I'm Fabulous! *Smiles*

Belinda, over at Bead Fetish, has bestowed upon me the "Fabulous" award because, well, she thinks my blog is FABULOUS! *grin*

Thank you so much Belinda, but you know, now this will probably make me raise the bar on my post contents... I'll have to up the ante and post more photos, more posts, and, well, just MORE! LOL!

I am so happy and grateful that someone in the bloggoshpere finds me and my little blog fabulous.

Thank you Dah-ling!

Now I will take the opportunity and pass the award on to other fabulous beady bloggers, as I've been influenced by some fantastically creative bead workers on here:

Linda, at Born Under a Bead Sign
Nancy, from NED beads
Jodie, and her lampwork beads
Darcy, at The Jade Dog
Triz Designs at Beading Mania



Well, I've always liked it and I don't even do any beading.
Not Ashley said…
I agree! You are fabulous!!!!!

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