Bead Play

I'm still quite obsessed with my new Hoop-Là line, busily creating a line of them, including some cool earrings. They're just so gratifying and fun to make! Granted, not instant, but quicker than, say, my ropes... Or this Cellini bangle I'm making for Moi.

I am so in Love with this variety of greens, they're so me! :) It's not often that I'll start a piece with myself in mind specifically, usually the pieces 'speak' to me as I'm making them, but this one, I took the time to select the beads and put a lot of thought as to what it would be worn with: EVERYTHING! lol!

I also finished a rope a little while back. A bit different than my standard lariats, as in I went and created a lovely beaded toggle instead of simply embellishing the ends. Looks quite nice wrapped around a few times with the toggle done up.

And here's my little production line from the weekend. I was feeling a bit under the weather due to this lovely head cold I'm dealing with right now, but, nothing a copious amount of over the counter drugs won't cure... ;)

And voilà: My new Hoop-Là earrings to match the bangles.
Sadly, the Ladybug bangle has already been snatched up, but, I'm quickly working on another one. Methinks these will sell like hotcakes at whatever show I stop at!


Very nice. Pretty beads from a lovely lady.
The Lone Beader said…
Green is my favourite colour!
Jewels said…
Thank you Phosie! :)
Jewels said…
LB, it's one of my faves too!
What's up with you Jewels??? Anything exciting going on???
Marika said…
Oh I love Cellini...I haven't done one in ages, but it was one of my favourite waving techniques.

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