Et voilà! J'ai fini!
I finally put the finishing touches on the contest piece. The very first color Joyce listed was "Bubblegum Pink". ;) As luck would have it, I've recently discovered that our local Liquidation World had received a shipment of various accent yarns in a myriad of colors. (Don't even get me started on that place. I could spend a fortune on BARGAINS! Darn my Rat-like hording quality...) :p
Anyway, the yarn was $2 a ball, or $3/2... Guess who's been spending $30 a pop on yarn ALONE on my little visits. All of these bellow were found in the bin.

*K, cute, funny story: Kirsten and I went to L.W. for some yarn. The balls are kept in a huge cardboard bin, and it pretty much looks like a bomb went off in it. Picture this; Kirsten to the side of the box, picking the desired yarn as I struggle to push the giant mound out of the way, butt wagging in the air à la Winnie the Pooh... LOL! *

You know, I usually wouldn't pick these colors, but I liked the texture of the Cici yarn. I'm not sure I'd like to work with the Cici all by itstelf (itstelf? What the heck am I drinking??? I mean itself, of course...), but when I put these three together (I simply lurved the mauve mohair!), they just worked for me. Knowing they were also on the list of preferred colors helped matters lots too. ;)

Now, I know that Joyce occasionally reads my blog, so I won't show you the piece in its entirety, but I'll give you a little teaser. I used artistic license of course, and added a few little "Jewels" touches. And you thought I was done with the beads... :)

Joyce, j'espère que tu aimes les couleurs que j'ai choisi. J'essaie de te l'envoyer cette semaine.

And yes, I am feeling better, thank you for asking. We're finally all back on track with school and work. I'm still tired, but I'm sure that once I finish my 112 hour catnap, I'll be just fine.

Well, I should go. I got a special request from the fabulous Miz M today, for some custom-made wrist warmers. Three pairs on the list actually. Need to make some for Miz M., Miz Bibi, and Miz Jin. Guess I better get busy eh?


Not Ashley said…
Thank you, fabulous Miz J
Jewels said…
My pleasure, F.M.M.
The Lone Beader said…
I never thought you were done with beads. :D
Jewels said…
Thanks D!
Beader 'til I die!
*Devil Horns*

Not Ashley said…
wore my wrist warmers all day today at work...they helped me get through the day without pain. THANK YOU!!!!
Glad you are feeling better. The close up reminds me of a roadkill possum, but in a nice way...
Jewels said…
Oh M, I'm so happy you like them. I was so afraid they'd be too big. Wait 'til you see the ones I'm working in for Bibi, I made them in the ROUND! With a THUMB! LOL!

Guess who's gonna want a pair. ;)
Jewels said…
Phos, I don't know what to say to that. I just don't know....


(even it was in a good way... ) ;)
Very valentiney though...

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