Bead Embroidery

Another Bloggabeader here, Diana, has inspired me to pick my old project back up.

I found these lovely Paua shell cabochons last summer(like, '05!), and they sat in one of my bead stash drawers for months. Around April of this year, I pulled them out, and played around with different layouts. Their ovalness (Hah! I just made that up! or did I...) lent itself well to a flower type shape, like petals, so I thought I'd make a floral shaped medallion. I got them affixed to the Stiff Stuff, and that was that... LOL!

Do-de-do-de-do... A few more months go by, and I'm looking at the dark bronzey-greenish freshwater pearls that I got this spring, and the Medallion comes back to mind. The Paua has a lovely greenish tinge to it, and some of the 'veins' seem to pull out some gold colors, so I pulled out the Medallion, the pearls, and THEN, I remembered these lovely amber colored size 13/0 Charlottes that I snagged on one of my beady excursions:

The amber color in the Charlottes will look so rich against those cabs!

smaller cab.

Now, I'm thinking that at almost 3 1/2 inches across, this might be too big of a piece for a brooch. However, seeing as I've been on this huge "make my own belly dance" belt kick for a while now, I thought it would look awesome right at the forefront of the belt. Imagine, smack dab in the middle, right between the hips, a gorgeous bead-embroidered medallion, all shimmerry and shiny, shimmying it's way around! Wow!

Now I just need to try to design a whole belt around this piece, and I'll be set! ;) Something like the belt shown bellow:

I can't imagine how long it took the artist to complete this piece. Well, if I do indeed endeavour to make such a piece, I won't have to imagine, now, will I?... Now, this belt shown being a single pannel belt, I'd like mine to have two pannels, that lace up both sides. That would make it much easier for me to adjust it to my ever expanding/shrinking hips (I'm like a total yoyo these days... It's the stress...). Now, I'm on a search for more seeds, perhaps in a darker (like coffee) brown, to accentuate the dark veins in the Paua... Oooooooooooh, this is gonna be FUN!!!!!




Dino aka Katy said…
you are so creative. Be sure to post pictures of the final project it sounds amazing. Still waiting on the DVD :)
Jewels said…
Thanks Katy. Oh, I'll be posting 'during' shots of this. It's my first project of the kind, so it'll have to be well documented. ;)

As for the DVD, well... Looks like I might be a bit busy for the next little while... BUILDING ME A BELT!!! LOLOL!!!!!!!!!!

Ha! Ha! Ha!
LJ said…
My question would be:
Will you still have the waistline by the time you're done?
Happy obsessing. It'll be gorgeous.
The Lone Beader said…
Hi Julie!! Thanks for mentioning me. Your choice of cabachons are EXCELLENT! I can't wait to see what you design around them:)
Jewels said…
LOL! Thanks LB! ;) I can't wait to see what I design around them either!!! LOL!
It was love at first sight when I saw these cabs, I've really been going through this pearl/mother of pearl/shell kick. I'm starting to wonder if it is indeed a 'phase', or if it's a bonnafide obsession... As for the designs, you just let the beads 'speak' to you, right? ;)
cinderelly said…
beautiful stuff...beautiful blog!

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