Lioness' Birthday

I had the immense pleasure of being present for two of my best friends' birthday this year. As luck would have it, it's happened on the same day... Maybe it's 'cause they're TWINS! ;) LOL! Oh alright, I'm not that funny!
Manon and Camille invited me to spend some quality time with them last week, where we started with dinner at a lovely Thai restaurant, and ended with drinks at Chez Lucien, a quaint little French pub where Camille works. The last few weeks had been emotionally charged for the girls and their sisters Adèle and Julie, who had just found out some very sad news concerning their mom, and they just needed to let off some steam. I was so happy to be part of this evening, and to finally get to meet Julie for the first time!

Adèle, Camille, Julie, et Manon

I knew what Manon wanted most: Last year, Camille got a lovely Freeform Peyote bracelet, all in white. And although Manon loved the pieces I offered her, this bracelet really caught her eye. So, I made her one! As for Camille, that was a bit tougher. She's the epitome of style, and is a great art connaisseur, so I wanted to give her something that could seem extravagant, without being so. I knew exactly what would suit her, and made sure I brought every material needed to finish the hand-knotted strands of freshwater pearls I'd started my last week home (yes, the same week I spent agonizing over whether my apartment would be suitable for a Posh Party, LOL!) I finished both during my stay at my Papa's, and am happy to report that they both loved their gifts.

Here is Manon, showing off her new bracelet called "Ice"
(Man alive! I always have a hard time making bracelets for these two, they have such teenie writs!!!)

Camille with her pearls.
She got a great compliment from Lisa that night, who declared the strands "So Channel!"
(well color me Proud!)

Closeup of the pearls

Closeup of Ice

Happy Birthday girls!


Dino aka Katy said…
those are very gorgeous pieces
The Lone Beader said…
I love that freeform Ice bracelet! I would totally wear that:)
MeHereNow said…
Where did my comment go? Are you deleting me?!
Jewels said…
Thanks Katy! I thought so too. Not used to these styles, but sometimes it's quite nice to step out of your own box. ;)
Jewels said…
Thanks D. I'm not much for freeform, doing it that is. But the more I try, the more I like it. This was only my second attempt at it, and both were in the white family. I think I'm ready to branch out in other colors now, LOL!
Jewels said…
Comment? What comment Dawn? I didn't see one! Honest! I've only ever deleted 3 comments on these blogs, and that was because they were rude; and honestly, I can't see you being rude here! LOL!
Nope, wouldn't do that to you, 'cause I LIKE you! :D Now, what was it?
MeHereNow said…
I'll try again then!! Its not going to be as witty or funny though you know that right!!

I LOVE the ice one very,very pretty. Obviously us Lionesses deserve the very best - I'm still working on getting my bit of Jewels jewels!! He said "HOW MUCH? YOU DON'T EVEN WEAR JEWELERY!" and then went out and bought me earrings,a bracelet AND a watch!! I don't get it!!(I personally think Starry Night no.2 is worth 10 times that but men just don't get it!!)

Oh yeah one last thing Manon is a Welsh name - any Welsh connections there?
Camille said…
merci ma chère jewels pour ta belle présence à notre fête, et aussi pour le collier.

everyday i take it out to stare at it. i'm on vacation right now and for some reason, makeup and jewelery are on pause, but i can't wait to get back into having fun and wearing the necklace and pretty things you've gotten me!

i know i've been odd and not so easy to break through to lately, because of all the stuff with my mom. but i wanted to tell you how much i love having you around, and that you help keep me sane! i am looking forward to welcoming you and james at my house for a few days...

much love to you, always,
camille xo
Jewels said…
Dawn, I've given up on understanding them myself, I'll just stick to the one I've got. I've almost got him trained right. ;) LOL!

You keep at it, and one day, you WILL own some of Jewels' jewels. I promise!
I don't think that there is a Welsh connection to her name, but Manon is also a very popular French name.

Take care!
Jewels said…
Ma belle Camille, I would have it no other way than to be there with you. I'm so happy that you all consider me part of your own 'clan' ;)

I too take the occasional break from adornments. Although lately, I might have been going a bit overboard. Just a bit tho. LOL!
I can't wait to come see you tonight, and to spend the next few days visiting with you and la belle Sauterelle. See you soon!
Rachel said…
I love the ice bracelet! It is just wonderful!
Birthday fun!! It is nice you got the chance to spend it with them.
Camille said…
i miss you already! Sniff sniff

p.s. don't forget to share the photos from your time at my place! you can post them on Facebook if you want and make them available just to me, if you don't want to share them with everyone...
Jewels said…
Thank you Rachel. I look forward to making more pieces in this style.
Jewels said…
Hi Phos!
Oh yes, I loved being there for their big day. Getting to witness the end of two of your best friends' 20's is very special! ;)
Jewels said…
Camille, they're already on there! I made a brand new album tonight, just for those photos!
Quite a few fantastic shots on there.

Oh I miss you too Sweetie! I had a wonderful time at your place. What a gorgeous Pad you've got yourself! You made us instantly feel at home. Thank you!
SO like, your back,right??
jin said…
Gorgeous gifts julie!!!

You should definitely work more with that freeform...looks like you are a natural!! :-)

Can't wait to see the last bracelet from your dad, too!!
Jewels said…
I'm Ba-ack! ;)
Jewels said…
Oh, I've yet to find the time to sit and even relax yet. Came home to loads of laundry, and a 'hungry' hubby! ;P
But I'm sure to photograph everything soon. Have a few new pieces to capture, and some of the beads I got back home.
Freeform stuff feels so darn weird to me, but I'm starting to really like it. I'll have to try something different next. Something not white LOL!
Ace said…
You French girls have the coolest names.
I was wondering, when American girls kiss with open mouths they call it French Kissing - what do French girls call it?

"Freedom kissing" didn't last long...
That cake must be pretty stale by now!!
Jarman said…
Wow it is great fun to have a birthday party with your friends.
Jewels said…
we didn't HAVE cake Phos! ;)

Jarman, welcome. And yes, it was wonderful to celebrate with my dear friends. I can't wait for the next time!
GrandmaMarilyn said…
I bet Manon did love that bracelet. You do such wonderful work. I am not too much into freeform but you made a gorgeous bracelet.

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