Posh Party!

I hosted another Posh Party at my place on Saturday. It wasn't a big blowout, only had 7 ladies come, but it was perfect. I laid out some yummy finger foods - spring rolls, pot stickers, shrimp with cocktail sauce, grapes and cheese - made a huge pot of fresh strong coffee, all followed by a box of decadent dark chocolate truffles. (YUMMY!)

I busied myself all day preparing for the party, thankfully, I had my very own little 'insistant' to help me... (long story short, I was taking photos one day, and she was getting underfoot, when I told her I didn't need any help at the moment, she replied "But I want to be your insistant!", to which I replied "Mission accomplished!" LOL!) Mimi was very good at helping me with my price tags, and when pricing was done, she helped my by keeping busy with her homework. ;)

I spent three days cleaning my place up, and boy did it show. It was well worth the effort, as everything gleamed, and I felt quite proud of my accomplishment. Here's my table. Not very big, but I'm starting to build up on displays, so I can usually manage to still put quite a lot of pieces down.

LOVE my fishbowl. I have two. One for Beta fish, and one for Gold fish. I love my fish! ;) Of course, I realize that these are quite large for a single fish, but I like my fish to be happy, so I give them lots of room to play in.

The newest addition to my displays, and now I'm scrambling to find another one just like it. They're perfect! I have another wall mounted one from which I display my own jewelry, but this one has its own little stand, so it brings the pieces up to eye level. Very nice.
I found it funny that my "Vixen" necklaces even looked good hanging from the sleeves. Gave it that dressed up feeling.

Different view. Makes me laugh every time I see my sagging shelves. Guess I've got too many beads, eh? ;) I've asked hubby for a brand new bookshelf for Yule. I found the perfect one at Ikea.
Here is Maria, playing hide & seek with my Christmas tree, Sammie beside her, and that's Katherine in the green sweater.

On a side note: I like my Christmas tree! Believe it or not, this is my very first one! I mean, I had them every year growing up, but this is the first time I've ever put one up since I've been on my own, for, well, 17 years now... I think mom felt sorry for my lack of ornaments, so she sent me some of the old ones from my childhood. Including the whole hand-crocheted set of Snow White's seven dwarfs -complete with hand-sewn felt clothing!!!- that she made when I was 6 years old!

Cheryl, one of my co-workers at the gym, and Katherine.
(I swear she has a face!)

And here we have Bianca and her mom Mary on the floor, Katherine at the back (see? I told you she had a face!), Maria in the corner, Sammie in red, and Moi, finally enjoying a nibble. Mary and Bianca left shortly after this, and my friend Cindy showed up just as they were leaving.

I was pleased that it turned out so well. Like I said, it wasn't huge, but I think that 7 people at once was perfect. My favorite part of the evening? (aside from the financial aspect of course! LOL!) Right after that last photo was taken, I sank back into the couch cushions, and upon scanning the room, I got this incredible sense of well-being. It felt wonderful to be surrounded by women, food, and coffee. Oh, and chocolate! I honestly can't think of a better way to spend a nice quiet evening, eating, drinking, and shopping for jewelry!

Gotta Love It!

My biggest conundrum at the moment? How soon is too soon to host another one??? ;p


Ace said…
I was trying to think of a Posh Pun for your Posh Party, when I realized Posh Spice has the same haircut.

But that was after cracking myself up wondering if "sagging shelves" was some kind of euphemism. (Before noticing in the background that your bookcases have the same disease mine have: Toomuchstuffonme.)
The Lone Beader said…
Fun! I wish I was there! :D
Not Ashley said…
It was a great get together! I'll be back to the next one!
Jewels said…
Ace, your observation skills never cease to amaze me... (something about 'nitewing' comes to mind... LOL!)

Yup! The Kitchen family shelves definitely have a serious case of Toomuchstuffonmeitis... ;)
Jewels said…
I wish you were there too D! ;)

It was fun, and good things always come out of these parties. We had a good time.
So, um, taken up bead crochet yet? :D
Jewels said…
You're definitely invited to the next one M! You're welcome to each and every one.

Hah! Guess you are the lucky recipient of a "Lifetime Pass" to any Le Beadoir Posh Parties!
Not Ashley said…
Thanks...I'll be there
surrounded by women? I suspect Custer had it easier!!

Glad you had a good time!!
MeHereNow said…
You've been tagged! HaHa!

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