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Pretty much is, really... Been a busy few weeks, filled with quite a bit of fun. I've been trying to get to the bottom of my new yarn stash, wouldn't you know? I can't believe I'm getting myself that deep into crocheting now. *rolls eyes* Of course, my absolute favorite thing to do at the moment are scarves. They're what I call my 'cozy work'. I just sit here, on a cold, dreary day, and the scarf just starts to drape over my legs, and the yarn in my fingers just warms me up, and I totally get lost in my work. I've done a few hats, but they don't give you that same cozy feeling as the long, thick scarves. Plus, no counting with the scarves, just straight crocheting. :D
"Le Yarn Stashe"

We went on a family date last Saturday, and did we ever have fun. It was our daughter's first time down Clifton Hill, where we showed her as many tourist spots as we could, without spending too much money. And I'll be darned, even the souvenir shops have started carrying WEBKINZ! *grumble, grumble...* And of course, she found a few she'd never seen before, so, we had to say "Well, your birthday is coming up, maybe we can add it to the list of things you'd like?", lol.

Here we are in front of one of the cool light displays down there. Looks really neat in person, I've always had a thing for these bright blue lights. Dunno why...

Mimi has really been flourishing, artistically speaking. I'm always encouraging her to embrace her creativity, and to not care if anyone makes fun of her pink giraffes and blue monkeys. But this really impressed me the other day. While waiting for daddy to get back home before our date, she sat down with her geometric shapes, and created a fantastic fish for her Dada (that's what she calls him...). All by herself she did this:
Isn't this cool?
Matches her socks too. ;)

Speaking of crocheting. Our friend Angelo has been asking me for a skull cap for the longest time, since he likes the hairless look, he often suffers from a cold head. So, I went and found this great slate gray wool, and started to work on it, and just when I was about to finish it, I started thinking "Gee, I wonder what would happen if...", and wouldn't you know it, I came up with a neat new fishing hat for C. Instead of finishing the had off where it would have been a skull cap, I continued crocheting at the back, where I added a flap at the back of the neck. Hubby loved it so much, he commandeered it, saying "Sorry Ange, MY hat!" LOL! Now hubby won't have to worry about his coat collar not keeping the wind away from the back of his neck, since the flap keeps everything nice and covered. :) I was so happy to finally make something that he just absolutely wanted, and loves.

Speaking of feeling wanted and loved, guess who's wanted and loved? ME! Well, my jewelery is, anyway, ;)
During one of the latest marketing seminars I attended last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Niki, a young lady who owns and operated her very own day spa in a town called Virgil, not too far from Niagara Falls. Well, during the seminar, Niki inquired as to whether I'd be interested in having my jewelery carried in her shop? Of course, I said yes! How exciting! And yes, I'm still smiling!

So, what do you think went into these two bags? I'll tell you!

A thick 3-yarn Sciarpe in pinks and browns
The Sciarpe is standard size width, and I like the fringes nice and long, to add movement to the piece

A thick 2-yarn Sciarpe
in black and white Popcorn yarn (I think it's called Cha Cha?)

A thick 2-yarn Sciarpetta in vibrant pinks mixed with neutrals.
The Sciarpetta is a bit narrower than the Sciarpe, which doesn't feel as bulky when you wrap it around the neck.

A thick 2-yarn Sciarpetta in a purple and neutral mixture that I call "Heather"
Again with the super long fringes

A thick 2-yarn Sciarpettina in a mixture of greens that I call "Chartreuse"
The Sciarpettina is very narrow, but also very long.

5 pairs of Drop Duster earrings

Three Hirsutus necklaces

4 regular bangles, and 2 freshwater bangles (a new collection that I will name the "Luna Bangle"

Two teeny knit bags, this gunmetal on black one, and another purple on purple one. Very cute amulets.

This luscious red knit bag, accented with Garnet Swarovski hearts and bicones, and finished with a tubular herringbone rope.
This one is a big bigger than a standard amulet, where you could probably put your standard lipstick in here.

And here is the fabulous Niki!
We were both so happy with our meeting. I have a fantastic feeling about this, and feel that it is only the beginning. So much more to come. So. Much. More.




The Lone Beader said…
Oh, I love the little black bag! :D
Jewels said…
Thanks Diana.
Actually, I forgot to add two necklaces to this list, and one of them sold this weekend!
Betty BeadBug said…
There are so many great things on this post I can't begin to pick a favorite.
Jewels said…
Thank you Betty! :D
And welcome to my bead side!
cinderelly said…
good for you, i hope it turns out well! quite a lot of lovely stuff and quite a lovely yarn stash as well.

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