Well, it finally happenned. I had my very first "Posh Party" last night, and it was FABULOUS! Really, it was! I couldn't believe the turnout, and neither could the hostess. Out of the 25 people invited, 20 showed up, and everyone brought a smile and their pocketbook.The setup was nice. I'm already geared up for displays, since I do shows and all, so all I had to do was set my work up just like I usually do. Maria picked me up at 5:30, and we were at her place by 5:40. While Maria was preparing us a meal of homemade Gnocchi and meatballs, I set up my displays. I got right back to the task of laying out my pieces as soon as we were done eating, but I swear, I wasn't even done setting the pieces down when the bodies started rolling in. It was funny, really, I had pieces in my hand, getting ready to set them to the display busts, and I already had these women asking me for the price of them. And then the fun started. More people, and more, and more, and more... I didn't even have prices on the table yet, all these women were walking around the table, holding their newfound treasures in their hands, being careful not to put one back down, for fear that someone else might like it too, and take it! I soon realized that I would be needing some air! I priced the pieces as quickly as I could, and gave the ladies some room to move.I mingled, chatted, photographed, and had an all around wonderful time. I waited about one hour, and made my way to the kitchen table, where I set up a makeshift checkout counter. It was great! I had my calculator, my change, my receipt booklet, and a glass of wine. Now tell me, who else gets to work and sip on wine. It was such a lovely setup, I was able to still mingle with the ladies, meet new people, chit chat, and enjoy myself. The bodies kept lining up, some paying for their purchases, others placing custom orders because a coveted piece had already been picked up. I didn't even look at the time, was just having so much fun. I got so many compliments and overheard so many comments such as "I've never seen anything like this", or "This is absolutely gorgeous!" that frankly, I thought I was going to have to walk out the door sideways. Well, the last person walked out at 10:00, yeah, 10:00. Maria and I sat down, had a nice cup of chamomile tea accompanied by a slice of coffee cake. We were chatting about the whole evening, regaling in the fact that it had been so successful. I didn't even know how much money I'd made, so when Maria asked me how good I'd done, I tabulated the totals right there. Turns out I exceeded my own expectations. I figured I'd make at least $10 a head (yes, I know, conservative). Maria figured $20. Well, turns out we were both wrong. It averaged at around $50/head, since the grand total came up to $1020! I couldn't believe it! On one night's work? Man, I'm quitting my day job, and devoting my whole time to hosting these kinds of parties! LOL!!!! All kidding aside though, it was awesome! Well, I desperately need to go lie down, I've got a killer migraine, which is weird, 'cause I never get them... Period related, probably....Later.Jewels.


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