I'm still alive...

barely, not feeling so hot. I've been overdoing it, a lot. Thing is, I can't back out. I tried this week, to at least drop the classes from the other gym, seeing as it wasn't worth it for me to spend an additional hour and a half on the city bus (two ways), to go teach a one hour class. Well, Sarah wouldn't take no for an anwer. She is now my self-appointed chauffeur! I guess they really like my classes there! LOL!

I'm tired folks. I think I may even be a bit depressed here. It's the go-go-go rythm I've been following... Well, that, combined with the fact that my marriage feels like it's falling apart, well, hey, what's a girl to do.... But, I'm keeping up my work for "THE order" ;). I've got a dozen bracelets completed with matching earrings (Photos will be coming soon, I promise!), and I'm done with 3 of the 9 purses. I'm giving myself 'til Sunday to finish the lot. Come Monday, Mme Boulianne is going to be getting a phone call from me to let her know her order has been filled, and let her have her pick of the bunch!

K. I know this is short, but it's 1:30 in the morning here, I should try to sleep... Darned sleep's been avoiding me lately too... Oh well, it'll come, right? Right?



jin said…
Yes. Sleep will eventually come & it will be peaceful.

Wait...damn...I think I'm trying to convice you as well as myself. HA!

Concentrate on your orders girlie.
Thats the only thing that has kept me going for longer than I care to remember.

Thank Goddess for blogging!
Jewels said…
Yes, thank Goddess. I'll be giving you a shout soon. I need to hear your voice. Thanks for being there, and waiting. I'll fill you in.
Dino aka Katy said…
Worktherapy can work wonders. I have and still at times use it myself. Keeps your mind of things and your hands busy.
Jewels said…
Ain't that the truth! ;) Work Therapy... Hmmmm. good think I love what I do eh?
TeAntae said…
It will come and hopefully soon. Once you're through this, and you've had time to figured out what lessons have been learned, future big orders (and there will be) wont hopefully be as stressful.

I hope tomorrow Mme Boulianne gets that phone call and is so overwhelmed by your talent, she'll be begging you for more... at a less rapid pace of course. =)

Take care sweetness. *hugs*

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