Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

La-la-la-la-la-laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa................ *G*

Well, it IS! Everyone I know is starting to pull out the Xmas decos, and I figured I should as well. I don't personally celebrate Christmas, it being a Christian holliday and all (I am Wicca and my husband is Muslim - yeah, I know, weird combo). But I was baptised Catholic, and so is my daughter (mymommademedoit!!!) ;p. AND, Meems does go to Catholic school, so she's exposed to all the hollidays and such. Not to mention that the mall is already decorated to the hilt! Actually, once the lights go up on the mall is when I pretty much gauge that it'
s time to put up my mini tree...

My 5 year old made fun of my decoration stash, or lack thereof. In all honesty, this will be our first Christmass here, with dad, as I usually head on home to Québec for the hollidays, but this year, it's just not possible. Finances are way too tight, and DH requires constant care and attention with his worsenning condition. (We're finally on the last two exams - Xrays and a CT scan, both isolated to the S.I. and lumbar areas), and THEN the Orthopaedic surgeon will decide which procedures are best, and WHEN they will be performed...)

Anyhoo. I digress... So, my limitted decoration stash includes two sm
allish trees, a string of green/red lights, some plastic bead/pipe cleaner 'candy canes' Meems made, and a dozen lovely little beaded snowflakes/stars that I made last year. Actually, I plan on adding to that collection and making about a dozen more each passing year. I've also got a few orders for them now. Funny! Mom wants some, and she thinks that they'd make a lovely little present for both my aunts back home. I don't really follow a pattern for them. I just wing it. I elaborated on a 5-pointed star pattern I'd found on the net (you think I can find it NOW????), and tried adding more 'points'... LOL! So, last year, I made 6-pointed stars. This year, I might try for 7! Woot! I'm living LARGE!!! LMBOOOOO!!!!!

All I do is pool together all sorts of beads in one color scheme: 11/0, 8/0, 6/0,
bugles, drops, rondelles, anything I can add to change each one just a bit. I use silamide, my FAVOURITE beading thread, besides Fireline, of course, and I have a few spools of nickel wire that I turn into a little itty bitty 'hanger' thingy. Meh, like my fancy shmancy technical terminology there? LOL!

It was difficult to photograph these in the dark. I wanted to show the details, yet I wanted to show you what they look like when it's dark, and the lights are illuminating them. (isn't that a lovely word? Illuminate!)
Best shot so far.

This one sort of reminds me of the Star of David

Well, that's all I've got for my beady buddies today. I haven't been beading much as of late. No time, really. I'd love to though. I can only hope that I will soon be getting some Jewels time, where I can dedicate some time to it. Oh wait, I DID do some beading this week! I made a lovely red Lentil Twist bracelet for Maria. Thanks Maria!!!!! ;)


Thursday, November 23, 2006

New Earrings

Well, I finally managed to photograph some of my new earrings. Love these new designs, they're called "Dusters" (I'm guessing because of the length, they appear to be dusting your shoulders off... LOL!) I use sterling silver ear wires, chain, and nailheads. Ooodles of Freshwater Pearls, and glass to accent. I've kept a few pairs for myself, and have gifted a few already. These run anywhere between $20 & $75, depending on the amount of pearls and chain involved.

Single Coin Pearl on heart chain: $20

Working on the site, plugging away, slowly but surely. It's tough. I'm not getting to dedicate as much time as I'd like to to this particular task. Oh well, I guess I'll get to it when I get to it...

I think I can...I think I can...I think I can.....

Freshwater Pearl Clusters: $50

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Life... Or something like it....

Rachel Brice performs at Tribal Fest 6

I have so slacked off in the beading department lately. I've just been so busy at home, taking care of my family. DH has been home for 4 weeks now, suffering from Osteo-arhtritis in his SPINE, which is causing him incredible pain, and as a result, it's been a touch strenuous for me to keep up with anything bead related (or even ME related for that matter...) At least I'm done with Grantham Plaza, and am only working at the one gym now. (Phew! it was just getting too hard to keep up with it).

Sadly, I haven't any new beady pics to share with you, but I did get a lovely write-up from another Blogger named Ace, at "Life on the Rim"

Quite unexpected, and I'm truly honored that someone would take the time to do something like this. Wow! Bloggers ROCK man! When I started this monster, I had no idea I would be encountering such wonderful people. Heck, I didn't even know I'd meet so many other beaders on here too!

Now, something else that's happenned in the past few days, is that after almost a whole month of caretaking, and putting myself aside, I've rediscovered my love of Raqs 'Al Beladi. The last two days have been spent browsing different sites, listenning to Middle Eastern music, and dancing all over my appartment. Out came the coin belt and Zills!
Up until now, I've mostly concentrated on what can be described as "Cabaret" style of belly dancing (the sparkly sequin covered, coin trimmed costumed shimmy shakers you see performing in Middle Eastern restaurants), but I've encountered a few sites where the dancers mainly concentrate on a more 'Tribal' level of dancing, and I can hear it calling me. So now I'm looking for some patterns to make myself a costume.
I can only describe Tribal dancing as feral, like the dancer is pulling her energy from the earth itself. It's calling me, and I want to shimmy and belly roll with the Goddess within. Pull her out from my deepest core, and let her speak through my movements. This one dancer, Rachel Brice, I could watch for DAYS! She is absolutely mesmerizing. I just have to share her talents with you. Watching her dance literally brings tears to my eyes... I only hope I can dance with as much control, grace, and elegance as she does one day.... Her passion, can you feel it?

