Life Lately

Well bonjour my Darlings! I know, I know, still lagging in the blog post department, but hey! At least it wasn't a year this time! It's amazing how something can consume your days entirely, yet still make you feel like you got nothing accomplished at the end of the day. Oh make no mistake, I KNOW I'm doing something important, but a great part of me wishes she were that "I can do it all" Mom. You know the one. Whereas I can barely manage to change into clean pajamas, let alone slap some lipstick or mascara on.

 But look at what I've been busy doing!

We had a few rough weeks this summer that involved a whooooole lotta colic. This was taken on one of those many sleepless nights, Didi liked spending time tummy-to-tummy with her warm Mama. I make a good hot water bottle apparently. ;) Thank goodness for this wonderful homeopathic remedy called Cocyntal, by Boiron I found at our local health food store. Absolute sanity saver!!!

Didi in the tiny blossom hat Nana Jo made for her. Didn't fit for more than two months!

A little ahead on the Halloween pranks she was. ;) No worries, no Daddies were harmed in this gumming incident. A little slobber never hurt anyone

What an absolute scorcher it was here all summer! I barely went out it was so hot, for fear of overheating the wee one. But we did have our trusty little blowup pool for Mimi, which she got to enjoy. I enjoyed hanging out in our cool basement with Didi and the cats.

We've been sticking pretty close to home lately, Darling didn't even do his usual fishing marathons. Plus, after a full busy week at work for him, it was nice to just stay home and enjoy each other. Here's one of this summer's favorite breakfasts, quick, easy, and affordable! Homemade baked egg sandwiches, topped with fresh tomatoes from our garden, and avocado. And let's not forget the side of crispy home fries. Gotta have a side of crispy home fries! This collage is from Fathers' Day morning.

The Girls, watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.

Of course, so much more happened this summer. My Mom came for a visit, and so did my Dad (FINALLY!). Mimi grew into a sixth grader, and Didi grew out of her newborn 3-6months 9months onesies is quickly turning into a toddler. She's already in 12 month clothes, and on the verge of growing out of those too.


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