After playing with some size 8/0s on silver thread for a bag, I thought I'd experiment with making my own belt. You know, for that belly dance thing I keep going on and on and on about? ;)

The idea for the belt didn't come until after I'd made a crocheted bracelet and necklace set. I had just enough thread left on the first spool for a head piece. Then, since that was my one and only spool of silver thread, I had to beg my friend Kirsten for a spool, as once those three pieces were done, I just needed to try and complete the set, and I knew I wouldn't have access to purchasing some of my own for at least two weeks - Kirsten's one of those hording crafters, she's got a full stock of EVERYTHING, but she just keeps buying more... I can't see one single human being using even HALF of what she's horded over the years... LoL! - and let's face it, two weeks is just too long to wait to finish something you really WANT! *G*

I took these next few pics a few days ago, so the belt piece is just a tad longer now, but since Blogger wouldn't allow me to post pics, you're getting them now instead... LoL!

See that mess? LoL! I wish I had a bead spinner. I've been meaning to send my dad a few pics of some, making sure to point out exactly what I like (and DON'T like) from each one, and let him design one for me. I like to use his bowls when I work, they're just the right size, and since they're heavy, they're not as easy to tip over when I'm just sitting it on the couch cussions.
I just like the way the closeup of the knitting looks, all those peeks and valleys. The thread has a 'wiry' quality to it, which allows it to retain the shape of the stitch.

The 'set' so far. Of course, you realize that the whole belt piece will be receiving a healthy dose of fringe action, right? Yeah, that's it, I'll forgo the coins' jingle for the nice, water-like movement of beaded fringes...

Okay, now, I'd really like to get back to finishing this project... If I could only find my darned knitting needle... I can't seem to remember where I last put it... Yup! That's my crochet hook in there too... I need it in case I drop a stitch. Much easier than doing the frog stitch!

Oh, and P.S.: How on earth could I forget? I took some pics of Jodie's beads to share with you, and here's the best one:

I haven't got my spacers yet, I'm waiting on them so as I can make myself a pair of kick-butt earrings with them. (I still wear the bead on the chain, to FABULOUS comments)

Peace out!



Jodie said…
Wow! I love it all! Don't forget to show us the finished belt--I'm dying to see it!!
Jewels said…
Thanks Jodie. I believe I'm finished the knitting part of the belt now. Next step: Two bead embroidered medallions! And of course I'll show you the finished product! Not showing it would be mean, wouldn't it? ;)
jin said…
I want to see it finished, too!
All 'dolled up'!
:-) Heeheeee!

Ooooo...maybe even a little video of you in action!

Plus: I really love that blue heart bead...it's so 'flowing-like'
or something...lol...just really NEAT!
Jewels said…
U got it! I've been dying to do the whole 'dolling' up bit. You know, makes me look 'authentic' ;)
Dino aka Katy said…
I am with Jin I want to see it as video
Jewels said…
Oh alright! Since you've both asked me, yes, quite nicely, MORE THAN ONCE, I'll take it as a hint that you'd like to see me dance? ;)

Do your dance, Uh!
Do your dance for me, Uh-huh!


Okay, I'll see what I can do. Should be funny!
You must be very patient. The woven bead work is fantastic, can’t wait to see what your do with the larger beads - they remind me of some of the “cat’s eye”marbles I played with a as a kid.
Jewels said…
Thanks Phos. Knitting with such small needles was brutal for me when I first learned bead knitting. They poke those little things, you know... My poor fingers were literally bloody, but I didn't give up until I 'got it' ;)

I'm noting if not tenacious! LoL!

Oh, and yeah, Jodie's beads reminded me of marbles too, man they're YUMMY!!!
cinderelly said…
LOL! i do that hair thing too, only with paintbrushes! that knitted beadwork looks amazing!
Jewels said…
Ha! Ha! Ha! I used to 'lose' my painbrushes and pencils when I was in art school the same way, much to the amusement of my classmates! ;)

Thanks. I'm still plugging away at it. I'm on to the medallions now, but I've still yet to locate myself some 'Stiff Stuff' locally. (and my buddy won't share....) :( LoL!
TeAntae said…
When you go into a creative burst, you really go all out! =)

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