Site updating, and new piece

Phew! What a lot of work!
I finally finished with the uploading of each and every one of the 28 Lucky Charms I finished last Friday. I photographed them yesterday, then cropped and resized each photo, and today was uploading time. I still have a few things to tweak on the site I think, but so far so good. I thought I'd share a few of them on here with you, but if you wouldn't mind checking their page out on my site, and telling me if it's alright, or if it needs some changes, please let me know? :) Thanks! You can find them here.

Now, I'm really taking a chance with this last one, but I figured since M doesn't really come on this blog all that much, and I'll be seeing her tonight, it would be okay to share it with you. I made this crochet rope a few months back, and couldn't, for the life of me, find the perfect ends for it. Well, with all the moving around, and cleaning we've been doing lately, I've been finding some beads I completely forgot I had. Until I stumbled upon them once again that is... ;)

The rope is made with tiny size 12/0 matte black seed beads, which took what felt like an ETERNITY to complete. This is my first attempt at making my own clasp, such as this. I made a small pearl-embellished Peyote tube, that fit perfectly into that lovely little vintage wooden ring I salvaged off of a second-hand store find about 15 years ago! (ACK! I really AM getting old! LOL!)

I accented the ends with some angular wooden rondelles, peacock fresh water pearls, and some silver beads. I think she'll like it. It's simple, yet very classy, just like M. I keep thinking I should add maybe one more piece, but as I go through my little mental inventory of all of the pieces she's got already, I can picture this necklace going well with so many of them. :)
So, I'm gifting it to her tonight, over dinner at a nice Vietnamese restaurant.


The Lone Beader said…
I have never used size 12 seed beads before!
Jewels said…
what size do you mostly use in your embroidery Diana?
I would think that you'd be used to 13's and smaller? These 12's are vintage, have had them kicking around for a good 10-12 years or so, just like the wooden ring, lol!
Another unusual size I like to use are 9's, which I've only found through Guterman, so pretty! They come in the loveliest shades too. :)
Not Ashley said…
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

Thanks also for dinner, it was fantastic food & fantastic company.
Jewels said…
Oh M! I'm so happy you like it :)

Another one of my firsts. ;)
lucky Charms? You are using a kid's breakfast cereal of beads? Probably better than feeding the crap to your little girl. I don't think clover shaped marshmallows are even mentioned in the food pyramid...
Jewels said…
Oh Phos, I am happy to report that that shyte has NEVER touched my daughter's lips. NEVER! And I pray to Goddess that it never will. Ugh! The stuff they put in there, I can't believe parents actually feed their kids that. Nothing but sugar and dyes. :(

And no, I wouldn't even use them as beads! LOL!

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