Lentil Twist Collection

While playing with bead crochet last year, I came up with this simple design, using Lentils. It's simple, and very satisfying to make. Once I've determined which lentils I'll be using, I proceed to choose the best thread for their coloring, and then I'll just rummage through my stash of beads to find accents that will enhance their beauty. I can string up to 6 bracelets on one spool of thread at a time, each new bead combination different from the last - I will NOT duplicate any of the combinations. The stringing is tedious, as I can't use a spinner with these, I have to sit at the table, count my lentils, and string them beads individually. But the results are well worth the extra effort.

One of the perks of being a jewellery designer: My very own personnal collection of Lentil Twist bracelets. (Lucky Moi!) :D

My most recent stash of 'bodies', just waiting to be finished with end beads and a clasp.

I found these cute little cardboard boxes at the dollar store. They are just perfect for storing my finished pieces; great bracelet length as well.

The "Loot" so far.

This morning, I strung enough beads for 5 more bracelets, with Aqua colored lentils this time. Ooh, they're so pretty! I've been selling these bracelets so quickly, that I figured it wouldn't hurt to stock up on them. Way to be a good business girl, eh? ;) I've got plenty of lentils, all the clasps I need, my only problem is the end beads. I need them in a few more colors, to make the design look uniform. Nothing an order to my favourite Chinese supplier wouldn't fix... I'll have to find a few local girls to piggy back on the order though, I don't think I can cover the minimum $500 order by myself... yet... ;)



Jodie said…
Those are gorgeous! How long are they? I've just been sewing my ends together and making bangles, but mine are no where near as sweet as these!!
TanyaMcGuire said…
Jewels that is one very large laod of beautiful bracelets and I tought Jodie did so much work than I did.
Jewels said…
LoL Tanya! This loot is a result of "accidental-mass-production" ;)

It was clearly pointed out to me by someone in the 'buying' profession that Lines, or Collections are much more covetted. She kept pointing this design out, and that's how the Lentil Twist Line came about.

Hmmm, as for their length Jodie, they certainly can be made to measure... :D
The Lone Beader said…
I LOVE those!!! But, can I ask you - do you ever get tired of making the same style of bracelet, even though they are different color combos???
Jewels said…
Nope! Actually, I can't get tired of them, every single one is different, and hunting around in my bead stash for a combo I haven't done yet is quite a task. It's all in the sequence stringing. And once I've got 5-6 strung on one spool, it's quite nice to sit on my sofa, and just hook the beads up, quite meditative actually.

I do keep my skills honed on one-off creations, but I've come to the hard realization that these are my "Bread & Butter" pieces, and are what I need to do to keep a steady cash flow coming in. Same with the earrings. I certainly would like to just make my unique artistic pieces, but I haven't been able to make a 'living' with them.

The way I see it, it's like a lampwork artist who perfects her skills on, say, a heart bead, and it becomes her 'signature' bead. Like my friend Teri, she speciallizes in making hearts...


Ha! Ha! Ha! I guess that makes me 'twisted'!
I make an Italian Lentil soup - even wind up wearing some of it... As usual spectacular jewelry!!
Jewels said…
Oh, my friend M makes a kickass lentil soup. SOoooooooo good! Mine has more of an Indian twist to it, quite tasty.
felicity said…
I just made my first crochet braclet. Learning took a week of trying everynight and going to bed with nothing done. Then once I got the hang, the bracelt took me three days. How long do these take you?
Jewels said…
Hi Felicity, and welcome!

I tried and tried to teach myself bead crochet, from books, videos, websites... I just couldn't do it, until I watched someone do it. (the easiest way I've found of teaching it is with large plastic Pony beads, and yarn, until the student gets the hang of the technique, THEN they can move on to smaller beads.)

I learned with 8/0s, and it took me 3 tries (I just couldn't get it started! LoL! Oh, and I actually had such tight tension, that I'd constantly stab myself with my teeny 1.25 hook, those things are POINTY!!!). I've been at it for about 2 years, and I've been hooked on it ever since! I'd say it takes me around 2.5 hours to complete one (from designing, stringing, crocheting, to finishing)now. But my first one? It took me a few days as well, LoL!
Not Ashley said…
Indian Lentil soup with special spicing I'll bet, hmmmm????

Can't say which piece of your designs in my collection is my favourite. I love them all and couldn't pick just one fav.

However, the latest set is especially lovely, different and unique. It will definitely get a lot of wear. THANKS!
Jewels said…
LoL M! I was JUST talking about that with C. I was telling him how much I like that almost every time I see you, you're wearing one of my pieces. I Love IT!

Yeah, that last set really does look good on you.
Happy New Years, Jewels
Jewels said…
Thank you P.K.! Here's to more ups than downs this year, right? ;)
LJ said…
Jewels - if one has to do production (and one does)then I can't think of anything more delightful to produce than these.
I'm nuts about the deep ambers and purples especially.
Always fabulous!
Still twistin' them there lentils??
Jewels said…
Heh! Heh! Heh! Wouldn't YOU like to know.... ;)

Actually, I've been working on a few things. Let's just say I'm feeling inspired, LoL!
Gyrobo said…
So shiny... so very shiny...
Jewels said…
Well hello there Gyrobo, welcome to the shiny place. Just don't come to close to me, you're pretty shiny too... ;) I might have to bead you.

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