I am happy to report that the piece you see in the post below garnered well above my 'base bid': It got to $80! And nothing could make me happier.
I got it straight from the lady in charge, who just happenned to be the mom of one of the kids at Mimi's Bday party today. Oh, and it was an absolute bidding war too. It would seem that Mme. Joy was good on her word, and bid on the piece multiple times, but I guess Miss Chantal (another teacher) wanted it even more. Well, now Miss Chantal is the proud owner of the necklace. Yay for her!!! ;)
And yay for me. It makes me so happy to be able to do something like this. As I was explaining to the other parents that so nicely stayed behind today to help me with the kids just a little (honestly though, the girls were absolute GEMS! Not one single altercation, everything went so smoothly.), I simply can't afford to donate money, what with finances being tight on the best of weeks... But if I can offer something from my Beadoir, and they like it, and it garners money for whatever charity I want to support, then so be it.... As long as it IS for something I believe in. It's a good thing, eh?



Sarebear said…

That rocks! Altho I was rooting for the principal. Lol!
Not Ashley said…
That's great, but now the principal can buy directly from you--even better!

What can I say---the job is always with me.
Jewels said…
LOL! So was I! That lady LOVES purple! Guess I'll have to make her a little somthing for Xmas ;)
Jewels said…
N.A. You snuck in there! Yup! Way ahead of you. I think the girls in her office are getting together to buy her one of my necklaces. Woot!
Jewels said…
Oh, and N.A.: Don't think I didn't notice you were wearing your pearls today. They look so good on you! (thanks for liking them so much!)
LJ said…
$80 was a bargain. I love your crocheted work and amethyst is absolutely stunning. Lovely piece!
Jewels said…
Thanks LJ! Yeah, I think it was a bargain too, but this was for a good cause, so I'm happy it got what it did. Plus, if you ask me, this was a fabulous way for me to advertise my wears!!! ;) Bring on the hordes of shoppers!!!!
TeAntae said…
That so rocks! I can only imagine the frenzy of that gorgeous piece. You know of course that they'll be ready for the next auction. And other items will now need to live up to the new expectations. =)

I do agree that donating a piece for charity purposes is a marvelous idea. I'm trying now to get something together for a breast cancer dinner/auction that the local Wenches guild (from our Rennaissance Faire). Not sure I can do anything in time but we'll see.

Again, congratulations!

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