Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm still alive...

barely, not feeling so hot. I've been overdoing it, a lot. Thing is, I can't back out. I tried this week, to at least drop the classes from the other gym, seeing as it wasn't worth it for me to spend an additional hour and a half on the city bus (two ways), to go teach a one hour class. Well, Sarah wouldn't take no for an anwer. She is now my self-appointed chauffeur! I guess they really like my classes there! LOL!

I'm tired folks. I think I may even be a bit depressed here. It's the go-go-go rythm I've been following... Well, that, combined with the fact that my marriage feels like it's falling apart, well, hey, what's a girl to do.... But, I'm keeping up my work for "THE order" ;). I've got a dozen bracelets completed with matching earrings (Photos will be coming soon, I promise!), and I'm done with 3 of the 9 purses. I'm giving myself 'til Sunday to finish the lot. Come Monday, Mme Boulianne is going to be getting a phone call from me to let her know her order has been filled, and let her have her pick of the bunch!

K. I know this is short, but it's 1:30 in the morning here, I should try to sleep... Darned sleep's been avoiding me lately too... Oh well, it'll come, right? Right?


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Okay! I'm tired!

I really am. Last weekend was tough, as it was accompanied by throwup-inducing furious migraines. These only started a few months ago, and I can't pinpoint if they're hormonal or due to stress. Like LJ said, "Even good stress is stress". Thanks LJ, T&T, and Jin. You were all very thoughtful and kind in your support, and good 'de-stressing' ideas :D

Goddess, I hope I haven't taken on too much too quickly. I'm not one who paces myself very well, I often describe myself as one of those little "pressure cookers", and honestly think I work best under pressure. I think it would all be gravy if the darn migraines would just go away. Plus, I'm not sure I want to take a prescribed medication, as that might interfere with my work.

Shot of a 'body' open, and then sewn shut.

All the bodies are done! The bracelets are done, the purses are done, all of it! I gave myse
lf a time-frame, and I got through it! I am one proud girl! Now for the finishing and embellishing. I ordred some fresh materials from Czechbeads in the States (very, VERY good service, very quick, even with "CUSTOMS" involved, I ordered on Saturday, and they arrived Tuesday!). They have a wonderful sellection of pressed glass beads, and I went a little nuts with lentils, spacer flowers, and donuts. I also found this great silver wholesaler in Toronto called Bamyan. Man alive! What great prices! (And all in CAD!). I went a little bit nuts there too, and got a boatload of 'S'clasps, earwires, some snake chains, and some 'heart' link chain. I was concentrating on getting everything I need to complete this order, but then I thought, "But wait! I've got other ideas brewing here, and I might as well get my 'Spring/Summer' line ready too!" ;) Hee! Hee! Hee!

Have I told you what a wonderfully generous hubby I have?!? No? Well, here is what he said to me last week: "I've decided to become a 'not-so-silent' parner in your business, and would like the opportunity to help you financially, and invest in it by helping you purchase all the materials you need to get off and running!" Isn't that amazing???? You know what I said to him? I said "Get your reindeer off my roof, fatso!" LMBO!!!!! (I didn't know Christmas would come this early!) Hence why I've been able to invest in so many new materials. This has taken quite a burden off for me, as I'd taken on some extra classes
at the gym in the hopes that this would help me get ahead in my business. Which might explain why I'm so tired! On top of my usual 5 classes a week that I teach at my usual gym, I've got 2 more at another Mademoiselle affiliate, but it's at the other end of town! Which means a 45 minute bus ride to and fro.... I'm not sure how long that will last. Would be so much easier if we had a car... K. That's gotta be next on the list! LOL!

A 'size' shot of the "Sweetheart" bag.

Alright, I'm up posting at 6:30 in the morning. There must be something wrong with me. Actually, I got up this early, 'cause I went to bed early. After taking some migraine meds and some Gravol to kill the nausea, I hit the sack at 7:30! My whole body is thanking me right now. Plus, I need to clean, as my mom has decided to 'pop in' for the night with one of her coworkers on their way back home from a seminar in Barrie, and I NEED to clean this place up. Nothing much, just clean the bathroom, put the laundry away (just needs to be 'fluffed and folded' now), clean the kitchen, and wash the floors. Then go do a bit of groceries so as I can feed them a good dinner (I'm thinking of a nice, thick beef stew - homemade of course!). (while I'm at the mall doing groceries, I think I'll stop in to the post office and see if they've got my order from Bamyan yet, so I can get a few pieces finished today too)

I'm teaching my Belly Dance class from 6:30-7:30, they should be here around 8:00'ish, so I should have enough time to do all this today. Alright then. Gotta go I guess......



Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sweetbox Food Porn!

Okay, I got my sweetbox today! I got my sweetbox! I got my sweetbox!!!! Jealous yet? Well, you should be. I have been stuffing my face with these dellectable delicacies ALL DAY! Jin sent me this sweetbox two weeks ago, and we've been waiting ever since. I was honestly starting to think that some fink at customs might have swiped it, but it finally arrived!

I picked the box up on my way to work, and since I had to wait until I was done teaching my belly dance class to open it, I just stashed it in my locker. LOL! It BARELY FIT!!!!! LOL! And those are large lockers. It dawns on me that I should have taken a photograph of that, but heck, I had better things to do. Like slicing through the box man! Little pink foam packing peanuts flew all over the place. Another member of the club was right there watching me as she was preparing for her own workout. I dug in, and found a beautiful card from Jin to me, which I'm not going to post, because she filled it with lovely sentiments meant for me. Suffice it to say, that I aggree with her wholehartedly in the fact that I am one lucky person to have found a friend in her.
This is the business card from Uniquely Yours:

And the philosophy behind each of Jin's creations is this:

These "Petits Fours" were the first items to fall into my mouth, er, hands... Shall I describe them for you? Here goes: "A layer of shortbread, seedless raspberry preserves, almond sponge & Belgian chocolate ganache"... Well, the only way I can describe these is like, well, a lapdance for your tastebuds! I felt generous, and guilty after being witnessed popping one of these in my mouth, right there in a fitness facility, where women go to lose weight, and would prefer not to fall off the diet wagon.... So, being the generous soul I am, I shared. I shared 5 pieces, and you know what happenned? Every single woman who had one of these, sounded as if she'd just had an orgasm when they ate one! I kid you not! It was that instant "Eyes-rolling-in-the-back-of-your-head-slow-deep-throated-moan".... OMG! Where did you get THESE!!!! Of course I told them: Uniquely Yours Pastry Shoppe in Wisconsin!

Oh dear, are these what I think they are? Yes! Yes! Yes! They're those lemon-laced Jasmine tea glazed shortbread cookies! Oh, that's gonna be good.......

Oh, gosh, two of the cookies got broken... I suppose I should eat them then....
Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Wow, these are even better than I'd imagined!

Well, since I'll have to eat them, I might as well make myself a nice spot 'o tea. Meethinks these will go really well with my organic Fennel tea...

Oh, I was right. Just a light dunk to soften them up ever so slightly, mmmmmmmmmmmm....

I couldn't wait for Jaimee to get home, Jin is so thoughtful, she even sent something special for her: Buttery cutout Bumble Bee cookies, decorated with white and dark chocolates. Look at her face! I mean, just look at it! She's never seen suck cookies. As a matter of fact, neither have I!

Oh Mommy, look! They're little yummy Bees!!!!

Oooh, mommy, these are soooo good!!!! Then she looked up at me and said: "Mommy, I'm eating a bee! A yummy sweet bee!!" LOL!

Of course, there were a million-calories worth more of goodies involved here. Sorry, no food porn as of yet, but I did taste these, and also regaled Jin with my oralgasm noises over the phone... Try this on for size, MINT BROWNIES: A layer of dense brownie, topped with whipped mint flavoured butter filling & covered with Belgian chocolate glaze... elwkuo sh qhpepy Oops! Sorry! I was just trying to wipe some of my drool that just spilled all over the keyboard! Um, I've had two of these already... Here's how they feel in your mouth: Like light chocolate-minty clouds. You take a bit of the moist browny, and just let it sit on your tongue. Then, gently press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, nice and slow... yeah, just like that. And enjoy the wild cool titillating minty burst! Hooh! I think I need some alone time, with a few of those brownies....

