Blogger Love!

My friend Jin - that's her button in my right-hand column - has decided to spread some blogger love! Every so often, she'll create one of her blog readers in the form of a pastry. This is how Jennifer sees Moi, as a beautiful silver beaded necklace, with a large silver and turquoise beaded bead.

Now, you know I just HAVE to try and duplicate this in beads, right? ;)
Mmmmmm, finally, beads I could EAT!!!! I just recently ordered some Jin treats, they traveled well, all the way here to Canada, from Wisconsin. You've GOT to try them, they're out of this world!

Well, this might make me want to bead a little. I haven't been beading actually. I got hooked on something new... Yeah, like I need a new hobby... But I really like this. I've taken up Crochet. WITHOUT beads! Just a hook and some yarn. Good times man! ;)


jin said…
Everyone waited so I'd get first comment!
Ruela said…
Jewels said…
I WANNA EAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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