Thermos Cozy!

My Darling Hubby is an avid outdoorsman, and likes to be prepared every time he goes out. After breaking his old thermos, he broke down and bought himself a new one. This time, when he came home, he asked his clever wifey if she could create some type of 'cozy' for it, so that it wouldn't get damaged on one of his excursions.

Well, not one to back down from such a challenge, his clever wifey sought out the perfect yarn for the task, and got to work! Armed with my trusty 5mm bamboo hook, and a copious amount of excitement (I kid you not!), I patiently worked on this project all of Saturday morning. Not having a pattern for such a cozy, I had to do, and re-do, quite a few times, just to get it right. Me and the 'Frog Stitch'? Yeah, we're tight!
So, here it is! The Thermos Cozy! :) I made two little 'ear-flaps' on the cap, that act as button holes. I sewed some nice, rustic looking wooden buttons to the body of the cozy, which allows for "easy-on, easy-off" of said cap.

So? Whaddya think?

I am happy to report that D.H. loved it so much (verbatim: "This is freaking AWESOME!"), that I now have every weekend spoken for, until I have made cozies for his fishing reels as well... (He's got 5 big "spinning reels" that need protecting...) In coordinating colors, no less... ;)


Great idea!! Might want to make one i blaze orange though. I have lain stuff down on the leaves while in the woods and while browns and camo patterns are cool they make it tough to find again. Animals generally don't see colors so the blaze is no problem.

Might want to make more, deer season is coming up...
Sarah Bush said…
Awesome job--a wacky, interesting manly end result--love it. And what an act of love--so glad he appreciates it!
Jewels said…
Good idea Phos! That way he won't lose it! :) Hmm, maybe I should make him one in HOT PINK too? ;)
Jewels said…
Thanks Sarah! It really is a good feeling to see him hold it, look at it, and then smile. He thinks it's just awesome that I can make things like this. :)... Frankly, I think so too... LOL!

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