Busy playin', with a little work on the side

Been toying with the idea of a new banner for Le Beadoir, so I was playing with my camera and some beads the other day. I've got a lovely array of simple white dishes. I like white, it's plain, crisp, and always looks clean. I especially like that I can go around and mix & match with any styles without them being in a set. I lucked out a few months back at a discount store, where they were unloading tons of what looked like restaurant ware. I found these fantastic little condiment bowls in the form of fish, and what I assume to be an olive or pickle dish in the shape of a nautilus. Not pictured are the awesome large pasta and fruit bowls I scored along with these. Bonus: Everything was white, and prices ranged between $0.50 - $2.00!
I've already got my fair share of condiment bowls, but I couldn't pass the fishies up. I thought they'd be PERFECT to hold my beads while I'm working, seeing as they were neither too big or too deep. Only problem was when hubby saw them, he snagged about half of them for himself. Which was my fault, really, since I suggested it might be prudent for him to keep his hooks and beads and weights in while he was tying some flies... Meh! Nothing another trip to the discount store couldn't fix! ;)
The fishies were sitting in front of me, filled with beads, and they looked so cute I thought they might be worth photographing. Of course, one thing led to another, and I started playing with other dishes and beads... And, well, you know how it goes.

Here's one idea, I've a few more shots, but blogger keeps turning them clockwise, and I didn't think you'd like to have to turn your head to see them, so I'll leave it at this one for now.

Besides playing with my camera, I've been having quite a bit of fun with my crochet. A friend wanted me to design a scarf for her toddler, and provided me with this vibrant orange yarn. The ball was SO BIG that I thought "why not add a little hat with that?", so I did! Though I didn't have the little man's head to fit the hat perfectly, I figured Mimi wasn't that much bigger, and if it fit her snugly, then it would fit him for a while.

I was going for a beanie, but then remembered how little ones sometimes like to pull their hats off. So I added a little chin strap, which buttons up with one of my prized vintage buttons which very closely matched the color of the yarn. My friend RAVED about it! Said I couldn't have made the little hat fit more perfectly! Yay!

Oooh! I also started making these super cute skinny scarves. I had just finished a hat and knew I didn't have enough yarn left over to make anything big, but had an inspired idea! A skinny scarf! But it looked SO plain, it just needed a little ooomph! So I hooked some giant pompoms to the ends, and VOILÀ! Some super cool skinny scarves! :)
Now if I could just get over this nasty cold so I could take some new shots and list these.

The hat and arm warmers, as well as the above bracelet were sent to my Beaders Without Borders partner Payton. The bracelet was for the swap, the hat and warmers and exchange for some of her fantastic lampwork beads. Oooh, wait 'til you see the beads I'm getting from her! Gorgeous, GORGEOUS hearts that I fell in love with at first sight!

Besides that, nothing much. Shoveling, nursing my sciatica, getting over a nasty cold, and generally trying to keep myself out of trouble. Which means no shopping. Though I did splurge on some beautiful buttons from Natural Resources a week ago. If you like natural material buttons, you should check these guys out. I am very very impressed with the quality of their wares, and I couldn't believe how fast they got to me. I ordered on the 14th, and they arrived on the 22nd
Oh, and caved and went and had my eyes checked. That was fun! *rolls eyes*. I'm so glad I had my daughter with me to lead the way afterward. Good Golly! Do they absolutely NEED to put those nasty drops in your eyes??? LOL! My daughter was in the examination room with me, (since she was getting her eyes checked for the first time, I wanted her to see what they were doing so she wouldn't be so nervous), and when the doctor put the drops in, I guess the dilation was instant. She made both the doctor and myself laugh so hard! She said "Mommy! You look like a cat!" I said "You mean my pupil looks like a line?" she said "No! You look like Milo when he's rambunctious!!!" LOL!
We went to the glass shop so I could look at glasses. My prescription is very light, but I do notice that my eyes get really tired after a full day of work (it's the tiny beads and stitches that do me in...). Then we went to see my D.H., and he couldn't look at me, said I looked "way too freaky" with my black eyes! I had to look for myself and heck, I freaked MYSELF out! I took a photo, but only 4 hours after the exam. Still, you can see how long the dilation lasts. I'll say this though, everything looked so pretty and blurry. And blue! LOL!


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