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I started a new blog, it's called Perle Sauvage; that's French, for wild pearl.
I believe this one will be entirely devoted to the subject of tutorials. While discussing the subject of our bead knowledge, and how we all learned whichever stitches in our respective répertoires, it dawned on me that most of what I do know as far as beading goes, I gathered from the web.

I still remember the very first time I 'surfed the web', it was September of '98. Oh, how I take it for granted now, but back then, it opened my eyes to so many ideas, possibilities, and opportunities. I learned so much from different forums, enjoyed learning from so many tutorials and projects that more advanced bead weavers had so graciously shared with the world. I've learned a lot, and I think it's time I started sharing too.

That's where Perle Sauvage comes in. Perle Sauvage will be my sharing forum. I think I'd like to use it for nothing but tips, tricks, and tutorials. Well, click on the link if you'd like. And let me know what you think?


The Lone Beader said…
That's a good idea to start a blog for tutorials. Your tutorial is great! I love the close-up images. I am really going to sit down and try bead crochet someday... :D
capitolagirl said…
Your tutorials are very well done and I love your XO earring patter. They are really cute! Good luck with your new blog!
Turning tricks on the web, what? A stitch in time saves nine, I always say...
Jewels said…
Thank you LB!
I can guarantee that once you start the crochet, you won't be able to stop!
Can't wait to see if you actually do try it. ;p, wait now, if I recall, you've got enough hobbies already, do you really need to add another one? LOL!
Jewels said…
Thanks CG!
And welcome to my blog home!
Jewels said…
Phos, Phos, Phos... Me, turn tricks? Why I never!

A stitch in time, a stitch in time... wait, I know I was going somewhere with this.. Oh well, I forgot. Must be getting old... LOL!

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