Bead Shopping Extravaganza!

Alright, so, it's been a while. I did find my Mojo, but then got busy with, well, life. ;)

Early Thursday morning, I got a phone call from Kirsten, asking me if I was ready for a little trip to Toronto. And boy, was I ever! I haven't gone for a good bead shopping spree since, well, I can't remember when actually. September I think? Yeah, that's it, that's when I placed those large orders at Bamyan and Czechbeads.

Anyways, we were going to go to John Bead, but I didn't think we'd make it back on time for Mimi's arrival from school. So, we went to Queen Street, where all the best little bead shops are. Actually, there are so many bead stores within the same vicinity, that they're all in a bit of a battle of the prices. So, we go from shop to shop, do a little comparison, and go from there. Of course, the actual buying started at Arton's, and boy, did I ever make a dent in my piggy bank there! Eek! And here I wanted to save my pennies for a rainy day. Oh, wait, it WAS raining on Thursday! Whoot! :P

I spent a bundle on pressed glass beads, semi-precious stones, silver, bone, and nuts. Yes, nuts! I am going to bead with NUTS! I don't know what kind of nut they're made of, but I'm going to have fun beading with them, I'm sure. It took us about an hour's total to spend about $100 each on our first stop, then we crossed the street to Bling Bling, where I loaded up on thread.

Le Loot

Tiger Eye.
Sadly, the camera can't quite capture the iridescence of the stones.

Anyone have any idea what kind of nuts these might be?
I can't wait to use them. They're so light!

Yee Haw! I found my Rondelles!
This means I can finally finish my pearl ropes. Can't wait to show those off.

Pressed glass flowers. Very small and delicate.
I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to use them yet, but there were only 4 strands of them left, and I wasn't about to leave the store without them! Hah!

Bling Bling had this awesome sale on semi-precious stones. They had a huge table, covered in a multitude of stones, 3 strands of $20! I couldn't believe it. I snagged a strand each of Carnelian, Turquoise nuggets, and Jade. I'm not sure how I'm going to use those either, but boy oh boy, am I ever going to have a blast playing with them!

When you crochet or knit with beads, your thread gets eaten up very very fast. And, depending on the size of the project, and the size of your spool, you may have to attach new thread every so often. Which isn't my favorite thing to do. And I've yet to find my favorite thread in large spools.
Well boy, did I ever luck out: Look at the size of that spool! I put my regular thread next to it for comparison. Now, I don't know what the yardage is on the large spool, but the little one only has 33 yards.

The regular price of the small spool is $1.75. The large one was %50 off of $4.95. Methinks I got a really good deal here. LoL! So I got 10 SPOOLS!!! LMAO!!! I'm going to have enough thread to last me for a few years, I'm sure.

Can anyone help me figure out the 210 D? I know that the little 3 on the right means it's 3-ply, but that's it. I'm not sure what the writing is, but it looks Korean to me.

I loved the thread so much, that I went and knit two little sweetheart bags, lickity split!
(I always wanted to make an orange bag, and now I've got TWO!)
Aren't they just delicious looking? Like little tangerine slices.

Cat's Eye. Liked these so much, I made a few Japanese Plum Blossoms

And here they are!

So, what can I make for ya?

I hope you like the pictures of my new toys... Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some beading to do! Gotta go! Buh-bye!




sounds as though you had a real beader's holiday!! I love Tiger's Eye. There is a variety called Tiger Iron from Australia that is even more spectacular.

I have seen Kukui nut necklaces from Hawaii. They call them candle nuts sometimes because they have so much oil you can burn them like a candle.
LJ said…
What a feast! Love the beaded beads, Jewels! Gorgeous!
I'm waiting on some cabs: Pietersite, A fabulous Tiger's eye and Phantom I'll be right with you on the drooling soon!
Not Ashley said…
What can you make me?????

Well how about the Japenese Plum Blossom in the light turquoise blue shade. If it's for sale and if it's not sold already, consider it sold!
Hmmm no response, must be knee deep in beads or something.
Jewels said…
Yay! Beads, Beads, Beads! I'm having so much fun with my newest stash addition, I can't wait to show you guys the newest pieces. I'm having a hayday making beaded beads. Oh, they bone beads look so darn good with the Jade!

Okay, soon, soon, I'll have a new collection of photos to show you!
Ace said…
The Vietnamese currency is, regrettably, the "dong."

Near as I can tell, a Canadian dollar is worth 13,000 dong.

So I don't know if the 210D is that or not.

I just wanted to make fun of the Vietnamese currency. (And yes, I'm Vietnamese.)
Gnat of Glass said…
That dude said Dong...hahaha

Ok Jewels those are pretty damn spiffy. I like the blossums myself also. Although I just know my wife would pick the orange little purses as her fav.

Bonus news the marble and Kryptonite is in the mail as of today. Sorry I just kept getting busy at work and not putting them in the post.

Jewels said…
Scott, I know all too well how time can just get away on you. I've got a few packages to send. My problem is that they get bigger with each passing day...

And yeah, you're right, that dude did say Dong! *snicker*

Yeah Ace, I don't think it represents the currency. I think it's a measurement. But thanks for sharing your knowledge of Vietnamese with us. ;) LoL!
cinderelly said…
those little orange bags remind me of those orange candy slices covered with sugar! mmm! that thread looks about the size of the cone thread i use on my industrial sewing machine...they are around two or three thousand yards! beautiful stuff, jewels!
Jewels said…
2 or 3000?????!!!!???? Whoohoo! I'll be using that thread for YEARS!!! LOL!

Thanks C!

Oh, and I couldn't agree more with you on the orange bags. Hubby laughed at me when I told him I thought they looked like orange candy. So YUMMY!!!
Anonymous said…
I believe that the 'D' represents the term Denier which is unit of weight expressing the size or coarseness of a natural or synthetic fiber or yarn - Hope that helps
Jewels said…
Thank you Anonymous.

I did find an original supplier, and I found out that they hold 410 yards!

Pretty good if you ask me. ;)

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