More forms.

I've decided to make these into little sets. I call them my little "Executive Sets". You know, those guys we love who just don't do jewelery. Well, they might not totally be into these executive sets, but they might think they look cool.

The white set is much smaller than the other three, by a third actually, but since I didn't put anything in the photo to scale them by, you'll have to take my word for it. ;)

The Sphere, the Star, and the Cube.

Aren't they cool???????


jin said…
Toooo cool!
YOU are so damn creative!
Ace said…

But what are they?
Nice set...of beads
Jewels said…
LOL! Thank you lady!

I wish I could eat my creations though :(
Can you make me 30 chocolate beads? I could make a chocolate blossom and then EAT IT!!!!! lol!
Jewels said…
Hi Eric.

Didn't you read? They're Executive Sets!

LMAO! Just teasing you! They're baubles. Pretty things to look at and play with. Hm, maybe I should have called them Jins! LMaO! ;)
Jewels said…
Back at you Phos! Back at you... :D
Carol Dean said…
The shapes are way cool but the photographs are absolutely amazing! Did you use right-angle-weave for these?
Jewels said…
Thank you very much Carol, and welcome.
I believe that the acquisition of my light box has helped with my photography exponentially.

Yes, the forms are all done in RAW, such a versatile and fun stitch.

Love your work too, wow!
LJ said…
Very, very cool indeed. I love the sculptural stuff. So beautiful all by their gorgeous selves on a chain, don't you think??
Jewels said…
Thanks Linda

I do wear the smaller pearl ones on chains actually. Very, very nice indeed.
Now I'm thinking of working a few of these forms into a completely sculptural bracelet of sorts. You know, the type of stuff you and I would wear, LOL!

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