Dissassembly line

In preparation for an outdoor art show I was participating in this past weekend, I spent most of the week manufacturing. I knew I had more than enough stuff to sell, but I still went crazy making new pieces. I don't know where this habit of mine comes from, where I feel the need to make more pieces than necessary; as if my older creations weren't good enough, or I was going to run out of items to sell (Oh the HORROR! LOL!)... But, my hubby will always sensitively remind me: "It might be old to you, but it's new to them!" So from now on, I'm going to try not to overdo it. (Yeah RIGHT!)

So during my trip, I finally figured out how to sew a near invisible join on my crochet tubes, and so I've been crocheting bangles like a mad woman! I've found these bangles to be an excellent way to use up all those odds and ends size 6/0 beads that I just had too few of, so I made some lovely bead soups with them. Also good for those beads where I loved their color, but they only seemed to work well by themselves. (You know the ones! The ones you just HAD to buy, 'cause they were such an interesting color, but three years later, you still haven't used them, because no other bead suits them.) Like the white heart, root beer colored ones in the forefront of this photo.

But, what this also means, is that I've been running out of beads, real FAST! What does this mean? Why, a short trip to the R.R.R. box of course! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! The triple R box holds all those old projects that I didn't like as much once they were done, or only stopped halfway in the project, knowing full well I wouldn't like it completed (see, live and learn!), and countless practice pieces. I found two Dutch Spiral sets that had been laying in the box for years, and decided it was time to part with them. As luck would have it, they both contained a copious amount of Gunmetal size 6/0, which I was in sudden need of. ;)

It's a bitter sweet feeling, dismantling old pieces. Some I don't think I ever will take apart, but others, such as these practice pieces, will eventually bite the dust, so to speak. I couldn't help but dwell on the amount of hours I'd spent making these pieces. How I'd loved them once they were completed. How excited I felt at learning this new technique. But, I still took the scissors to them, and tried not to cringe too much at all the little bits of precious thread that were being sacrificed in order for me to reclaim a few beads.

One hour later, one set down, one to go:

Alright: Now, time to separate the 6/0's from the 11/0's!

30 minutes later: Two neat piles.
I think these will look really cool done in Crochet. I have quite a bit of the 11/0's soup. No clue what to make with those yet. But I'm sure I'll think of something, especially now that I just got MORE BEADS!

Hee! Hee! Hee!

Oh, the show, well, that's a whole 'nother post.


Not Ashley said…
Oh...the red one was lovely...:<

Good-bye lovely red one.
The bottom pictures look like two beadbunnies. A beadbunny is like a dust bunny, 'cept different.

Good luck on the outdoor show!
Ace said…
Yay! Beads! Pretty!
The Lone Beader said…
I love your bead piles! I have a few of those right now... only mine are green...
Jewels said…
Yes, goodbye lovely red one!

Geez, had I known! I would have kept it for you. For those of you not in the know, Not Ashley has saved a few of my R.R.R. pieces from the scissors! ;)
Jewels said…
oh! Can they reproduce like bunnies? I'd LOVE that! Beaders everywhere would start 'breeding' bead bunnies to get those special cross-breed beads! LOL!

Phos, the outdoor show sucked! I'll have to write about it, as soon as I have some time to myself!
Jewels said…
Yay! Pretty beads! ;)
Bonjour Ace, how's it going?
Jewels said…
Thanks Diana, and did yours come from the disassembly line as well? ;) I bet not! I bet each and every one of your precious beads goes toward one of your fantastic artifacts.
Hm, actually, I haven't visited your place lately, have you finished your pink car? I gotta go see.
Oh no!! Not suckage!! I'd've thought just your radiant presence would be enough to carry off the show. I would have come (to see the show) if it weren't such a long drive.

You should come down here and put on a display at the Bead Museum in Glendale, AZ. Then I could see your beads...
Still shreddin' beads???
Mad Munkey said…
Why does beading become so addictive for some people? I've seen a woman buy a $60 bead rather than eat. So odd.
Jewels said…
Well, M.M., I'm not sure I'd go hungry for beads, but for me the obsession was 'passed down' by my Nana.

Playing with my beads allows me to be with her every day, even though she passed away 11 years ago. I guess that's the obsession for me.

Oh, and a $60 bead is NOTHING compared to what I've seen. The most expensive one I've personally purchased was $50, but I've got my eye on a $350 one... Don't ask... ;)

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