But how could I forget, there was also a generous offrand of biscotti for my darling hubby, since he's the biscotti afficionado. Jin sent him two kinds: the "Phenomenal", which is crystallized ginger & Belgian white chocolate, topped with Pearl Sugar. And the "Celestial" Melted chocolate, Dutch cocoa, mini chocolate chips, topped with chocolate... Chocolate anyone? The latter prompted an immediate text message from my husband while I was teaching my evening class, of "These are the best fucking biscotti I've ever had!!!", end quote! LOL! ('scuse his language!)

Well, here you have it folks. The best part of the delivery for the little one must have been this box filled with packing peanuts. She's been playing with them all night, and even brought a few to school with her this morning. Sad isn't it? That all this yummy goodness will probably spoil her for the rest of her life from any other storebought, mass-produced, yucky perservative-filled cookies....

The fact that my friend took such painstaking efforts to ensure that this sweetbox made its way to me undammaged is beyond words. And you know me, I'm pretty verbose... Too bad about those two cookies, but I'm pretty sure they didn't mind being sacrificed to the Jewellery Goddess, in the name of Jintrinsique! ;) And the irony of my receiving the package on Jin's birthday isn't lost on me... LOL!

Thank you so much Jennifer, for your thoughtfulness and generosity. You are a gem, and not many people in my life deserve that title. Only a handful, I assure you. I'm very happy that my other gem-like friend, Camille, turned me onto blogging, and hence, allowed me to find a friend like you. Tonight, I will try my darndest to share some of these delicacies with another gem, Maria. She's had a tough couple of weeks, and I think she and I need to hang out for some Kwawfy Twawk, and some goodies.

P.S.: Like my new haircut? ;)

Love. Peace. Harmony.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

If I Could Save Time In A Bottle...

The first thing that I'd like to do, is to spend, every day, 'til eternity passes away, and I'd spend them with beads!!!!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah, that's right, I've been listenning to good 'ole Jim Croce while I've been working on filling the order, getting her little highness back into the groove of schooldom, preparing new routines for my girls at the gym next week, and creating the course for the five-week beadwork program I'll be teaching at the college this winter semester. I had a moment of "Can I really do it?" last night, wondering if I really had it in me, the ability to juggle so many aspects of my life, of which I'm not willing to let go of any of them. I feel greedy. Is it wrong to want it all? I suppose I'll soon find out...

I'm exausted, I feel like I'm burning the candle at both ends, but I'm NOT complaining! I will NOT complain, and SHOULD NOT complain. My dream is coming true, and I simply can't let myself down. I can't wait for "The Art of Creating Beaded Beads" to come out in October. They're supposed to send me a free copy of my very own, seeing as one of my beaded beads has made it into the gallery. I can't wait to see it there in full print. My first 'published' piece...

K. enough. I should get back to finishing my 4th to last bag. (Only 3 more to knit after this one, and then the embellishing fun begins!) I'll make sure to post shots of everything when they're all done.

I'm sorry about any emails that have gone unanswered, or if I haven't been around for a while, the juggling system is still new to me. But give me a few weeks, and I'll be back in the swing of things!


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Dead Fish and Worms

No, this post isn't about fishing! LOL!!!
I thought I'd share with you all the progress I've made in the last few days on the museum order.
7 bracelet bodies (Worms), and 5 "Sweetheart" purse bodies (those are the 'dead fish', LOL, that's what my girlfriend and I call them, as to us, that's pretty much w
hat they look like, until we sew up the sides and embellish them..)

The Selection

Artist at work

See the beads, all in a row;
They're building a purse, slow as I go...

well, here it is. The one I was working on isn't here yet of course, but it's in the stash now. How do you like my bowl? It's one of the latest pieces my father gifted me with. I like how he offers them to me, he knows I like to use them while I work, and so he always asks me if I could "Use it for my beads..." ;) He's getting quite artistic in his designs. In this one, he's added two crushed mussel shell (which he collected by hand on the lake shores) inlays, you can't really see it in this shot, as my work is covering most of it, but here's a better shot of it.

And a closeup of the inlay. Look at the gorgeous color variations in the nacre. It looks so much better in person, depending on the light's angle, the shell turns a beautiful shade of purple. Very nice! See, now you know where I get it from.... ;)