Been keeping the old hands busy

So, seems the sun has brought back this fantastic renewal of energy, and I've been a busy little bee. Well, I think bees might like these last creations of mine, if I do say so myself.

While packing (again!), I found yet another forgotten bead stash (again!). This time, drops, leaves, and 'petals'. They didn't look like leaves to me, as they have this slight curve to them, but they did look like flower petals, so petals they'll be. :)

Here is a lovely little bouquet for your viewing pleasure. Great for the allergy sufferer who loves flowers, but can't stand their pollen, LOL! Also great for anyone who might have metal allergies. Also a fantastic way to accessorize your ensemble, without breaking the bank.

The black and white one on the tip of my pinkie there was custom made for my Mimi, and boy oh boy, did she ever love it!
We went out on the town today, and she proudly showed it off to anyone who'd ask.
My little Princess. :)

I also found a stash of size 6/0 triangle beads that I just did not know what to do with. I was going to try a reversible bracelet, 'cause they look so darn neat, but for some reason, just went with Ndebele instead. Still looks pretty good. Hubby thinks that this might make a nice band for a man, but I'm not sure that he'd actually wear it himself...
Perhaps if I played around with clasps and used something a bit more rugged looking... Or leather lacing. I don't know! I know girlie, not guy-y... ;)

So, that's what I've been up to. That, and I've found an avid student at the shop. Her name is Sarah, and she just came in one day, looking to learn, so I sat right there with her and taught her stringing. The next week was wire wrapping. And the following visit was Peyote. And the girl just wants to learn more, and more, and more. LOVE IT! It's done wonders for my recent lackluster efforts in the bead foray. I swear, I thought I was on my way to selling my beads off... I don't know where it came from, but it seems to have gone away now. And I hope it stays that way too...

Hope you're all enjoying a fantastic summer, and that you're wearing lots of sunscreen, 'cause I don't know about you, but I'm finding the sun incredibly hot nowadays. SPF 50, re-applied twice in as many hours, and I STILL got a sunburn... OUCH! :(

K. Back to the old beading table!


JJ said…
I love those rings. They're real eyecatchers!
Jonara Blu Maui said…
What a awesome positive post..I love your energy! Really need to feed off of it..esp was a hard one.

All your pretty rings are just so happy and bright and cheerful..Thank you for sharing and I'm so happy you got your beading mojo back!
Jewels said…
Thank you JJ.
Was it you who made that danish braid? Holly YUMMY looking!

Thanks for stopping by
Jewels said…
Jonara thank you.

I know, I know, I figured folks had stopped coming by due to the lack of posts/positive energy.
I've left a few negative things behind that I believe were chewing away at my psyche.

And yes. The Mojo. She IS back! ;)
capitolagirl said…
Great rings!
Your like a squirrel packing nuts away in all different places and coming across them again by accident.
Carlotta said…
This rings are beautifull!!!
I love them...maybe one day I'll do something similar!
I would like to give you an award for your one of the cutest I've ever seen!
It's called "Brillante Web Blog Live" and once you receive it you can give to other 7 (or more) blog you want! This is a way to promote blog in the net.
Check it out (...if you want to...) in my blog:

Bye Bye Carlotta
PS:Sorry for mistakes using english language...I'm italian ;P
Jewels said…
Thanks CG!
Jewels said…
Phos, I MUST be a squirrel. It's in the genes, I'm sure, as I firmly believe my mother still owns a few things her OWN mother had saved for a 'rainy day'... LOL!
Jewels said…
Ciao Carlotta e benvenuto al mio blog.
Grazie per il prezzo.
Ora mi pratica il mio italiano, perché il tuo blog è anche divertente.

I hope I got that right! LOL!
Carlotta said…
Leave me a comment if you want..:D !

Ciao ciao
LJ said…
Wowzers, Jewels! Love this stuff! The rings are so fun and I really like the cuff!
Jewels said…
Grazie Carlotta.

I try! I try! ;)
Jewels said…
Ah yes, the mass producer is back in action. But the mass producer is also in need of creating something entirely unique and out of this world different...

The rings are turning out to be quite popular actually. Yay! ;)
The Lone Beader said…
Oh, those rings are so cute!
Hope there is plenty of bead storage at the new house!!
Jewels said…
Thanks Diana.
They're quick and easy to make too! ;)
Jewels said…
Bonjour Phos.

Well, would it put you at ease if I told you that there is a WHOLE ROOM waiting for my beads and my beads only? That's right, I'm finally getting my own studio, where I can wit, work, and play, and close the door behind me when I'm done.

Finally, no errant beads in our dinner plates. Though that DID keep things interesting for a while... LOL!

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