountains, and a thick blanket of fog slowly lift over the Gatineau river. The calm beauty of it all just took my breath away. Then when the fog lifted, we saw her, my dad's morning visitor, whom he first encountered this early Spring, and became smitten with her. He spoils her with delicious apples, and has vowed not to hunt her, because he loves her too much.


 She's young still, and very skittish. She won't get too close, but close enough for those sweet treats. 

 And then the apples were all gone.
And so was she.

I always love going back here. This place holds more than just childhood memories of family picnics, mud hole swims, frog hunting, canoe trips, and ATV joyrides. I am deeply drawn to its energy; how easily I can ground my Spirit and can be still again, where everything else shuts off and the energy flow between the Earth and myself is at its strongest.
Every time I come here, I get that sense of Recharging my Batteries.
Do you have a place like that?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Country Basket

Mom came to visit for a week, and we had the opportunity to drive around and hit a few favorite spots. Of course, no trip is complete without a quick visit to a few local garden centers. Mom always likes to hit Countey Basket for herbs & ornamental grasses. I love their new boutique & other sundry items, like their awesome wooden crates which I use in my interior decor. And I noticed they started displaying them as such to give their shoppers ideas on how to use them. 
I only have 5 so far, but I'm slowly trying to collect more to create a nice accent wall in my studio. This combination here would look great, with the insides of the crates painted a nice white. 

Plants, plants, plants galore! Is there anything nicer than a trip to a tropically warm greenhouse after a long chilly winter? I think not! I love the smells of all the plants blending together, the lush greenery, the delicious perfumes, the pretty flowering trees... Can't go wrong with a little botanical therapy. 

I kept looking at all the full hanging fern baskets, I could see them hanging all around our wraparound porch.

I also looked at a few flowering trees. This here is a double flowering almond. All the tiny pink blossoms looked so pretty, the petals softly floating to the ground, and the faintest aroma wafting through the air. The only drawback being that it merely flowers for a short period of time in the spring. But how pretty is this?

Then I REALLY let myself dream, and imagined something like this for our small backyard. Darling and I would love to just turn the yard into our own private oasis. A fire pit for summer evenings, a hammock or two to swing in, and maybe a little pond with a few vibrantly colored coi. 

God I love this place! It's so well organized, clean, pretty. 

Ok, call me crazy, but how cool would this look as an accent wall in a sunroom, or a man cave. It might even look neat in a potting shed, keeping with a rustic theme.