New Year, New Me

Having been consumed with all things baby for almost 8 months now, I figured it was time to start getting back to Me; slowly, but surely.
One of the ways I've found that always puts me back on track is decluttering and organizing. Once I feel like my surroundings are cohesive, I feel grounded. So I got back to my office/studio/guest room area and just started pulling stuff out, tearing up, putting away, decluttering and tossing, tossing, tossing. I came upon things I had completely forgotten I had (sign that I either A) have too much stuff, or 2) I've been spending wayyyyy too little time in my studio, or C) all of the above?). So far, so good. I love this space, and making it mine, but until all renos are done, I don't think I'll feel completely settled in. But here's one corner so far, and it makes me pretty darn happy :) I've moved all of the yarn downstairs (those translucent boxes) and finally had Darling install both of my metal wall displays. One is for my own Keeper items, the other will be to display wares for sale. I even had him wall-mount one of those wooden crates I scored at a local garden center. My little storage boxes fit in it perfectly, and I can even store a few more things on top. This setup is subject to change of course, but for now, I'm pretty happy to see that I can absolutely store every craft materials I own in one single room. Though I do think a serious destash is in order...

The holidays were spent cleaning and generally just hanging out at home. Darling did get some fishing in, but the days he stayed home were busy. I had him catching up on tons of little jobs here around the house that had been waiting to be finished for a very (very) long time! There was a whole lot of snuggling and playing too. ;) Here's Papa enjoying some jungle gym time with Didi. With Papa being the jungle gym, naturally.

One task I could not wait to tackle was the dining room. We had some serious baby proofing to do, and it simply couldn't remain this cluttered and messy. Besides, it really wasn't being used to its full potential. Again, too much stuff, too much clutter, too many choking hazards for Bébé. It took us a few days to get it done, but again, SO happy with the end result. Darling will be bringing a few of the furniture pieces to his new office, which will clear up a lot of space in here, and my dining room looks like a pretty grown-up dining room! Watch the transition here:

And the end result, Ta-Dah! I finally found a prefect spot for my little zebra loveseat, packed away a whole lot of dishes from the china cabinet that were not being used (but too pretty to get rid of...), and concentrated on the items that we use the most. And even brought out this little vintage cabinet with sliding glass, where I can display my collection of vintage Ombre glassware. The only thing missing would be the prefect dining room set. I had found one on Kijiji, but it turned out there was much too much damage to the chairs' vinyl upholstery to make it worth purchasing. So I'll just keep hunting, and hope that I'll eventually score one for a very modest price on one of my thrifting runs. The china cabinet was something I hunted for for what seemed like forever. Every time I found one online, they'd be exorbitant prices, anywhere between $300-$600, so when I found it at Value Village for $19.99, I jumped! The tiny cabinet beside it was also a thrifty find at Salvation Army for $12!

Mimi has really been enjoying spending time with her Tiny Didi, and is completely enthralled with watching this little baby develop and grow. I'm amazed at how alike they both are. Not just in looks, but personality. They're both Mama's girls for sure, and have very strong, funny personalities. And Didi, just like her big sister, is another sleep hating baby! ;) But they do differ in some ways. Didi is huge compared to her sister at the same age. Seriously, this baby does everything early. Crawling, teeth, walking. Yes, walking! Hence the extreme baby proofing! She now walks everywhere she can, still cruising around the room by holding on to furniture, but it's only a matter of time, since she likes to just stand herself up all alone now.

And there you have it. Nice quiet holidays at home. Who could ask for anything more?


Dino said…
wanna come do my house? Love the jungle gym picture ;)
Jewels said…
That'd be so fun Katy. I love organizing rooms.

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