I've been a bad, bad girl...

I've been careless with a delicate man... Oh, wait, that's a Fiona Apple song! What I mean was, I've been careless with this blog! Well, not careless, really, just so darn busy with all the other avenues in my life that I simply haven't had time to write here, let alone read anyone else's blogs!

Well, with the cold months here already, I've been quite pleased to simply sit back, relax with a hot cup of tea (or coffee...) and a hook, and have been playing with my yarn stash. Oh, and what fun I've had! In the last three weeks, I've busily made at least a dozen cowls, (two of which have matching cuffs, see below...), half a dozen 'cup coats', and have even put some time aside to teach myself how to make organza flowers!

All this of course, was done in the midst of the little one getting dental surgery, then suffering through (and passing on...) two consecutive cold/flu viruses, keeping house, AND looking after a sick hubby who's business is soboominghecan'ttakeanytimeoff...

Anyway... At least I've had the time to photograph some of these creations, and this post is all about that: PHOTOS!
Deep Purple neckwarmer with matching cuffs.
The buttons were all salvaged from a second-hand store purchase.

Organza flowers with antique glass button centers.
These are SO much fun to make, and easy too! But still, a little time consuming, if you don't have a 'system' in place...

The cream one is one of my favorites. I also quite like the buttons I used, very understated, they almost look like carved crystal balls.

I went for a little jaunt downtown yesterday, and since we have a lovely little caffé there, called Balzac's, I thought I'd take along a few of my new cup cozies, and go ahead with a mini photo shoot while I had myself a little treat of medium roast and carrot cake. It was sooo worth it, even if I did start feeling very, very under the weather about 1 hour into my little excursion.

Another cup cozy, this one matches the neck warmer two photos down. I'm from a long line of crafty "Waste not, want not" Women, and if I like one thing in one color combination, I'll usually try to work with that same combination 'til there's no more yarn to play with.

Fiery Fall neckwarmer

Poetess neck warmer

Green Goodness neck warmer.
Might I add that I'm absolutely digging the versatility of these pieces? I love how you can wear the neck warmers in different fashions, as well as over the ears, as shown.

Well, I think that's about it for today. Hopefully I can get back to doing this blogging thing more regularly, but, I won't keep my hopes up about that, since I'm trying to line myself up with a few shows and sales. Oooh, and I did find a lady downtown yesterday who was VERY interested in carrying my beaded amulets in her New Age shop, and I'm quite excited about that prospect, and think my little amulets would do really well there as 'Medicine' bags.

"Magenta", the last bag I listed on Etsy, and which promptly sold!
Perhaps I should make more? ;)


I only shop in Old Age shops, sorry...

Hope u beat the virus
Lidia said…
Lovely new work. That little magenta beaded bag is great and you should make more. Feel better. Lidia
Jewels said…
You know what Phos, since you brought it up, I'm having the darnedest time coming up with something handmade for a man. I'm not used to 'guy stuff', all my creations are girlie. What do I make, with my hands, that a man would want. (that sounds funny, doesn't it...)
Jewels said…
Hi Lidia, and thanks!

I've a few little bags just waiting to be finished. If I can overcome this current yarn phase, then I shall endeavor to finish them. If...
Dawn N said…
Make more of anything that sells! Your amulet bags are great so make them in lots of colors.

And keep up the blog. You're doing better then I am.

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