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Last Friday evening was fantastic. It was cold outside, but warm inside, and the little one and I decided to do some beading together. Daddy took a few shots of us working on our projects. Mimi's didn't get that far, but I'm happy to say that I finally completed my latest lariat, which is yet unnamed :( Any ideas? 'Cause I'm at a loss... It reminds me of underwater life though, so I was thinking of something sea themed.As per usual, I went with different ends. It's weird, it's like I went from this whole "everything's gotta be symmetrical" kick, to "Oh, no, nothing must match!" lol!

I simply could not get a good shot of the ends. Lighting was too harsh, and the wind was blowing too hard.
Maybe this one?

A better shot of the NLM lampwork bead (LOVE their work!). I bought this bead at the Bead Oasis show, in 2005 I believe. and I only decided to use it, what, 6 months ago? LOL!

dig dig dig "Mommy, I need to find all the yellow bear beads" dig dig dig.
Mommy sits by thinking "Yup, beader in training..." LOL!

Until my office is completed, I've been dragging my projects upstairs, where the large bay windows offer the best lighting. And, once again, my beads have taken over the living area. But at least the dining room table is free and clear, and no beads shall be accidentally harmed or eaten. ;)

That's better!
Now we can see her pretty face! :)
Too bad about mommy's frizzy hair...

Fish faces!
while mommy chats on the phone with Auntie

And here's what I've been working on since Monday. I had some old charms and coins kicking around, and plenty of beads I just didn't know what to make with. Frankly, I've had some of them sitting in my stash for well over a decade! LOL! And, well, with Samhain quickly coming (here TODAY actually!), I was in the mood to create something 'charmish'. So, without further ado, may I present to you my brand new line of "Lucky Charms", where each and every piece was made with love and gratitude, as well as infused with spells for luck, wealth and wellness. They can be worn as anklets, bracelets or necklaces, whatever tickles your fancy, and each will soon be available for purchase on my website. As soon as they're all the photos are cropped and resized that is... LOL! Guess I better get a move on, seeing as I've got 24 to work on... :/

I simply love this photo of all of them like this.

A better look.


Pam said…
Love the lucky charms! Sorry I forgot to let you know that I tagged you...oops =] must have been distracted by beads...ya, ya, that's it. =)
The Lone Beader said…
Fun photos! You must be the coolest Mom, too! :D
Jewels said…
Thanks Pam.
Um, yeah, beads, that's the ticket...
Jewels said…
LB thanks!
You know, I like to think I'm a cool mom, but I'm not so sure my kid would agree with you. ;)
Gorgeous, and the beading is nice too! Looks like something a mermaid would wear, if there were mermaids.

It is so cool that you are involving your daughter in your hobby. It is times such as this one she'll remember forever.
LJ said…
You've been tagged, Jewels!
See my Nov 1 entry!
Jax said…
How fun! I love beading with my girls, I can even sometimes talk my son into it. He lasts longer then my youngest does at least!
Ace said…
It reminds me of a snake.

And an undersea thing.

Sea snake?

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