Okay! I'm tired!

I really am. Last weekend was tough, as it was accompanied by throwup-inducing furious migraines. These only started a few months ago, and I can't pinpoint if they're hormonal or due to stress. Like LJ said, "Even good stress is stress". Thanks LJ, T&T, and Jin. You were all very thoughtful and kind in your support, and good 'de-stressing' ideas :D

Goddess, I hope I haven't taken on too much too quickly. I'm not one who paces myself very well, I often describe myself as one of those little "pressure cookers", and honestly think I work best under pressure. I think it would all be gravy if the darn migraines would just go away. Plus, I'm not sure I want to take a prescribed medication, as that might interfere with my work.

Shot of a 'body' open, and then sewn shut.

All the bodies are done! The bracelets are done, the purses are done, all of it! I gave myse
lf a time-frame, and I got through it! I am one proud girl! Now for the finishing and embellishing. I ordred some fresh materials from Czechbeads in the States (very, VERY good service, very quick, even with "CUSTOMS" involved, I ordered on Saturday, and they arrived Tuesday!). They have a wonderful sellection of pressed glass beads, and I went a little nuts with lentils, spacer flowers, and donuts. I also found this great silver wholesaler in Toronto called Bamyan. Man alive! What great prices! (And all in CAD!). I went a little bit nuts there too, and got a boatload of 'S'clasps, earwires, some snake chains, and some 'heart' link chain. I was concentrating on getting everything I need to complete this order, but then I thought, "But wait! I've got other ideas brewing here, and I might as well get my 'Spring/Summer' line ready too!" ;) Hee! Hee! Hee!

Have I told you what a wonderfully generous hubby I have?!? No? Well, here is what he said to me last week: "I've decided to become a 'not-so-silent' parner in your business, and would like the opportunity to help you financially, and invest in it by helping you purchase all the materials you need to get off and running!" Isn't that amazing???? You know what I said to him? I said "Get your reindeer off my roof, fatso!" LMBO!!!!! (I didn't know Christmas would come this early!) Hence why I've been able to invest in so many new materials. This has taken quite a burden off for me, as I'd taken on some extra classes
at the gym in the hopes that this would help me get ahead in my business. Which might explain why I'm so tired! On top of my usual 5 classes a week that I teach at my usual gym, I've got 2 more at another Mademoiselle affiliate, but it's at the other end of town! Which means a 45 minute bus ride to and fro.... I'm not sure how long that will last. Would be so much easier if we had a car... K. That's gotta be next on the list! LOL!

A 'size' shot of the "Sweetheart" bag.

Alright, I'm up posting at 6:30 in the morning. There must be something wrong with me. Actually, I got up this early, 'cause I went to bed early. After taking some migraine meds and some Gravol to kill the nausea, I hit the sack at 7:30! My whole body is thanking me right now. Plus, I need to clean, as my mom has decided to 'pop in' for the night with one of her coworkers on their way back home from a seminar in Barrie, and I NEED to clean this place up. Nothing much, just clean the bathroom, put the laundry away (just needs to be 'fluffed and folded' now), clean the kitchen, and wash the floors. Then go do a bit of groceries so as I can feed them a good dinner (I'm thinking of a nice, thick beef stew - homemade of course!). (while I'm at the mall doing groceries, I think I'll stop in to the post office and see if they've got my order from Bamyan yet, so I can get a few pieces finished today too)

I'm teaching my Belly Dance class from 6:30-7:30, they should be here around 8:00'ish, so I should have enough time to do all this today. Alright then. Gotta go I guess......




TeAntae said…
*shakes head and smiles* I'm surprised you're coherent enought to even blog right now.

Wonderful news about your husband's financial help. While he's in the generous mood maybe you could enlist him in helping with the embellishment or something.

The migraines are worrisome. Could be your body telling you to take a break here and there, so listen! =)

Anonymous said…
Forgive me for interrupting, but I made some French onion soup yesterday and it turned out terrific. I was wondering if you would be willing to share your recipe? I want to do it again and I made mine based on the Alton Brown recipe.

E-mail at ieeeandy@yahoo.com
Jewels said…
Will do Andy! I'm actually making a huge pot tomorrow! Funny!

I'll email it to ya!
Anonymous said…
Do you clear the house when you cut up that many onions? There wasn't a dry eye here and there are still some people mad at me for preparing 5 pounds of onions. :-)
Anonymous said…
Oh, and "merci beaucoup."
Jewels said…
Oh dear. Andy, did you make enough for a platoon? LOL!
You know what? I have a feeling that other folks might like to try making a french onion soup, so I'm going to post the recipe on my other blog (French Girl in Niagara one... just click on the "Me, unscripted" link from this one, and you'll find it....)

LOL! 5 pounds of onions... LOLOLOL!!!!
Jewels said…
T&T, hi there! Didn't mean to ignore your comment, LOL! I'm finally able to take a breather to make this soup Andy and I are talking about! LOL! I'm so still working on the museum line. And I'm happy to report that I've received every single item I needed to make MORE!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! ;)
Chat with you soon!
jin said…
OOOoo...you know how I LOVE these teensy tiny little bags!!!

*jin fondles her beautiful 'squishy' purse!* :-D

Did I read correctly somewhere? Are you taking another trip back home to drop them off?!!?
Jewels said…
I think the operative term was that I would 'TRY' to go up there. I would really like the opportunity to deliver the pieces myself, and to see my friends again. Man, that would be awesome.....
TeAntae said…
Enjoy that soup! Make sure it's good and cheesey too. *giggle*
LJ said…
Beautiful work, Jewels! It's always feast or famine...too much to do, or scrounging for the next challenge, the next sale or publication. Your husband is a saint. We will name him Patron of the Beading Goddess.
And it's sweet of you to share suppliers.
Work on the book? I'm definately buying your book.
When you have a minute, I mean.
The Lone Beader said…
I love hat little sweetheart bag:)
Jewels said…
Thank you Linda. (I'm loving your Divas too!)

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