Photo blog!

Weeeeeeeeellllll, life's been good, and busy! I thought I'd give you a little photo collage to show you some of what's been going on in the last month. :)

Super storm!
Right at the beginning of March. Some days later, we had a flash thaw, accompanied by torrential downpours, and flash flooding of our sunken patio. Fun times!

Ah yes, a fiber weaver's pet peeve. Just about to finish a tam, 3 stitches to go, and I RUN OUT OF YARN!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRR!

Alright, let's follow these first two photos with one of the coolest things to happen to me in a long while. I got a SWEETBOX from Jinny! Yeah! First off, let me tell you about this gorgeous lady's yummy goodies: They are To. Die. For! And I got a big box full! OMG!

Ooh, look at this assortment of sablés! And they're all gone! ;)

Oh! Oh! Oh! Will you look at THIS?????
A box of petits fours, just for Moi! Moi! Moi! ;)

It was hard, but I kept one of the two raspberry coulis filled brownies for my honey.
It was really, really difficult!
I mean, LOOK AT IT! A dense, rich brownie, made with nothing but the finest, natural, organic ingredients, slathered in organic raspberry coulis and topped with a thick layer of BELGIAN CHOCOLATE GANACHE! O!M!G!!!!!

Yes, yes, let's get to the flash flood, shall we? See this? It's our new pool! It'll be all the rage this summer with the neighborhood kids. Well, only with the ones who don't have their own pool to dip in that is. ;) Lucky LUCKY us, we caught it before the water started seeping into the house. As you can see from this shot, Mimi was the only one having fun this day... "But Mooooooom, it's so cool! Can't we keep it like this????" No, no we can't!

Ankle deep in water. I love my gortex lined hiking boots, they certainly came in handy ;)

Well, we HAD to laugh! LOL! Here's D.H. pretending to take a dive.
I'm behind the camera reminding him that you should never dive in the shallow end. ;)

Two garden hoses (thank you Nana Jo!!!) is what it took to bring the water all the way to the street, so we didn't pump the water back into the front of the house...
Which was already filling up the garage... Yeah, I said it... fun times... NOT!


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