Still moving in!

We moved into our new house on the 29th of August, and we've still got about a dozen boxes to unpack. Also still getting used to the lay of the land, having moved to a new city.
I'm back in Niagara Falls, after moving out in '97. And boy, have things changed in 11 years! I am so grateful to my Mother for sending me a bicycle, which has allowed me to explore my new surroundings at will, and has helped me get some much needed exercise back into my life. (But let me tell you, that first time back on a bike, my poor poor bottom! OUCH!) LOL!

After straightening out most of the main floor, I felt a great need for some company, so I planned a little House Warming/Posh Party. I was a bit disappointed at first, when only a few people showed up, but I must admit that as the evening wore on, I was quite pleased with the women who had chosen to come and surround me. It was a perfect evening, spent with people who truly cared about me, and who couldn't have been happier for me and my new abode.
Sadly, I didn't think of taking photos while Wendy was here :(, but Wendy, the next time you're here, get ready to pose! ;), and thank you again for my beautiful gift, that was so thoughtful of you. Thank You!

I'm still quite happy with my display form, but I do think I need a larger surface to lay my pieces on.

Yes, a tad blurry, but since I was in a blurry mood, I found it fitting.
Katharine, Nonna, Maria, and Bianca, who always managed to find her way to my floor for some reason. *giggle*
And NO, there was no booze involved!
My Bibi pose!

Thank you so much for the house warming gift Katharine. I've always wanted one of those gorgeous crystal hearts.


The Lone Beader said…
Good luck moving in!!! :D
You truly are a jewelry goddess! And a great interior decorator as well.
Jewels said…
Thanks Diana.
I'm in it for the long haul, so, the past weekend was spent ripping out floorboards and vacuuming up bugs... *shudder*
Jewels said…
Hee! Hee!
Thanks Phosie!
But wait, these are most definitely the BEFORE shots.
I'll share my weekend house projects on my FGIN blog, so check it out!

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