Silent Auction

My daughter's school will be hosting a silent auction to raise funds for the school. I felt bad that I couldn't really make a financial donation, however, I was pleased when I got a notice that the school would appreciate any 'gifts' from local businesses to be raffled off. (I donated one of my pieces to our local Breast Cancer Society's gala last year, and was very pleased with the results.) I let the principal, Mme. Muriel, know that I'd be donating a necklace. She just gave me one of those "Oh, alright... " looks when I told her.

Well, I only remembered THIS MORNING that I'd promised a piece... 7:15... what to do... what to do... Go through my existing stash, but I can't find anything I like. Wait, that sounds funny, 'cause I love ALL of my babies the same. What I mean is, I can't find a piece that isn't slotted for the Museum stash, or that isn't too 'over the top' for a tiny french elementary school auction, LOL! I pulled open my W.I.P. (Work In Progress) drawer, and found the 4 pieces to a crocheted lariat that I've been wanting to finish, but for the large, natural amethysts that I've been meaning to order (Ooh, they're so YUMMY looking! Like Rock candy!) . I figured I had just enough time to turn the longest section into a nice necklace before the kiddo wakes up. Then all I had to do was select a few findings to finish it. I settled on some grey seedbeads, large grey accents, and a large SS. Infinity clasp.

Long enough to be wrapped around the neck twice, for the layered choker look.

Closeup of the rope

Lavalière length

Instead of sending it with Mimi, I walked her to school this morning, which is always a pleasant excursion. I dropped her off at the playground, and went in to the principal's office. (well isn't that funny? Even writing these words made me a touch nervous....) Anyhoo... Mme. Joy, the secretary, was there, so I told her I was here to drop off a donation for the auction, and of course, she wanted to see it. So, I took it out of it's bright red silk drawstring bag, and her jaw dropped!

I stiffled a laugh. I absolutely love when my work has that effect on people. To see their eyes sparkle when they fondle the shiny baubbles. Too cute. Of course, knowing full well that Mme. Muriel is a purple FREAK, I also kept mum when Joy mentionned that it looked as if I had made it for Muriel! ;)
I've valued it at $85 (For a necklace this length, I usually charge closer to $100-$125, but I didn't want the folks to think it was too, well, hoighty), with a fixed minimum bid of $25. If there's one thing I don't like, is when you can't secure a minimum bid on a piece. I'd hate for the school to collect a mere $5 on a $100 necklace. Of course, I'm willing to wager that it might garner a 'bit' more than just $5. The auction isn't even open yet, that both Joy and Muriel we're already fighting over it, LOL! Muriel is dead set on owning it, and Joy just told her to "put up'er dukes, and pull out her wallet!" ;) Time to get the gloves out! As Mme. Mona said "I think those two might be the only ones who'll ever see that necklace..."
Funny! Hah!

In the meantime, I had [per chance] a box of my newest creations with me, filled with duster earrings and Mink necklaces. And boy, did the ladies go NUTS!!! So far, looks like I may be making a few sales off of this little adventure. I am to wait for a call about my pink/purple and black Mink necklace. A few of the ladies would like to 'chip in' on it as a Christmas prezzie for Muriel. Well, if nothing else but the satisfaction of knowing/feeling like I've done my part, I'll be getting some much needed exposure for my jewels this way. Yay me! Oh, wait: Yay for Le Beadoir!

Peace my friends. I'm off for some lunch. I might have a slew of photographs of my new pieces to share with you shortly. Man, we've had really bad lighting lately. It's been covered and grey, so I haven't had the greatest natural light to work with. Plus, I'm still waiting on some generous soul to offer me the present of a light box! It's on my Xmas list. Any takers? ;D



Dino aka Katy said…
cool I get to be first!!!!!!

I like the necklace looks fabulous.

That reminds me I passed on you "offical" web site to one of the girl that are in the craft club I started going to. Maybe she'll buy somehting. I love all the earrings and necklaces one of these days ... . Maybe next time I am visiting Jin that way I can try stuff on!
Jewels said…
LOL! That's a great idea about you visiting Jin again! Oh, and getting to try them on would be so much fun for you, except you'd have to get past Jin first... Er, Jin's a hoop girl ;)

Thanks for passing on the site. I so can't wait to be done with its update. Oh, and for the very first sale it generates! LOL!

Woohoo! Second! ;P
jin said…

Did someone say:



hoops+ME= :-D

...and now back to jin's regularly scheduled comment...
LOVE the necklace! I like it doubled up & I think it is SO COOL that you use gorgeous clasps so it doesn't matter if they 'show'! If you find out what they got for it let us know!
Jewels said…
Hey, yeah, will do. I really think it might be those two fighting it out for it tho, LOL! We'll soon find out, the auction's on Saturday. I might go, just to see. Hey, I might find something that I'd like. ;)
TeAntae said…
BWAHAHA! I wish I could have seen the look on all their faces. Too dang funny lady. You're going to be able to support yourself just on the sales from your daughter's school after this. =)

Well, I'm off to fix myself a cup of tea and spend some quality time drooling over your "official" site. *smooches*
Jewels said…
Te, I have a feeling that you know what "the face" looks like too! So does Jin.
It's just one of those things that I think that we, as creative, artistic people start taking for granted, 'cause we're the "I can make that" mentality.
Yeah, you give the 'ole site a looksie. I think the 'updated' version might be up as soon as next week! Yay!

In the meantime, I just keep making, making, making... ;)

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