Beaded Beads

Beads made of beads. These are made using Triangle Weave, a variation of Right Angle Weave.

I might as well warn you, I'll be going on a beaded bead binge today. A few babies I just NEED to make. One in particular: Turq!

My friend Camille has this piece now. Along with the matching necklace, which has also struck an inspiration nerve. Something's finally going to happen, The sap is running, creativity is slowly seeping back into my veins. Sunlight has arrived, and I'm recharging my panels. I anxiously await the first bud, and the last snowflake. I look forward to the day when I pack away my last mitten, and when going outside won't require an Olympic feat of speed and accuracy in dressing 101. (Especially where the little one is concerned)

I look forward to sandals, skirts, and tank tops. I look forward to lazing by the pool with the "Pool Toy Burglar", and enjoying the crisp heat. Oh, but I don't look forward to a sunburn; this year, we will try to be sunburn free.

K, I've got some beading to do. Well, after I finish the dishes, and get the kid off to school. ;)


Gorgeous stuff. The triangle weave looks like molecules, really cool!!

Glad to hear you got your groove back on!!
Not Ashley said…
Don't you just hate it when somebody hogs your pool toys?

The nerve of some people---just whom are you hanging out with that would do such a thing????? Especially when they are so cheap at the Dollarama--store of my dreams!

LOL...looking forward to the pool, and looking for wish chips, and orangina, and getting a tan. I so look forward to it, that I'll even bring my own pool toys.

Sorry I couldn't respond to your text...went straight into a meeting, and then another, and another, and I just got home.
cinderelly said…
the beaded beads look great! so do the ropes in to previous post! yeah, i am looking forward to some warmness someday too. we went to memphis, and i took sandals, skirts and tank tops, and it was cold!
How's the beading coming??

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