Fun with Pearls.

Okay, so, I really have been playing with the pearls. My first project with them were Japanese Plum Blossoms, little self-sustaining spheres. I'd made some with my smaller freshwater pearls before, and couldn't wait to see how they'd look with larger, more uniform pearls. I started by breaking into the red ones, then the black ones, then the white ones. I even gave them a whirl with the bigger pink potato shaped pearls.

I made a few more pearl bangles, and had a brainstorm: I've had these huge size 5 seedbeads kicking around for over a year, not knowing what to make with them, since the holes are so large, any time I tried to use them with the intended size 11's, they'd just get lost in there... O_o

But 'lo and behold, they're just a tad smaller than the 3-4 mm round black pearls. So, on Saturday, when Maria (read Nonna, LOL!) invited me over for some coffee, I made sure to bring along some project work. I figured, if M didn't mind, I'd socialize, enjoy some coffee, AND get some pieces done. I sat at her kitchen table, and started playing. Well, the bangle with the pearls and size 5's worked up so fast, I actually got it strung and finished right there. And it looked Wonderful! So much so, that I just couldn't wait to get home and make MORE! LOL!

The second one was made with metallic iris greens, and then a third with metallic iris blue:



Here they are, all stacked up. Just the way I like to wear them.
They're weighty, but I like that in my bracelets. *Gives you a good arm workout! LMBO!*

Just playing around with some advert button ideas:
Pearltini anyone?

Japanese Plum Blossoms.
I'll be offering these individually, and in sets.

So you see, I have been keeping busy. I'll be adding the new bangles to the site today, and sending Katy her package. (I just HAD to put in a little something extra in there for my very first E-customer! I'm still doing a happy dance!). Katy was the very first blog reader to jump on that wagon, and I couldn't be more grateful!
Thank you Katy!!! *happy dance! happy dance!* ;)



Dino aka Katy said…
oh cool wonder what my extra will be lets hope my package wont get suck in customs I am not very patient. hey I sent you an email for a potential project
jin said…

heehee...those reddish Japanese Plum Blossoms look EXACTLY like slightly under-ripe blackberries!!!
Ace said…
Oh, dear God. I must have those bracelets. They're gorgeous!

Sigh. The holidays are coming soon, I guess... And somebody's birthday.
Jewels said…
Hee! Hee! You'll find out soon enough Katy! :) I sure hope you like what I've chosen for you!

Thanks for promoting me! ;)
Jewels said…
Oooh, they do, don't they? Yummy!

Leave it to Jin to see something yummy in beads! LOL!
Jewels said…
LOL Ace! Um, you mean for someone special, right? I mean, I'm okay with the whole 'Metro' thing, it's just that I don't think they'd be your style... LOL!

They're soooo nice, and I put them up on the site yesterday. I love how the pearls really give them a nice weight.
Rachel said…
I love the pearl bangles. They look like so much fun!
Jewels said…
Thank you Rachel.

They are fun. The bonus was when this lady (total strange to me!) came up to me in Winners on Thursday and noticed the three I had stacked on my wrist (one of each, Natch!), and just HAD to know where I got them. Her eyes widened when I told her I'd made them. She just went on and on about how she had never seen anything like them.

I could kick myself for not having any business cards at the ready, 'cause I think she was might interested in them... Oh well, I told her about my site, who knows? Perhaps she'll visit it. One can only hope.

Alright. Pieces done? CHECK! Site build and up? CHECK! Next? BUSINESS CARDS!!!!!


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