Mud Flower

Here is my newest ring design. I think this will be a big seller this summer. I'll call this the "Water Lilly" collection. Then again, I like the sound of "Mud Flower" (Lotus...)

Isn't it adorable? I'm already working up several color combinations in my book. Now if I could only find the time for their production....


jin said…
Wow!! This is BEAUTIFUL!! Personally, I like the colours just as you have them!
I also like the pic of the ?Gull? below. (Assuming it's some type of gull, it looks quite a bit different than ours.)

Thanks so much for the comments on my blog...I think I probably alienated half my readers when I admitted to being a pagan! If so, they're not worth knowing, right? lol

I'll be back! :-)
Jewels said…
LMBO!!! I pretty much alienated most of my friends in College, when we had to come up with our own "Holiday" cards. I'm Wiccan, and so I came up with this cute little designe that I silk-screened on my cards, and the caption was "... Walking in a Wiccan Wonderland...." (to the tune of Walking in a winter wonderland.... )
I was proud of that design, got a good mark on it too, LOL!

I'll look forward to your comments, and more of your posts.
Thanks for coming by.

P.S.: You're actually the first to comment on my Jewellery Goddess blog, as I just set it up last night.
jin said…
I love that idea!! >>> "... Walking in a Wiccan Wonderland...."
Glad you got a good grade on it too! :-)

p.s. I can't stop looking at this you sell online anywhere?
Jewels said…
I'll tell you what, you send me some of those delicious looking lemon cookies, and that ring is yours! LOL!!!

I need to setup a paypal account for my site, but it'll have to be upgraded to a 'merchant' account. However, if you're interested, you can always contact me through my site:
where you can see more of my 'wares' (my addy there is ), and you can send me your preferences as far as colors, size, and so forth...
Polyman2 said…
Hey, Jin is right
Fabulous looking clusters;
Would go over big
in my house.

Nice post Jewel.
Your talented.

Ex-dancer huh?
Do you know
Jewels said…
Hmmmm Mystical? Lemme see, I knew a Mystique, a Mysty, Misty Rivers, Mila.... No, no Mystique... Sorry!
Anonymous said…
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