Dead Fish and Worms

No, this post isn't about fishing! LOL!!!
I thought I'd share with you all the progress I've made in the last few days on the museum order.
7 bracelet bodies (Worms), and 5 "Sweetheart" purse bodies (those are the 'dead fish', LOL, that's what my girlfriend and I call them, as to us, that's pretty much w
hat they look like, until we sew up the sides and embellish them..)

The Selection

Artist at work

See the beads, all in a row;
They're building a purse, slow as I go...

well, here it is. The one I was working on isn't here yet of course, but it's in the stash now. How do you like my bowl? It's one of the latest pieces my father gifted me with. I like how he offers them to me, he knows I like to use them while I work, and so he always asks me if I could "Use it for my beads..." ;) He's getting quite artistic in his designs. In this one, he's added two crushed mussel shell (which he collected by hand on the lake shores) inlays, you can't really see it in this shot, as my work is covering most of it, but here's a better shot of it.

And a closeup of the inlay. Look at the gorgeous color variations in the nacre. It looks so much better in person, depending on the light's angle, the shell turns a beautiful shade of purple. Very nice! See, now you know where I get it from.... ;)



Lori said…
Very beautiful bowl.

Do you mind if I ask how do you make the sweetheart purse.
Jewels said…
Thank you Lori.

Now, do you mean which technique? or which pattern...
Lori said…
A pattern.
jin said…
LOVE that last photo of the inlay! AMAZING!

...& those teensy little needles! OMG!!! YOU are AMAZING!!!
Jewels said…
Yup, they're "0000"s, itsy bitsy little knitting needles.
I got some serious wounds on my very first purse. It's all about the tension; tension is KEY! If you hold on too tight, you'll get bloody fingers (I kid you NOT!!!). Now I've got the cutest little callusses on the pads of both my index figers. ;) LOL!!!
Wait 'till you see the lot finished, I'm pretty pleased with myself so far.

Lori, I'll email you off-list about my "Sweetheart" pattern, k?
Lori said…
Ok my email is on my profile page.
TeAntae said…
How wonderful! It's a gorgeous bowl, and what a beautiful work of art to use while you're creating your own masterpieces. =)

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