It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

La-la-la-la-la-laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa................ *G*

Well, it IS! Everyone I know is starting to pull out the Xmas decos, and I figured I should as well. I don't personally celebrate Christmas, it being a Christian holliday and all (I am Wicca and my husband is Muslim - yeah, I know, weird combo). But I was baptised Catholic, and so is my daughter (mymommademedoit!!!) ;p. AND, Meems does go to Catholic school, so she's exposed to all the hollidays and such. Not to mention that the mall is already decorated to the hilt! Actually, once the lights go up on the mall is when I pretty much gauge that it'
s time to put up my mini tree...

My 5 year old made fun of my decoration stash, or lack thereof. In all honesty, this will be our first Christmass here, with dad, as I usually head on home to Québec for the hollidays, but this year, it's just not possible. Finances are way too tight, and DH requires constant care and attention with his worsenning condition. (We're finally on the last two exams - Xrays and a CT scan, both isolated to the S.I. and lumbar areas), and THEN the Orthopaedic surgeon will decide which procedures are best, and WHEN they will be performed...)

Anyhoo. I digress... So, my limitted decoration stash includes two sm
allish trees, a string of green/red lights, some plastic bead/pipe cleaner 'candy canes' Meems made, and a dozen lovely little beaded snowflakes/stars that I made last year. Actually, I plan on adding to that collection and making about a dozen more each passing year. I've also got a few orders for them now. Funny! Mom wants some, and she thinks that they'd make a lovely little present for both my aunts back home. I don't really follow a pattern for them. I just wing it. I elaborated on a 5-pointed star pattern I'd found on the net (you think I can find it NOW????), and tried adding more 'points'... LOL! So, last year, I made 6-pointed stars. This year, I might try for 7! Woot! I'm living LARGE!!! LMBOOOOO!!!!!

All I do is pool together all sorts of beads in one color scheme: 11/0, 8/0, 6/0,
bugles, drops, rondelles, anything I can add to change each one just a bit. I use silamide, my FAVOURITE beading thread, besides Fireline, of course, and I have a few spools of nickel wire that I turn into a little itty bitty 'hanger' thingy. Meh, like my fancy shmancy technical terminology there? LOL!

It was difficult to photograph these in the dark. I wanted to show the details, yet I wanted to show you what they look like when it's dark, and the lights are illuminating them. (isn't that a lovely word? Illuminate!)
Best shot so far.

This one sort of reminds me of the Star of David

Well, that's all I've got for my beady buddies today. I haven't been beading much as of late. No time, really. I'd love to though. I can only hope that I will soon be getting some Jewels time, where I can dedicate some time to it. Oh wait, I DID do some beading this week! I made a lovely red Lentil Twist bracelet for Maria. Thanks Maria!!!!! ;)



jin said…
I like the second one best.
I think you should go into major production & just make these. THOUSANDS of them...all the same, too.

*I know you know I'm messin' wit you, right?!*
Dino aka Katy said…
oooooohhhhhhh they look so nice. I like them
Jewels said…
JIN! How could YOU!

LMAOOOOOO!!! Oh, I know you're joshing me! I just might make thousands... But they'll all be different, somehow ;)

Hi Katy! thank you, I think the next ones might be in a different color. What do you think? Blue, red, green, amber'ish?
Lovely decos. No worries, the tree part or X-mas was stolen from “pagan” ceremonies, so you are closer to your Wicca roots than you think.
Jewels said…
I know I am Phos! ;) I could go into a looooong discussion of how celebrations and hollidays were changed in accordance to Christian beliefs in order to 'assimilate' the pagans, but I'll leave that for another time :)
I DO celebrate this season, just, in my own special way. As everyone else should too.
Not Ashley said…
Oh no, thank the bracelet!

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