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In recent months, I've gotten quite a few new students at the gym, especially in BD. One of these students is Samantha, and I've grown quite fond of her. She's studying Horticulture at Niagara College, and since she's away from home, well, I've been wanting to give her a bit of home life, and some family time. It's been great actually; she'll come over for dinner once in a while, and it's nice for all of us to sit and chat and have a nice 'Sit Down' family meal. The fact that she and I can spend hours dancing together at the gym, and could probably talk non-stop about belly dancing is a bonus! LoL! (so far, I think she's the only girl I've met in a long time who's as passionate about dancing as I am)

Anyhoo. Sam's been bored lately, and since she's mentioned a few times already that she'd like to learn how to bead, I had her come over yesterday after class, and taught her how to do the Spiral Rope Chain. It's relatively easy to learn, and quite gratifying, since a novice can usually get a bracelet done in about an hour. Well 'lo and behold, I think I may have found myself a little beading prodigy, as she picked it up so fast, she had a nice bracelet done in no time! Check it out:

Doesn't she look quite proud of herself? To top it all off, before we left for my evening class, she had also completed a lovely matching necklace! Now she's happy she's found herself a little hobby that will keep her hands busy, and her self our of trouble! ;) Hah! I've pulled yet another one over to the Shiny side! Now we can chat about Belly Dancing while we BEAD! *insert evil world domination laugh here*

Of course, I didn't sit idly by as she was working. Thursday night, after a very, VERY needed Kwaffy Talk outing with my BFF Maria, we wound up taking a little jaunt to Winners, where I wanted to check out some nice storage baskets (still in that purging/cleaning/organizing mode). I didn't find any baskets, but Maria did spy these gorgeous pre-strung tassels, and just had to mention, you got it: Belly dancing! LoL!

Coins rock when you're dancing, but sometimes, you just don't want the whole jingly-jangly noise that accompanies them. Sometimes, you just want movement, and these were perfect to tack onto those nice inexpensive belts I bought for a steal a few months back. So while Sam was beading, I was doing some hand sewing. I've finished the first one already, what do you think?

Ribbon Belt: $2.99
Tassel Fringe: $10.97
Getting to make my very own tassel belt: Priceless!

Sorry, I just HAD to do that! LoL! ;)

Now, on to numero dos!


Dino aka Katy said…
wow cool - its fun having a prodagy.
gorgeous tassel belt. The bracelet was great - you do some nice work.
Not Ashley said…
Getting my BFF to make my very own belt...PRICELESS!
Jewels said…
Hi Katy. Yes it is! But now I'm creating myself some competition, LoL! Ah well, nothing to worry about, there's plenty of room at the top!

Hi Phossie! Thank you. I absolutely love it, it's got such nice movement, that I didn't even mind forgoing the jingle of the coins. Sammie did do a great job on her bracelet, didn't she. I think she's hooked: as of yesterday, she's made herself a whole other necklace, and 3 bracelets! LoL!

Oh M, I was glad to help. But your Mama's the priceless one, LMAO!!!!
Gnat said…
Veddy nice.

A co-worked has taken up beading and broke her 6 hour a night video game it is a 6 hour a night beading problem she says.

After looking at your bio, you might just try listening to Donovan Frankenreiter. sounds right up you alley. My wife has very simlar musical tastes and plays his new album non-stop. The new album is more funky, the older album is all surfer music. Both are great.

Hows the beading coming?
Cherry! said…
wow! Who knew you could extreme bead in pairs!

I wonder what I could havea prodigy for....partying, cock talk, fag hagging....hmmmm...
Jewels said…
Welcome to my humble abode Gnat. I can't wait to see your glass work. I'm sure you've figured out I like glass work... ;)I'm going to Limewire today to check Mr. Frankenstein out. Tho I must admit, I read that with a chuckle. I'm into funky tho. Thanks for the tip
Jewels said…
It's not Phosie. I swear, I'm in a slump. I've been on a go-go-go rampage for a few months, and am finding myself at a fork in the road... Which way should I go now? I've got too many spoons in the pot, and I know I need to take some out, but which ones? Darn decisions...
Jewels said…
Oh Goddess Cherry! You just reminded me of my Fag Hagging days!!!! Oh just call me Grace..... Fuck!


And hey, I hadn't thought of that... Hmmm, could have some Extreme Beading competitions... First one at the finish line gets all the beads? Yeah, sounds about right. ;)

How's my little Aussie Lass doin'?
More Belly Dancing videos would be my suggestion, but that's just me.
Hmmm... Still no video.
cinderelly said…
that tassle belt is awesome!
Jewels said…
They're up, Phos, they're up! Come watch! ;)

Thanks Cindie. It was quite simple to hand sew. I'm going on a trip soon, a fabric trip; this will include tassels of all shapes and sizes, and ribbons. Nice, rich, thick, patterned ribbons. Mmmmmmm. I can't wait! ;)

(Gosh, can you imagine if I actually caved and got myself a sewing machine? OMG! I'd never leave the house!!! LOL!)
jin said…
LOVE the belt!!!
Great job!
Jewels said…
Why thanks Luv! I can't wait for my trip to Toronto next week. My friend Kirsten is taking me to Designer Fabric, where I'll be going NUTS trying to figure out which ribbon to pair with which fringe... Wish me luck! ;)
LJ said…
Congratulations to Sam. (Did you warn her about the addiction thing?)She chose lovely colors for her skin tone, too! Good job!
And the BD belt is SO sexy. To heck with the rest of the body - a pair of good hips with a belt like that would take the house down!
TeAntae said…
Brought another one over to the dark side I see. Niiiiiiiiiiice! >=)

And I am being totally honest when I tell you how gorgeous that tassel belt is and is on you. We have a hoard of wannabe belly dancers (girls who buy the stuff and wiggly about) at the MD Rennaisance Faire who try to catch the attention of the handsome musicians. It's sad sometimes. And someone is selling a tassel belt with HUGE tassels. I swear they're tiebacks for curtains. But they keep buying them.

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