Thursday, April 30, 2009

MH TurnStyles on Etsy

Well, I did it. I opened an Etsy store for my Dad. Now I have to find a way for him to see it. He's so far removed from civilization where he lives (I'm not kidding! He just GOT a phone line in about 5 years ago now, and to be honest, even though he's expressed an interest in getting himself a computer, and hooking up to the net, he'd get nothing but sloth-speed dialup, and I could totally see him turning the actual computer into kindling if something didn't work right...), but they do have a small library in the village about 6 miles from his place. Maybe they could show him how to surf the net...

Anyway, I've got the original banner up there for now, but I think I'll be working on a new one. The type seems a bit lost against the bangles. It needs to stand out a touch more. I've been working on this one too:

Me likey!

I also re-did some of the shots, trying with a different colored shirt, and lighting. I found the bright noon sun washed out the colors a bit, so I went for bright, but slightly overcast. I think the colors came out more vibrant. IMO.

Another Black Walnut and Maple bangle, this one's a bit narrower, I think it might be a bit more mainstream. I like it too, even though my fancy is mostly tickled by the super wide ones. Chatted dad up about a few more ideas yesterday, I believe that got his creative juices flowing. What he likes is that the ideas I'm coming up with are things he would never have thought of himself. And they all include using materials he's already got at hand. Frankly, I think he's stoked! LOL!

I so can't wait to see what he comes up with next. It's weird, this passing on of ideas over the phone, no visual aid, trying to convey my visions. It's interesting to see how he's usually pretty close to what I was thinking, but with a bit of his own twist on it. He's very stuck on symetry right now, and I'm going through an asymetrical phase of sorts, so if I ask him for something off center, it's sort of a head-scratcher for him... Well, so far, I haven't had to resort to sending him my sketches, but, I don't think that that's very far down the line. ;)

Monday, April 27, 2009

MH TurnStyles: newest bangle collection

For those of you who've been visiting me for a while, you'll remember that my Dad took up wood turning a few years back. During my last visit there, which coincided with my birthday, he asked me what I would like him to make me as a gift. Being a 'Man's Man', he, of course, offered to make me a "bowl or something?". He actually never expected my reply of "A bangle! Ooh, Dad, would you make me a bangle? Do you think you can?"
His reply: "What's a 'bangle'?"


So, I explained to my backwoods Daddy what they were, and what I had in mind. He proceeded to make me a very simple maple one (which you watch in action here). This bangle, of course led to many more ideas, which challenged my Dad. And, well, you know men and challenges... ;)

Anyway, I've been waiting for these for MONTHS - only because Dad's lathe was out of commission for that length of time, resulting in a minor case of cabin fever for the old guy, but he's over it now - and I finally got them this morning. Nearly darn well tripped over the parcel actually, the delivery guy had literally left it ON my doorstep. Ass over teakettle, that would've been cute, eh? Oy!

Here are the ones I photographed today. But no photograph or computer screen could do these justice. None of these have been died in any fashion, the only thing added was tung oil, to add luster and bring out the natural grain of the wood.
These have been made as per my specifications: I wanted them wide, multi-colored, embellished, and since they are to be this wide, I also asked him to make them 'tapered' (one end opening a bit wider than the other), so the wearer can slide it up her arm and still feel comfortable with it on. I think these are still in prototype mode, as I'd like to see if we can't design one with a more aggressive taper. Also, Dad doesn't seem to think that these are quite up to snuff. He thought he could make better ones... I say they're pretty darn outstanding!

Mahogany/Maple combo

Black Walnut/Maple with a little central 'bead' detail

In action


Maple/Black Walnut with shell inlay detail
(dad collects the shells by the river banks by his place)

I've got a few surprises up my sleeve with these babies. Dad and I have been discussing some design ideas, and so far, I'm pretty impressed with what he's sent me. I'm seriously considering opening his own Etsy account. I've even got the banner done (at top), what do you think?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I did it!

Yes I did.
I finally bit the bullet, and opened an Etsy account. Not only did I open an account, I'm going to run an Etsy 'store front'. Yup. I'm on Etsy. I'm still going to keep my website mind you, but I'm thinking of trying something different. A little experiment, if you will. Some of you might be familiar with the fashion terms "Prêt à Porter", and "Couture". Well, that's what I'll be experimenting with. For the last few months now, I've had this idea that I'd like to try setting up two shopping bases for Le Beadoir. One for my "Prêt à Porter", generally produced in high volume, more affordable lines, the Etsy store; and one for my OOAK, higher end "Couture" pieces, Le Beadoir. They'll both be under Le Beadoir umbrella, and I'll probably be tweaking my main site to give it a bit of a more 'growed up' look ;)

I've done quite a bit of research through Etsy, as well as studied those whom I believe were more successful on the site, and tried to decipher what I should and should NOT do. Honestly, the fact that I've been working at this for a few years has helped as far as photos and descriptions go. And I did get quite a bit of insight on the successes one can achieve by reading their weekly Storque Spotlight articles, especially the "Quit Your Day Job" ones. But to be realistic, I DO understand that I will 'reap what I sow'. You only get back what you put in, you can't just sit back and rake in the dough à la "if you build it, they will come"...

Since today was the first day in a very, very long while that I'd had some any real 'Me' time, I decided to start working on my store. I spent the better part of this morning (4 hours!) on creating a new banner for the store, resizing some photos for my avatar, and re-writing my bio/policies/profile pages.

The first banner I created wasn't bad, but it didn't quite have the look I was, well, looking for:

Then I started really playing around with some ideas, and I came up with this one, which I found to be the best. Well, the best to MY liking. Clicking on this one will link you to my Etsy store.

Now, I've yet to start uploading any of my items, but I've gone ahead and started shopping. Oh. My. Goddess.! I've found such beautiful works of art on that site, and everything from beading, to sewing, to crocheting/knitting, and even photography. I've already bought a gorgeous silk-screened slouchy tote bag for my Little Highness, for when she has sleepovers. It's actually quite big, and, well, she may have to fight me for it on occasion...I also got myself a fantastic 25-yard circle skirt, for Belly Dancing, natch! ;) Except I had mine died a deep emerald green at the base border. I. So. Can't. Wait. To. Try. It. On.! SoCan'tWait!

Now, if only I could find the perfect pair of harem pants, I'd be all set. ;)