Grimsby Festival of Arts

Sucked this year! I came prepared, with plenty of ammunition, but there just weren't any takers. I had the right attitude too. I didn't expect too much, just wanted to cover my costs, and then maybe double that so that I had a nice little sum to take home and take my friend to dinner, but no. This year, the GFA was filled with Lolly Gaggers! Not just that, but once again, I was faced with the fact that at least a quarter of the exhibitors were of the B&S variety: Buy and Sell. These numb skulls will buy some fifth-rate piece of crap, made by some poor beggar working for pennies a day in China or India, and then pass it off as their own at shows. Trust that a person like myself, who's been working at this craft for nearly 3 decades, can certainly tell the difference between an artisan/artist created piece, and a pennies piece. Trust... Besides, no artist worth her salt in the 'Americas' would even consider selling something that certainly took hours to make for a mere $5. (Not that the pieces are worth much more when you take the quality of the materials and the shoddy workmanship into account). But I gotta tell ya: It burns my ASS that I work so hard to offer quality pieces that just aren't recognized as such. In this day and age of Mass Consumption, the good folks have been tricked into thinking that quantity has become more important.

Just finished setting up. Still on cup of coffee #1.

However, the day was beautiful, and I got to spend it with my BFF M. No kids, and no moms. Just the two of us, hanging out, eating, and people watching. I think M might have the makings of a sales person. She was the best helper I ever had at one of these shows! Sadly, I don't think she'll be doing any more, since the results of this one were so disappointing. We certainly expected a bit more. But we had fun together, and that's what matters.

This last shot should get a chuckle out of you, certainly got one out of me:

Guess that's one way for Peepaw to make some extra cash, eh? ;)


Not Ashley said…
The Grimsby farts & crap show was not worthy of your creations.

I was so disappointed, but it was a nice day nonetheless.
jin said…
Ugh... based on M's comment I'm assuming they were cheep peeps?!

I was going to say how GREAT your display looked, too!

I used to do bridal shows... emphasis on the words "used to".
It would cost me about 300bucks for the booth, the cost of a three or five tier cake to serve about 200-300 people...GIVE away cake slices...all my print-outs (you know that costs $$$ too!) and I'd be lucky if I'd get ONE wedding to book. Whick averages about 600-700.
I quit doing them a couple years ago. WASTE of my time and energy. Still have a guy come in yearly that's begs me to be in their show. Last time I said, YOU should be paying ME to show up!!! NO NO NO!
The Lone Beader said…
I'm sorry that it didn't go well. Your pieces are beautiful, and perhaps should be sold in a more upscale environment...
Dino aka Katy said…
my mom used to do these shows with her bobbin lacing and it would be the same they'd buy cheap junk and would be upset that her stuff was expensive - that she worked many hours on it didn't matter to them. She quit doing them.
Jewels said…
NA: LMBO!!!!!
I was disappointed too, but, you're right, we did have a fine day. ;)
Jewels said…
So cheap, they friggin' squeaked when they walked... M and I did mention more than once that there weren't too many 'shopping' bags being carried...

Thank you on the display comment. It does need work, as far as I'm concerned. Need a few more tall bust forms, maybe some signage, and a better tent, but hey, it's not like I'm doing this on a daily basis, like other vendors there.

I hope it wasn't a complete waste of time. My business card was picked up a lot, so I'm hoping to get some calls and site visits (sales!) from that at least.

I'm sorry about your experience at the shows. Sucks that folks just don't have the same appreciation for quality anymore, eh?
Jewels said…
Thanks Diane. I was relieved to see that I was the only one with my type of work on display. As my neighbor put it "Oh, you're into the 'heavy duty' stuff"... LOL!
I've been looking for that upscale environment, I really have... Seems it's all about who you know tho, and I'm not familiar with any of the gallery owners. One day, one day it'll be my turn.
Jewels said…
You know, that's one of the most asked questions I get: "How long does it take you to make this?", oh, and "You must have really good eyesight", LOL!
I didn't have too many complaining about high prices, just no buyers... Ah well, you win some, you lose some.
should have shown more leg. You gotta get their attention first.

You are probably a victim of the fallout from mortgage mess here in the states.
Ruela said…
have a gift for you.
GrandmaMarilyn said…
When I used to do the craft shows showing dolls that I made, the comment I would get was I can do it cheaper than that. I would smile at them and say "can I see it when you are done?"

Your display was gorgeous and you had some wonderful items on display. They had an piece on the news yesterday about the price of gas and food being so high that people were having to watch the extras they were spending. Maybe this was the case here.
Anonymous said…
I think your display is great!! I've been working hard on getting unique display units for a show (my 1st) I'm doing in December. I live in RI, USA (the smallest state in the Union) and my best friend married a Brit and lived in Grimsby for about 3 years. What a hoot!!!

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