Zakareet! (that's the high-pitched lalalalallallalalallala! you hear in the background - it's how you show the dancer your appreciation for her talents)

Sunday, November 12, 2006


I am happy to report that the piece you see in the post below garnered well above my 'base bid': It got to $80! And nothing could make me happier.
I got it straight from the lady in charge, who just happenned to be the mom of one of the kids at Mimi's Bday party today. Oh, and it was an absolute bidding war too. It would seem that Mme. Joy was good on her word, and bid on the piece multiple times, but I guess Miss Chantal (another teacher) wanted it even more. Well, now Miss Chantal is the proud owner of the necklace. Yay for her!!! ;)
And yay for me. It makes me so happy to be able to do something like this. As I was explaining to the other parents that so nicely stayed behind today to help me with the kids just a little (honestly though, the girls were absolute GEMS! Not one single altercation, everything went so smoothly.), I simply can't afford to donate money, what with finances being tight on the best of weeks... But if I can offer something from my Beadoir, and they like it, and it garners money for whatever charity I want to support, then so be it.... As long as it IS for something I believe in. It's a good thing, eh?


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Silent Auction

My daughter's school will be hosting a silent auction to raise funds for the school. I felt bad that I couldn't really make a financial donation, however, I was pleased when I got a notice that the school would appreciate any 'gifts' from local businesses to be raffled off. (I donated one of my pieces to our local Breast Cancer Society's gala last year, and was very pleased with the results.) I let the principal, Mme. Muriel, know that I'd be donating a necklace. She just gave me one of those "Oh, alright... " looks when I told her.

Well, I only remembered THIS MORNING that I'd promised a piece... 7:15... what to do... what to do... Go through my existing stash, but I can't find anything I like. Wait, that sounds funny, 'cause I love ALL of my babies the same. What I mean is, I can't find a piece that isn't slotted for the Museum stash, or that isn't too 'over the top' for a tiny french elementary school auction, LOL! I pulled open my W.I.P. (Work In Progress) drawer, and found the 4 pieces to a crocheted lariat that I've been wanting to finish, but for the large, natural amethysts that I've been meaning to order (Ooh, they're so YUMMY looking! Like Rock candy!) . I figured I had just enough time to turn the longest section into a nice necklace before the kiddo wakes up. Then all I had to do was select a few findings to finish it. I settled on some grey seedbeads, large grey accents, and a large SS. Infinity clasp.

Long enough to be wrapped around the neck twice, for the layered choker look.

Closeup of the rope

Lavalière length

Instead of sending it with Mimi, I walked her to school this morning, which is always a pleasant excursion. I dropped her off at the playground, and went in to the principal's office. (well isn't that funny? Even writing these words made me a touch nervous....) Anyhoo... Mme. Joy, the secretary, was there, so I told her I was here to drop off a donation for the auction, and of course, she wanted to see it. So, I took it out of it's bright red silk drawstring bag, and her jaw dropped!

I stiffled a laugh. I absolutely love when my work has that effect on people. To see their eyes sparkle when they fondle the shiny baubbles. Too cute. Of course, knowing full well that Mme. Muriel is a purple FREAK, I also kept mum when Joy mentionned that it looked as if I had made it for Muriel! ;)
I've valued it at $85 (For a necklace this length, I usually charge closer to $100-$125, but I didn't want the folks to think it was too, well, hoighty), with a fixed minimum bid of $25. If there's one thing I don't like, is when you can't secure a minimum bid on a piece. I'd hate for the school to collect a mere $5 on a $100 necklace. Of course, I'm willing to wager that it might garner a 'bit' more than just $5. The auction isn't even open yet, that both Joy and Muriel we're already fighting over it, LOL! Muriel is dead set on owning it, and Joy just told her to "put up'er dukes, and pull out her wallet!" ;) Time to get the gloves out! As Mme. Mona said "I think those two might be the only ones who'll ever see that necklace..."
Funny! Hah!

In the meantime, I had [per chance] a box of my newest creations with me, filled with duster earrings and Mink necklaces. And boy, did the ladies go NUTS!!! So far, looks like I may be making a few sales off of this little adventure. I am to wait for a call about my pink/purple and black Mink necklace. A few of the ladies would like to 'chip in' on it as a Christmas prezzie for Muriel. Well, if nothing else but the satisfaction of knowing/feeling like I've done my part, I'll be getting some much needed exposure for my jewels this way. Yay me! Oh, wait: Yay for Le Beadoir!

Peace my friends. I'm off for some lunch. I might have a slew of photographs of my new pieces to share with you shortly. Man, we've had really bad lighting lately. It's been covered and grey, so I haven't had the greatest natural light to work with. Plus, I'm still waiting on some generous soul to offer me the present of a light box! It's on my Xmas list. Any takers? ;D