Just for Phos!

You're going to like this one Phosie, in the beginning, you see Isidora with her students, but just wait for her part, it's definitely worth it (about 2:45 minutes). This woman can isolate like nobody's business!

Oh but wait! You've got to see more! I reckon this will be largely entertaining for you . :)


Miachelle said…
A) I'm just exhausted watching her
B) She's awesome!
C) The best bellydance performance I saw was a young lady who was dancing with a machete balancing on her head. We were so in awe we were forgetting to clap to the music. She gently reminded us.
D) One day I'll learn it.
Jewels said…
Scimitar dances are the bomb! This girl has a few sword dance videos on youtube as well. I know what you mean about getting exhausted just looking at her. I get tired listening to my music: 'Cause I'm dancing in my head!!! LOL!

As far as learning it, it's an ongoing process. I've been practicing for 4 years now, and I'm still learning, every single day. I hope to keep learning, 'cause once you feel there's nothing left to learn, then I guess it's time to pack it in, right? ;)

>not ready to pack it in yet.
That's the stuff - hoohah!!

What impressed me most in the second vid was not the control she had over her body and dance moves, but the control she had over her emotions - I don't see how she could make it through the whole routine without busting out laughing.!!

Thanks Jewels!!!
Jewels said…
Oh, her face speaks VOLUMES doesn't it? I can't get over her facial expressions, those eyebrows drive me insane! LMAO!!!!

I'm guessing this chick's a Leo. She sure acts like one. [this FROM a Leo, LoL!]
Gnat of Glass said…
Holly shit.
Jewels said…
LMAO!!! Didn't make you swallow your gum tho, did it? ;)
jin said…
Ok...all I have to say is:
If I could do that with my lower body I'd be onstage having orgasms after about 1.5 minutes...no man necessary!

My stomach did that once - after I drank the water in the Philippines.
Jewels said…
Okay, well, Jin, what would you say if I told you I could teach you how to do that? Heh! Heh! Heh! Bet I'd get free goodies for a lifetime, right? Am I right?

Note to self: DO NOT DRINK WATER IN THE PHILIPPINES. Check! Thanks for the info Phos. ;)
Gnat of Glass said…
No but I think it got plenty of oxygen as my mouth hung open ever so slightly.
Not Ashley said…
OMG, can she ever isolate.

I really liked the second one, as I'd never seen bd done to non bd music.
jin said…
M said
"I'd never seen bd done to non bd music"

Ummm....if you'd been in my shoppe tonight you'd have seen someone (maybe me;-) belly dancing (maybe amatuerishly;-) to non-belly dancing music (maybe Billy Idol;-)

But you weren't here.
Thank Goddess!!!

I think jewels, in teacher capacity, would have said:
"GOOD job jin! Nice try...but I think you should TRY HARDER!"


I DID have fun trying, tho! :-D
Jewels said…
I know Gnat, passionate dancers and athletes always strike awe in me. I think for me, it's the fact that they are so incredibly dedicated to their craft/art/sport.
Jewels said…
Hee! Hee! M, I'd love to do a routine to that song for class, what do you think?
Think the girls would be up for a little challenge?

Jewels said…
Well hello there lovely Miz Jin! I bet you look great belly dancing, regardless of the music in the background.

I'd love it if you came to class. We'd have such a blast. You just keep on trying, and practicing.
I'll expect a video of you on Youtube shortly... ;)
I'm speechless! What an awesome talent! I'll never be able to hear the Deliverance tune the same way again!!

And Jin - belly dancing while baking?? No wonder you're such a good baker!!

Thanks for sharing, Jewels!
Jin was belly daninc? I thought she just spilled hot batter on herself and was trying to shake it off.

I think you all should have a belly dance off, send the videos to me and I'll select a winner. It would be a real sacrifice on my part to have to watch hours of belly dancing, but I am willing to make the effort for you all.

BTW Jewels, thanks again for the video. I really love Arabic music and who doesn't like watching belly dancers???
TeAntae said…
GEEZ! That is truly intense. No wonder you're tummy is so toned. I'm thinking I need to find a class around here. =)

As a kid visiting Busch Gardens in Tampa once, I fell under the spell of an older woman who was a belly dancer. My mom was sitting several rows back so she couldn't stop me from taking a whole disc full of pictures (remember those disc cameras?).
Jewels said…
LoL EC! I know, but hey, it's a great way to get that movie OUT of your head. I swear, that Hillbilly scene? *shudders*... I think I just threw up a little....


Okay, well, now that we know that Miz Jin is a closet belly dancer, I think Phos is right: We DO need a dance-off! ;) Ready when you are girls! U too Phos! LoL!
Jewels said…
T: Yup! The old Belly dancing has been good to me. Not only have I gained more coordination, grace, and poise, I've made lots of new friends through the dance. It brings women closer, because everyone feels good doing it.

I can't say that I remember those disc cameras, maybe it was an American thing? LoL! I just don't think I'd have had enough of one disc! I feel awe at people with such dedication. I can only aspire to be that good one day. And keep practicing. ;)

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