There here! There here! THERE HEEEEEEEEEEERE!!!!

OMG! OMG! OMG! They're here!

Obviously, UPS delivering my parcel first thing in the am was in impossibility, the driver seemingly had to wait until AFTER his liquid lunch (can you say BOOZE much? I know you're a nice fella, but I'm calling your supervisor today, and telling on you, 'cause honey, I don't care that all you carry are parcels, you, my friend, are endangering society by driving DRUNK!)

Okay, so, by BFF Maria was kind and loving enough to come over, and wait for my babies with me. We had a nice day of lounging at the pool planned, but she was willing to wait with me. How wonderful is THAT? So, they get here, and I simply can't take it anymore. I slice into the box. Literally, no patience left here, just crab a letter opener, and jab!

Oh, Oh, Oooooooooh! They're marvelous! Here is a little slide show, captions included! (A little play-by-play if you will...) ;)

Oh, wow, Maria. Look at these! Oh wow! There are so MANY!

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! These are lucsious! They look like coffee beans!

Even Mimi liked them! Here she is, channeling Bo Derek from "10"
*not many kids can say that momma let them play with her pearls!*

I TOLD you I'd do this! I did it more than once, akshully! ;)
Now, how happy does this girl look? LOL!

Oh, I'm going to be making SO MANY ropes with these!!!!
Oh, and bangles, yeah, bangles too! And earrings. I gotta make more earrings!
Earrings and Bangles and Ropes: Oh my!

At this point, I think I'm thinking "What the heck am I going to do with all these pearls?????"
Wait, maybe I'm thinking "Oh my Goddess! How lucky am I???? Look at all these shiny babies! They're Gawjiss!!!!"
I'm not worried, I'm betting these will be used up in no time, LOL!
Well, if I can keep all of my beady friends' hands off of them! ;)

Mimikins, admiring the purple coins, also got them in silver and natural. Ooooh, they're going to be sooo pretty in earrings!

Sooo Glorious, so soft, so cool and smoov!
Ilove'em! Ilove'em! Ilove'em! Ilooooooooooove'em!
Hee! Hee! I feel like a pirate who just found the mother loade!

Greedy much?!? LOL!
My BABIES!!!!!

Okay, I promise, I'll have some up-close and personal shots taken soon. I want to show you my babies in all their glory. Oooh, how long can I hold out before I cut into my first strand?


Dino aka Katy said…
OMG a drunk UPS driver that sucks he can totally hurt someone

as for the pearls they are preeeeeeetty!!!!!
jin said…
Well, you already KNOW what I think cos we were chattin' while I read this! HEEHEE!!!


J: You are RADIANT! Your joy shows just a tad *ahem giggle*.

GAWJISSS beads lady, and I am betting they will be that times a thousand once you are finished with, well...finishing them!

Now....GO HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!!!!!

(GASP! Katy beat me by a minute! :-O)
Jewels said…
Hi Katy!
Yup! A DRUNK UPS driver! Not good! Not good at all!

Thanks, they ARE preeeeeeetty!!!!!


Yes, we were! ;)
M took some awesome shots. Some I just couldn't put up here, too funny. (A Goddess needs to draw the line somewhere, LOL!) ;)

Just a little happy, eh? *giggle* Yeah, just a tad! They are SO Gawjiss, that I had to steal that and edit my post! LOL!

Ooh, Quick Draw Katy! The fastest typing fingers in the West! LMAO!!!
Not Ashley said…
LOL! You forgot one of the funniest parts: Me, You & Mimi screaming at the driver, from the balcony, as he got out of the van, :

UPS, UPS,UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MeHereNow said…
Forget the endangering life bit he could have hurt your "babies"! I'd have his damned job I would!

WooHoo though about them FINALLY getting "home"!
You should scatter them on the floor and then swim in them. Take pictures...
Jewels said…

LMBO!!! All three of us did it! ;)
Jewels said…
Yes, MHN, my poor, poor babies. They were already missing their mommy, wanting to finally get home, and this fool decided to endanger them! The lout! ;)
Jewels said…
Phos: Don't think for one second I haven't had that thought already! :0
GO with that feeling!!
Christina said…
Looks like it was worth the wait!
LJ said…
This is both hilarious and very familiar. I loved this entry, Jewels! The photos are too funny and sweet.
All strung out yet??
cinderelly said…
wow, that's a LOT of pearls! musta cost a fortune! (if i were a UPS driver i would drink too! o.k., but not while i was driving!)
MeHereNow said…
OK already! Put the beads down ... step away from the beads and tell us what AMAZING things you're making with the beads! Could I say "beads" anymore times in one comment?!
TeAntae said…
I'm coming up ASAP to "help" you play with all those goodies!
Still beading...
Jewels said…
LOL Phos!

Yup! I was right: You, sir, are officially a D.O.M. ;)


Hello Christina.
Welcome to my funhouse! ;) Oh, yes, they were indeed worth the wait, in SPADES!!! I'll have to post some pics of my newest creations soon, gotta show that I'm not just 'playing' with them! LOL!


Oh, Linda, if anyone could understand, it's YOU! My BFF thought it was fun to witness it too!
Jewels said…
Phos: Nope! But I'm working on it! LOL!


Hi Cindy! *waves* Well, see, I have a little secret... An 'ancient Chinese secret'... (remember those commercials? LOL!) I order them straight from the manufacturer, so the cost, compared to buying retail, or even wholesale, is quite low. That way, when I re-sell them, I don't have to gouge my buyers eyes out! :O

I suppose you're right, driving for UPS might drive one to drink... but couldn't they wait until after hours??? That was precious cargo he was lugging around...

Jewels said…
Dawn, you're funny! No, you can NEVER say BEADS enough times to please Moi! :)
And NO, I will NOT put down said beads! These beads are made for beading, and bead and bead I shall! Oh, these beautiful, beautiful beads, they're so much fun to bead with...

See? I said it more than You! ;)

Tea, come on over, I'll make us some goodies to enjoy while we work. Which ones are your favorite? I'll make sure to keep a few for you, LOL!!!


Phos, I'm STILL BEADING! (E.W.D. Laugh!!!!)
Rachel said…
That looks like so much fun!
Jewels said…
Rachel, you have NO idea!!!

I'm still playing with them. Happily! ;)
Must... Take... Photos...

Must put pearls down long enough to TAKE photos!!!

Thought we'd be up to our ears in pictures of gorgeous pearl jewelry by now - what's up with that???

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