Both ropes are done

Not quite. The bodies are done. Now I need to embellish the ends. I sometimes think that having too many ideas is a curse. I have so many options, yet, I'm afraid to go forward with any of them, thinking I'll always wonder what it would have looked like 'the other way'... LoL!

I suppose I could remedy that conundrum by making more ropes. I'm just not so sure I'll be having the opportunity to make much more of these Pearl ropes. I mean to leave a bit more than just 'grandma's bead stuff' when I go on up to the spirit in the sky, and since the cost of materials for these might put me in the poorhouse... ;) Unless they sell, well, now that would be a different story, wouldn't it? Then maybe I could wind up in the 'rich house' instead of the poorhouse.The first rope.

I'm afraid a picture can't do these pearls justice. Actually, I think the camera can, it's the computer screen that can't. lol!
On my screen, these come up a bit more bronze, whereas they have more of a khaki color in person, with some bronze and brassy undertones.

Numéro deux: Natural pearl rope.
Now, even though I used the same stitch count on this rope than the previous one, it didn't take me long to realize that the pearls on this one were bigger. Like, "put the strands side by side, and you might miss it" bigger... And so it came out longer than the brown one. Which means I can probably hold back a little with the ends on this one, but they'll still be flashy. I'm thinking crystals for this one. Big, fat honking Swarovski's, like this large Roundelle here:
18 mm across

Aren't pearls absolutely scrumptious?

A.K.A. "The Party Pimp", A.K.A. "Gansta' Beada'", A.K.A. "The Jewellery Goddess"


Gnat of Glass said…
I am an idiot!

I went to send out the marbles yesterday and I had cleaned off my desk. As you can guess somehow you address made a break for it durring that cleaning sweep. So shoot it to me one more time. Scott_@_Novota_._com

Just remove the _'s.

Also, very nice stuff. I love the green ones. Now i have to go back and read it this time. I was to worried about getting these out today.

Gnat of Glass said…
HEY! I just had an idea.

I have the new bead torch at the house we will have to have a "combined" effort when I get it up and running. I am sure I could make at least a couple of beads that would be worth.

ponder...ponder...ponder...can't look to hippy...ponder...ponder..I will have to ponder this.
Jewels said…
Ponder away!

Jewels said…
K. I'll send you my addy ASAP. Ooh, can't wait to see it!!!

Oh, and a collaboration would be awesome! I love working with other artists' beads. Although, I'm guilty of hording them. I admire them so much, that I can't use them! LOL! I'll have to get over that! I've got some awesome beads I got from a fellow blogger here (Jodie), and they're so beautiful, I haven't used them yet, except to wear them on a silver snake chain, to let them have all the glory.

I'd love to work at a torch. It's the initial cost of the studio that scares me! I need to take some lessons first, see if I like working over an open flame before I commit to something like that.
Ace said…
Do you really sell these?


You're gonna be rich.

I like the bronze ones better. Does that make me a real boy?
Lori Greenberg said…
Holy smokes! I want my beads to hang from those. Dang dang dang. They're gorgeous!
Carborundum? Nice jewels, Jewels!!
Dino aka Katy said…
mhhhh trying to decide which one I like better

Mhh I think the white one is my favorite because I like to wear black
Those are just wonderful. Love it!
TeAntae said…
*swoons* Oh hun! these are gorgeous!!!

The bronzey one is my favorite but they're both just stunning! *applauds*
Jewels said…
One can only hope! ;) Actually, if the right person comes along, yes, they will be for sale.

Oh, and your boyness was never in question with me, LoL!


Hello! And welcome. I've checked out your beads, I love Raku. I've worked with clay before, but never on such a small scale. Smallest thing I ever made was a spoon rest. lol! But I think you're right, Raku beads would look great on these, very organic
Jewels said…
Phosie, what's a "Carborundum? ", LoL! Remember, English is my second language. Thanks. I can't wait to finish them. One of those things I've always been impatient with. But alas, life gets in the way. Too many chores to catch up on, LoL!

Oh, and Katy, why chose? Why not take BOTH? LMBO!!!!
Jewels said…
Thank you Rachel. Love your Brick stitch work, great colors!
And Welcome!

You think they look good NOW! Wait 'til I'm done with these babies! ;)
Ace said…
Your right person?

Or my right person?

Because I think I've found my right person...
Not Ashley said…
Absolutely beautiful!
I couldn't pick which one is more beautiful than the other.
LJ said…
Whoa! I'd keep making the ropes. You know something will turn up in the stash to end them! I like the Swars
for the ivory one.
And sell them for a queen's ransom. They're worth it! Just don't sell until you get what they're worth.
jin said…

Wow! Truly exquisite.
I do believe we need photos of them
on YOU
as soon as they are finished off.
Jewels said…
Well Ace, MY right person would purchase the ropes, YOUR right person would just DIE if you gave her a rope!!! LMAO!!!!!

... So I hear some nice Munkee boy has found himself a nice Munkee girl.... ;)... It's fun, eh? I love those flutterbyes in my belly!

That's why you'll have to wait until they're done! ;)

Oh, I'm working on something else with pearls right now. Eek! It's gonna rock!!!
Jewels said…
Ah see? A fellow beader who understand the "Stash". ;) You're right, something DID come up in my stash, at least for the brown one! Saving myself some mad money for a little Toronto-bound shopping trip. All this just to get some tiny baubbles for the white one! ;)

And the Queen better be rich honey, 'cause you're right, they'll be worth it! LMBO!!!


Jin, now, do you mean the ropes are gorgeous, or are you in fact speaking about Moi? LOL!!!;)
Oh, I'll definitely be photographing these for posterity.

They certainly feel exquisite. I mean to sell them, but if I don't stop fondling them, I can't see how I'll be able to let go of either! LMBO!
Ace said…
Munkee and his flutterbyes think Jewels is going to keep the ropes anyway, so he won't get his hopes up and his credit card out...

Life is good here, yes, and thanks!

Jewels said…
But Munkee, think of it, YOU could get the friends and family discount!!! :)
Ace said…
You sell, I might go for the discount, Nitewing. But my money says next time I see that rope in a pic, it's going to be around your waist, with coins dangling from it, curves curving below it and cleavage accidentally showing above it.

Jewels said…

Hey, it's all 'accidental', yeah, that's the ticket... Accidental, see?

Gnat of Glass said…

Good news, bad news.

Bad news first. The furnace that I work out of lost a starbar(heating element) and I could not work last week so I did not get to make the little one what I had planned. Wow that was a run on sentence.

Good news,

My parents invited my wife and I over for diner the other night and what did I see on the bookshelf but a Kryptonite Urchin. I forgot I left one there for fun one day. It actually kind of freaked my parents out the night after because it was glowing and they had no idea what it was.

Anyway, long story short. I jacked it and will send out the marble and the Kryptonite Urchin on Monday. Put the Kryptonite under a bright light, and however long you leave it there up to about 8 hours is how long it will glow. This is one of the first ones when I was working with a slight blue glow MiniMolli calles these The Cousin of Kryto.

Ok I am out. Let me know what she thinks of it.

Jewels said…
Hey Scott.

I am only too familiar with breaking elements. Bummer for you man!

Oh, she's going to be sooooo excited. We actually bought some marbles today, quite pretty. I think it's hilarious that you found one of the 'planted' ones you'd left behind. LUCKY ME! ;)

Thanks so much. I'm still very excited, and it's getting harder and harder to keep it a secret! LOL!

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